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Cryptologic have used their gargantuan presence in the slot world to gain the rights for an officially licensed Bejeweled themed slot. They have used an unusual combination of a 5 reel, 10 line slot to create an interesting twist on the original online puzzler with a top end jackpot of 20,000 coins.

Using the Bejeweled Slot

Before setting up the slot you need to understand that wins occur in a different way on Bejeweled compared to traditional slots. When three or more fall in a column or row a prize is given - none of this left to right malarky here! The pay lines are marked on all four sides to reflect this.

Wagering on the Bejeweled slot is set up using the two purple buttons, the one on the left selects lines from 1 to 10 per spin. The second purple button adjusts the bet per line from 0.10 to 20, if you max out both you will be pumping out 200 per spin. It’s worth noting that the jackpot can only be won when betting the max amount.

They have also included a speed and auto play button, tweak the speed and then set up the auto spins to play on auto.

Bejeweled slot features

There is only one feature, no really - only one, and its the wild symbol. Spin in a Bejeweled symbol and it can replace any other to increase the chances of winning.

We really like the Bejeweled slot, take a look at its interesting format by playing our free slot version above.

- reviewed by Latest Casino Bonuses, last updated 2014-03-18

Members Comments

  • tamis1221



  • United States of America pokergranni


    I did not know that Bejeweled was a slot game as well as a regular computer game. That is until I was introduced to Latest Casino Bonuses free games section. Anyone who has played the non-slot version of Bejeweled might enjoy this game. I say, 'might' because a player is not given any choices in the slot machine version unlike the computer game version.

    Bejeweled slot machine is a five-reel machine but it is not the standard type that most online casinos offer their players. The Bejeweled slot machine has a bit of a twist to it! In the computer version, a player scores points when three or more of the same colored jewels are aligned. After the alignment, the jewels disappear and then the jewels that were on top are moved down. This play is the same on the Bejeweled slot machine except, and here is the twist, it is money instead of points being scored. Therefore, a player can continue scoring as long as three or more jewels continue to align.

    The amount a player can wager was a little confusing to me at first because, I had never played a five-reeled slot machine with different line amounts that a player could wager. I first chose the amount I wanted to play on each line. These range from a .10 minimum to a $20.00 maximum. Secondly, I chose the amount of lines I wanted to play and these numbered 1 to 10. I decided to max that puppy out (after all it was only play money) at 10 lines with $20.00 on each line. I was wagering $200.00 a spin, the maximum for Bejeweled, and something I could never do with real money.

    Another neat feature on the slot machine is it has a button for controlling the speed of each spin. This again was something new and different to me and something I had never seen on a five-reel slot machine before. I tired the Bejeweled slot on the different speeds, slow, medium, and fast. However, the fast speed I preferred the best. Bejeweled also has an auto spin button that I like to play when I get lazy.

    Out of 5 stars, I gave Bejeweled slot machine a 3.

  • chynachickim


    There absolutely wonder ful

  • Serbia memashecerlema


    Fun and weird slot game, nice jackpot though.

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