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Live Dealer Online Table Poker Games

Live dealer online poker games give you the opportunity to experience the thrill of live poker in your own living room. The game is pretty much like playing online poker, only that your results will not be calculated by a random number generator, but by a real time live poker game.

I won’t be surprised to soon see various different online live poker games, but the only one you can play at the moment is called Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker. You can expect the game’s live video feeds to show you the real deck of cards and the real poker dealer that will facilitate your game.

Some live dealer online poker casinos will require you to install their software but others will even allow you to play without any required installation. All you have to do is download the Javascript, but you will notice that you don’t need to installation it on your PC.

There are more than one type of software but the one I looked at is called Vuetec Limited software. I found the live dealer online poker game graphics to be good quality and I liked their great video refresh rates. Vuetec Ltd. Does a good job of streaming their video to your personal computer, and all you need is a cable modem or standard DSL connection (nothing fancy). I found the Vuetec live poker game interface both intuitive and simple to use. I like that the cards they use are bigger than normal, which makes them big enough to read. You also have 2 screens which allow you to see the real game and the graphical representation of the game. The live poker dealer removes cards from the real deck of cards and then holds it up to a scanner which reads the cards and publishes the results on your PC’s casino window.

Live dealer online poker is new and exciting and offers you a new perspective on the game. But other than that, the basic rules stay the same. If you haven’t played poker before, I suggest you try a couple of free games to get the hang of it.

What I like about online live poker games is that I really like to enjoy live games but I cannot always drive an hour to my closest casino when I feel like playing one or two games. Live dealer online poker allows me to do just that, play live whenever I want and for how little or much time I want.

Beginner poker players also like to play live poker as they can learn the game in a threatening environment. If you have ever been the ‘newbie’ at the poker table, you would know what I’m talking about... there can sometimes just be too much pressure to perform. You can now practice on these live online poker games and then only join in on real games when you are sure you wont make a fool of yourself.

Casinos that support Live Online Table Poker Games


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