Author Topic: BET365 (playtech) caught cheating???  (Read 2733 times)

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BET365 (playtech) caught cheating???
« on: February 25, 2012, 12:27:43 PM »
This is from a well respected member over at CM

Here are the 'table games'

on Bet365's Games site.

Note the game 'Three of a Kind'

The rules for this game are here

Basically 3 cards are dealt, each is either a 9, T, J, Q, K or A, and the object of the game is to get 3 cards the same, e.g., 3 9s. The cards are drawn from three separate decks of six cards, and having discarded a given card, it can be drawn again.

There is no strategy - after the deal, if two cards match, and the 3rd is different, the third is discarded and drawn again. If all three are the same, all 3 are held, and if all three are different, then no cards are held and all three cards drawn again.

The game pays only for 3 of a kinds, according to the following paytable:

9's - 3
10's - 5
j's - 8
q's - 10
k's - 25
a's - 100

Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out that with six cards to choose from, the odds of any given 3 of a kind on the deal should be 1 / (6*6*6) = 1/216. That means the hand '3 Aces on the deal' pays 100/216 = 0.46. Quite a lot.

It doesn't take much more genius to figure out that the odds of 2 As on the deal is:

1/6 * 1/6 * 5/6 +
1/6 * 5/6 * 1/6 +
5/6 * 1/6 * 1/6

Which is obviously 15/216.

So the odds of getting 2 Aces on the deal is 15/216. And if you have 2 Aces on the deal, then the odds of getting a third is 1 in 6 (discarded cards can be redealt).

Which pays 100. So the payout for 2 Aces on the deal is 15/216 * 1/6 * 100 = 1.157

Now obviously there's a big problem here. We expect the total payout of the game to be less than 1.

But we find that the payout for the hand '2 Aces on the deal' ALONE is already more than 1.

So either bet365 are going to lose money like they're going out of business.


They are cheating.

A quick test session shows it's the latter.

I took the first six hands where I was dealt three different cards on the deal, and counted the number of Aces. I was playing 25 lines, so that's 75 cards per draw. In six hands, therefore, 450 cards are dealt, and you'd expect 450/6 = 75 of those to be Aces.

How many did I get? 24. The chances of this being from a fair deck is 1 in 4,498,393,408,389.

Quite plainly the game cheats.

This is disgraceful and the game needs to be pulled and all losses refunded, the game is cheating by design, this is not a programming error, they designed it to cheat the player, this is obvious from the paytable.

Also in breach of their Regulator's Code of Practice, which states:

'All licence holders are required to publish their rules where they are visible and accessible to all those who visit or use their facilities for gambling. ‘Rules’ will be regarded as the terms and conditions of the gambling as well as the rules by which any particular game or activity has to be undertaken.'

'Licence holders are required to expect that where customers may reasonably assume rules to be well established, understood or unchanged, but they are not, due emphasis will be given to those variant rules. Licence holders should monitor customer interpretation of rules and be prepared to make appropriate amendments where misunderstandings occur'

'A licence holder should not implement game designs or features that may reasonably be expected to mislead the customer about the likelihood of particular results occurring.'
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Re: BET365 (playtech) caught cheating???
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2012, 12:35:28 PM »
This type of crap goes on everywhere. RTG is just as bad. But some people will think other wise. Anyone ever played table games at Betonsoft casino? You can tell within a short period. That is not a fair software. My deposits now are bare min ($25) with a bonus. Never will I give these crooks $100s in a single deposit anymore. I've been online gaming since day 1. I know a crooked game when i see one.
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Re: BET365 (playtech) caught cheating???
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2012, 01:23:14 PM »
If that's 6 different hands you played then your equation isn't correct because of the fact that all cards are returned and re-dealt. I don't see a complete list of the rules as to where it says cards are drawn from three decks. Is that 3 decks per 3 cards meaning in a 25 hand game there's actually 75 decks that the cards are drawn from? Its impossible for there to only be 3 decks and win more than one time. You forgot to mention they also have to be the same suit as well as ONLY the 9 of hearts, the 10, Q, A, of clubs, the J, K of diamonds are used, and spades aren't used.  There are a lot of other factors here unless I'm looking at totally the wrong game..


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