Cryptologic Jackpots

If you’re looking for foresight and innovation, look no further than Cryptologic, one of the most powerful software groups in the industry, which manages to improve each and every year. Cryptologic is synonymous with the ultimate gambling experience – superb games, a large variety of options, different gaming levels, incredible graphics and, most importantly, those famous Cryptologic jackpots that pay out millions of dollars to lucky players on a regular basis.

If it’s variety you want, then Cryptologic jackpots can certainly supply some of that! The themes of its jackpot games are diverse, the bonus features are exciting and well rewarding, while the gaming levels suit every type of player. The one thing that remains the common denominator for these games is the fact that they all pay out eye popping amounts through their progressive jackpot prizes.

Cryptologic Jackpot List

Name Value AVG WinLast Payout Highest Peak  
Millionaire's Club $364,281 $2,510,858 $2,866,319, 20 weeks ago $1,768,518 Review
Caribbean Stud Poker $172,141 $162,677 N/A $162,677
Crazy Jackpots Line 8 $154,602 $140,862 N/A $140,862
Crazy Jackpots Line 6 $154,368 $112,894 N/A $112,894
Crazy Jackpots Line 9 $144,410 $125,554 N/A $125,554
Rags to Riches $129,102 $322,690 $403,252, 110 weeks ago $403,252 Review
Crazy Jackpots Line 1 $120,574 $57,003 $74,379, 150 weeks ago $74,379
Crazy Jackpots Line 5 $112,862 $136,712 N/A $142,824
Crazy Jackpots Line 7 $111,826 $79,557 $99,872, 150 weeks ago $99,872
Crazy Jackpots Line 2 $108,384 $148,228 N/A $155,487
Crazy Jackpots Line 4 $97,182 $53,740 $68,032, 159 weeks ago $68,032
Crazy Jackpots Line 3 $89,735 $66,024 N/A $66,024
Progressive Blackjack $67,795 $285,709 $105,277, 150 weeks ago $657,788
Shoot-O-Rama $40,679 $83,007 N/A $83,007 Review
Hollywood Blockbuster $16,145 $24,417 $11,935, 28 weeks ago $42,547
Triple Olives $1 $14,022 $22,626 N/A $39,273 Review
Movie Mayhem Level 4 $13,681 $16,118 $18,464, 21 weeks ago $42,124
Hollywood Acclaimed $11,110 $15,837 $10,432, 27 weeks ago $38,939
Movie Mayhem Level 3 $6,093 $9,277 $8,619, 17 weeks ago $17,379
Super Jackpot $1 $4,944 $6,353 $4,817, 23 weeks ago $15,644
Frightmare $2,877 $4,492 $4,592, 83 weeks ago $9,718
Triple Olives 25c $2,187 $3,203 $4,713, 127 weeks ago $4,713 Review
Hollywood Classic $2,134 $1,983 $1,931, 22 weeks ago $6,294
Super Jackpot 25c $1,562 $1,832 $1,344, 51 weeks ago $3,747
Sushi Express $1,544 $2,089 $2,651, 19 weeks ago $4,293
Movie Mayhem Level 2 $536 $937 $767, 15 weeks ago $2,311
Marvel Hero slots jackpot over the last 45 days in USD.

Cryptologic Slots Jackpots

Cryptologic has focused its jackpot network on its slots games, simply because slots is what Crypto does best! While this software giant also offers blackjack and video poker titles, there is no beating Cryptologic for awe inspiring, head spinning slot games!

Cryptologic has managed to combine quality AND quantity when it comes to providing its loyal players with slots entertainment, and a quick look down a list that shows the number of Cryptologic jackpots is mind boggling.

If you’re a Hollywood fan, how about trying the Movie Mayhem Series that incorporates games such as Fantasy Realm, Outta Space Adventure, Silent Screen and Sunday Classics. Besides the random progressive jackpots that are paid out to any player at any time of the day or night, these games have superb themes that attract anybody who is remotely interested in movies.

Comic Book Heroes

Cryptologic really shines through, however, with its superb slot games that are based on popular comic book heroes. With games such as Spiderman, Batman and The Hulk vying for the player’s attention, among other big names such as Blade and Captain America, there is really nothing we can say about this series that will do any justice to these action packed games and we sincerely recommend that you check them out for yourselves.

With many of these games carrying coin bet ranges from 5c to $5, it really is a case of suiting every sized bankroll. And with the need to wager so little to get so much entertainment, there is really no reason to avoid the Cryptologic jackpots available at Crypto-powered sites.

There are countless other Cryptologic jackpots that can be enjoyed by players, including exciting titles such as Triple Olives, Witches and Warlocks, Outta Space Adventure and Hot Summer Nights.

When all is said and done, progressive jackpots are one of the greatest perks of any online gaming session. With so many available out there, it only makes sense to get the most for your dollar and maximum entertainment by choosing Cryptologic jackpots at your favorite casino today.

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