Author Topic: smart live casino/poker cheating stay away  (Read 1259 times)

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smart live casino/poker cheating stay away
« on: January 10, 2012, 12:04:11 PM »
ive just won a freeroll poker tourney at this casino and went on to play 5 card draw but could not select cards here is the casinos live chat response make of it what you will
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Karol'
Karol: Welcome to Smart Live Casino you are speaking to Karol. How can I help you today?
Karol: Hi Anthony,
Karol: It might be due to the fact that you are not a real player and the tables that you join are being
Karol: joined by othe rplayers who are
Karol: hence you are being pushed away every tim e somebody joins the game
anthony harrison: hello im playing 5 card draw at the moment and cant select cards
Karol: please make a minimum deposit and see if this occurs again
Karol: I guarantee you that it will not
Karol: another psoivility is that your browser is faulty
anthony harrison: why di i need to do this i have funds won from a freeroll and sngs
Karol: please check if all cookies are deleted and restart the browser
anthony harrison: ok ill clean my pc
Karol: yes, but system does not recognise you as real player
Karol: system  will always discriminate you under PFF
Karol: to secure better game experience for real players
anthony harrison: dont really know what you mean
Karol: as you can imagine we have many players just visiting the site and spoiling the traffic
Karol: hence this recursion
anthony harrison: so what your saying is im being cheated by the system cos ive not made a deposit
anthony harrison: this does not seem right or fair at all
Karol: cheated? we ensure that real players are being protected by the PFF activity
Karol: it is for players beter game experience
Karol: if you are real player and you have another 100 who are jokers and they block the tables
Karol: it spoiles the game
Karol: please make minumum depsit of 10.00
Karol: and see what happneds
Karol: you can always withdraw the money at any time
anthony harrison: hang on a min i have won some cash on a freeroll and now want to play poker with it yet your ystem will cheat me out of it untill i deposit what is the point of the freeroll and building a br for free if you have the poker skills
anthony harrison: i dont want to withdraw i want to play
Karol: I express myself clear Anthony, I hope that you will understand the reasons behind this actions
Karol: as it is overall for all players
Karol: unfortunetelly your case has been stucked in am middle
anthony harrison: i can not see how this is fair at all im being discriminated against because ive won

anthony harrison: for free that is why have freerolls
Karol: as I said when you will make minimum deposit the issue will be resolved and you will always can withdraw
Karol: you a had free roll, you won, what is not fair??? pls make minimum depsoit and continue playing
Karol: your situation will not change at all
Karol: will it?
anthony harrison: no i dont think ill deposit here at all i really dont like this site anymore it does not treat its customers and potential customers correctly thank you for your help today ill put this delimma to forum members see what re actions i get
Karol: you are entitled to your own views, but please acknowledge that we are serious casino
anthony harrison: ??????
Karol: and do not want to deal with this kind of issues, i explained you everything deeply now
Karol: bye bye
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.



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