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Cryptologic managed to sweet talk the guys at DC Comics into letting them create this 5 reel, 50 pay line slot, and boy have they done them proud. The designers have worked with authentic graphics and sound effects to create a killer slot with one of the best features we have seen in a while.

Using the Batman Slot

There are a few buttons to get your head around on the Batman slot, the two most important ones are set in centre at the bottom. The one on the left selects the number of lines played per spin, this can be adjusted from 1 to 50 depending on your preferences. The one right of centre adjusts coin value, this ranges from 0.01 to 20 per spin. The amount being wagered per spin is located in the bottom right.

You can also opt for the ‘bonus bet’ mode, this plays an astounding 60 lines using the coin value set in the centre and unlocks the possibility of a bonus game. Players who like automation can set the slot to spin up to 999 times, only stopping for features (you can even turn this off if you want).

Batman Slot Features Explained

The Batman Symbol is Wild, this means it can replace any other symbol to create more chances of winning. The only two exceptions are the jackpot and scatter symbol, these cannot be replaced by a wild symbol.

The bonus round is unlocked by three or more scatter symbols arranged from left to right, this unlocks an unbelievable bonus game where you must kick bad guys butts with your trustee Baterang. If you succeed you face the Joker in a final showdown - it Rocks!

Crypto have kindly agreed to let us showcase their slot above, this is free to try out and great practice for pay to play. You don’t even have to wear a mask to play, unless you really want to ;-).

- reviewed by Latest Casino Bonuses, last updated 2014-03-18

Members Comments

  • Papa Ed


    Great graphics and good play with ample bonuses

  • wes


    Batman game is fun. lots of cool bonuses

  • Rebecca Gwin


    good game...

  • Serbia zuga


    bit outdated slot but still good fun

  • butch56482


    5 stars

  • anamtaguchi


    no comment

  • tracyjr2



  • Romania johny78


    One of my favorite slots is Batman from Cryptologic network.Based on the DC Comics character rather than the movies, Cryptologic's Batman slot is a massive 50 payline game with hand-drawn symbols featuring all the main characters from the comic. Commissioner Gordon, The Joker, Batman himself and the Batmobile are all present and correct.There are other Batman slots out there (Microgaming have one as do Playtech) but I rather like the style of symbols on this one.The most important thing, though, is what is the game like? Well, it's good - up to a point. You really do need to activate the 'Bonus Bet' feature on this game to get the full benefit. And that means you have to play all 50 lines.With the Bonus Bet activated, the Batman slot is a solid 7/10 game. Without it, it's nothing more than run of the mill.So what's the Bonus Bet all about, then?Well, to start with - activating it means you are, in effect, playing 60 lines. This is something you definitely need to be aware of.However, you get an extra Batman wild symbol on Reels 2, 3 and 4 (this occurs at random). Better still: the 'Descent Into Madness' bonus feature. In this you - as Batman - have to target inmates of Arkham Asylum with your trusty Baterang. The more you get, the bigger the prize.Once you've defeated the inmates, your next task is to trap Batman's most deadly adversary - The Joker. Do that and you get a win of 100x the triggering bet.It's great fun and can lead to some huge wins.The 'Descent Into Madness' round is played on a separate screen. This is more arcade game than traditional slots round. In it, you must use your Bat-erang to defeat the inmates of Arkham Asylum and earn bonus rounds. Once you've done that, it's time to take on the Joker for big wins up to 100x the triggering bet. You get two attempts to do this and, even if you fail on both, you are awarded a consolation prize.The Batman slot may also appeal to high rollers as you can bet up to 20.00 per line, but that's far too rich for my blood!

  • saviasainseattle


    Nice game

  • Serbia memashecerlema


    Wow Johny78, great review! And you are apsolutely right, the game shines when the bonus bet feature is activated. I got some good payouts on a small bet and I got the bonus round pretty quickly! The slot looks outdated but that is compensated well enough with the special features :)

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