Busted Review

Busted is a 5 reel (progressive), 17-payline, Slotland Classic Slot. It comes with a wildSymbol, free spin and has a maximum jackpot win of $4,000.

2.8 stars (based on 232 votes).

Busted Preview

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Busted Details:

  • Reels: 5
  • Pay lines: 17
  • Progressive: Yes
  • Maximum coins jackpot: 1000
  • Maximum jackpot in cash: $4,000
  • Maximum coins: 17 coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Multiplier: No
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Free spins available: Yes
  • Betting range: from $0.01 up to $68
  • Coin bet range: from $0.01 up to $4
  • Coins per line: 1
  • Bonus game: Yes

About Busted

Busted is a comic book style five reel video slot from Slotland casino. It features dual gameplay modes, double up bonuses, wilds and the chance to play either the cop or robber.

Busted Theme

Busted is a pub style slot which makes the connection between old and new. On the traditional front you’ll feel right at home with the slots layout which includes the reels, bonus features and trails all on one screen. They’ve made the sensible decision of moving the paytable to a different screen though which means more information can be displayed.

There are more reel icons than you’d be used to seeing which are essential for the bonus round and prizes (more on that later). These include pocket watches, rings, vases, money, paintings and gold bars to name but a few.

Betting Options and More Functions

There are two spin buttons, one which triggers robber spins and one copper spins. Other options allow you to toggle up to 17 lines and increase or decrease coin bets to suit your needs. There isn’t an automatic spin feature as standard, but as far as we’re aware some casinos offer this as part of their suite.

Busted Slot Features

The slot makes good use of classic comic book callouts. One such icon is the gun marked with Bang which can count as any other icon on a payline. You may also see a double icon which as the name suggests launches a double up bonus game where landing on your playable character could double the triggering prize money.

There are two bonus rounds where you either take on the role of the cop or robber. The route you take will depend on which items have been collected as you play. The robbers trail requires a mask, torch, crowbar, bomb and bag for example. Whilst the cop trail requires a car, donut, badge, truncheon and handcuffs.

Each bonus game takes place on the trail above the reels and the distance progressed with decide how many free spins you will receive. These spins play automatically and it is possible to collect bonus icons during the free spins too.

Our Take on Busted

Busted brings pub slots bang up to date with modern online play. We love how the designers have worked in retro comic graphics too and the dual gameplay trails is great fun.

We’ve even installed a free version which you can play with no obligation, and zero money, using the link above. Let us know what you think of Busted by visiting our casino forums.

- reviewed by Richard Sharp, last updated 2013-03-13

Members Comments

  • sjayjay


    don't know

  • Colombia Mago666


    This is my favorite game at winaday casino in deed Busted is the best slot because you can choose what u want to be a cop or a criminal :p I like games like that the first time I play busted I use to be the cop and to my fortune i completed the all elements to put the video game working I mean when you collect all of the elements of your avatar ' Cop ' or ' Criminal' the special feature actives and you can start a race to catch the criminal ' if you are a cop ' or ' catch the money ' if you are the criminal then when I active this feature I was shocked is amazing to feel the adrenaline of the race and of course the adrenaline increase when you earn money :D well when the feature actives you need drop a dice to advance in a territory and then you earn cash just for dropping the dice and if you catch the other then you double the prize using the reel to find where will be the point if the cop or the criminal a little hard in deed.
    You can also made a double when the double feature appears in the reels of course the security cage is the highest prize you can win after that is the gold and the other high prize is the picture the rest of the prizes are a little more than your bet ;) in my opinion this game is very attractive to all new player on casino because is very simple and you can learn how to play very fast only spin and get prizes :p if you want to try just for fun then play here at latestcasinobonuses they has a free version of the game with all of his features so you don't have a excuse to try this wonderful game ;) I totally recommended I win almost 120$ at this game just betting the minimum amount 0.17$ and well the only thing your losing if you don't play is tons of money and tons of fun ;)

  • United States cheetahwind


    Did you ever enjoy playing cops and robbers as a child? Did you ever felt like it would be fun to choose a side and be rewarded for it? I have found you a game that would be just for you. The game is called Busted. A 17 line multi-denominational slot from the proprietary software makers at Win A Day, a Slotland Company.
    You can bet anywhere from as little as a penny up to $4.00 per coin with this game.
    The base game allows you to choose from the side of being a villain or being a cop. Based on what you choose will determine how you game plays out.
    If you choose being a cop you'll need to fill up the cop meter with items that you'll earn on reel 5, which includes a patrol car, donut, badge, baton, and a pair of hand cuffs.
    If you choose being a villain you'll need to fill up your villain meter with things from reel 5, which includes a masque, flash light, crowbar, dynamite, and a bag full of loot.
    How you earn these items is by spinning the reels. If one of the 5 items you need lands on the 5th reel. You earn that item towards getting into the bonus. The only major downfall is you can't save multiples of the same item for future feature retriggers. You can only earn each item once per bonus sound. So if you land on that item again you can't save it for a future trigger.
    Once you get all 5 items, you go into the busted bonus round. The aim of the bonus game, is have whichever character you choose first. To beat the other character to the finish line in order to win the bonus credits you land on during the bonus round.
    Each spot is landed on by rolling the dice, 1 die is rolled for the villain, and the other die is rolled for the cop. Then that determines who moves how many spaces. Each space can either contain money, free spins, or multipliers.
    The major downfall of this bonus round is there a possibility you could end up with nothing. Especially if the other character beats you first. Yet this wouldn't be the first bonus round when I've ended up with nothing.
    There is another sort of bonus game, where if you get it on reel 5. You can have the chance of doubling up by choose cop or villain. If you're right you double your prize.
    I've had some good luck and bad luck on this machine. It's a fun interesting slot, with lots of twists and turns. I would give them a 5 star rating for a unique and interesting slot.

  • United States kristih


    Busted is actually one of my favorite games to play at WinADay casino! I first played it when my balance was super low, as the minimum bet (with all lines played) is only 17cents (US$). More often than not, I am able to build my balance up quite nicely (can quickly get it from 3.00 up to 30.00 in a matter of minutes. The biggest tip I can give, as you have the option to choose to spin as the cops or the robbers, is to be the robbers (green spin button). If you take a look at the bonus round, the robbers (green) have a much shorter route to the winning car-I'd say about 5 out of 7 bonus rounds the robbers win(so now i stick with the green button only-although i first started with the blue!) Also, I think that the wins are more often in real play, than in play money-I highly suggest giving Busted a try!

  • Lithuania Armage


    Weird but interesting game. I'm not a fan of the Slotland video slots, but this game prety fun.

  • Ukraine sirin


    I got lucky on this game several times. Line winnings are good and bonus games is easy to reach. Bonus game also pays a lot if you get through all stages and gives some additional features like free spins or add symbols to your bonus collection.

  • United States puddy


    Pretty good game! Hoping to hit the feature soon!!!!

  • Romania wscalley


    Not sure I'm qualified to comment on this game, despite playing a whole bunch of fruit machines in my younger days I can't really seem to fathom out the intricacies of this one, and I love a lot of the games at Winaday as well...

  • Colombia Raptordinos


    I never reject a chance to play a new slot from Slotland and after playing "Busted" I could remember why I always do; the comic theme is superb, the bet system is perfect to my raise style and today it was not rare to leave the game still winning. This game has almost all what I look for in a slot machine. Good job.

  • United States randy.dakins


    I enjoy the game but don't really understand it . Probably because I never have enough credits to learn.

  • Canada leannep


    Bizarre. I guess I'm not quite bright enough for this game. I see that the pays can be quite high, and it's defintilely interesting, and the looks of it are quite cool in a way -- when you get to the payouts it looks quite fun, lit up like a pinball machine. But how to make the most of the game itself is beyond me. I am interested enough to practice here until I 'get it' but I'm very thankful that this is herre, at all, because it will take a while. For now, it's click, and watch the "pretty lights". ...aaak, lol

  • natanshow10


    very fun game

  • United States randy.dakins


    I cant understand it.

  • Germany linastante


    Very outstanding look and yet I still don't get behind the slot because I was only testing it, I think it is not giving you boredom to play with. As you keep on playing to understand the game. I am not sure whether to invest real money before understanding it 100%.

  • Indonesia mnur.jabardin



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