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Cubis is a video slot based on the original online puzzler with the same name. Cryptologic has packaged it up with their slot software to provide a unique experience with 15 pay lines.

Using the Cubis Slot Machine

Despite its unusual appearance Cubis is an easy slot machine to use. Everything is fundamentally the same as other machine. Initially you’ll need to choose your bet per line, this is achieved by toggling up or down from the default 5c.

Bets per line vary from 0.01 to $20 per line, the number of lines can be changed from 1 to 15 per spin. This provides a huge number of betting combinations ranging from 0.01 to $300 per spin.

You have two options for gameplay, manual mode or auto mode. If you like to manually play slots you’ll need to press ‘play’ each time or you can opt for 1 to 999 auto spins at varying speeds by using the buttons on the lefthand side of the screen.

Cubis slot features explained

The great thing about Cubis is all the ‘features’ happen automatically without any input from the player. The multiplier cube is also a wild card and can stand in for any other symbol, once a win is triggered more cubes fall in their place which creates the possibility of subsequent wins.

There are three scatter cubes, each with a bomb theme. The line bomb destroys cubes in four directions, the square bomb destroys up to 25 cubes with the same face and the nuclear bomb clears all 90 cubes from the board. Again these are replaced with new cubes which can create further wins.

If the idea behind this slot interests you why not try our free cubis slot above.

- reviewed by Latest Casino Bonuses, last updated 2014-03-26

Members Comments

  • Finland tenho7


    This is very fun game and doesn't cost lot to play. I've had several good wins on it and it's nice change to ordinary slots. I found that the bonus features like bombs etc. are pretty poor but the base game is good. 3/5 stars.

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