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2 stars (based on 188 votes).
Cleos VIP Room welcomes players from Virginia.
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Warning: We have placed Cleos VIP back on our warning list. The probation period did not meet our expectations, as the delays and payment issues have started again ( almost certainly never stopped ). Even though we were promised the processing issues and payments will get back on track, it has proved to be too great of a task for them. Players are advise to use extreme caution.



Cashout Limits:


Cashout Time:

processing issues and long delays


Cleos VIP Room has landed themselves on LCB’s warning list but this is not the first time. The casino initially earned the spot on our list due to delays in processing withdrawals. Casino management assured LCB that it would make changes and was removed from the Warning List for a probationary period of 90 days. During the time Cleos VIP Room was on probation, the casino failed to address several inquiries and most importantly, there were no improvements made to payment issues and withdrawal processing time frames. Without hesitation, LCB has placed the casino back on the Warning List as stated on the forum here: FAILED Probation - Cleos VIP Room


The Vegas style products available at Cleos VIP Room are launched by Vegas Games software. The platform of games is unique offering an array of casino games with superb quality and impressive graphics. Players are captivated with an extraordinary library of products that have the likeness to any Vegas Casino.

The Privacy Policy page fully outlines the information collected from players. Your personal data is never shared or sold to third parties.


The only way to play at this gaming portal is by receiving Free Chips. Register an account and you are gifted with Free Credits to play and check out the products. After purchasing VS credits customers are awarded Free Chips to play games. Accelerate your Free chip stack by taking advantage of the Welcome Bonus available to first time players.

Lucky Raffles are available daily/weekly/monthly in a random draw. Receive a ticket for the drawing every time you play the minimum required amount on the gaming floor. Each raffle is at 4am EDT with weekly draws on Saturday and monthly draws on the last day of every month.


The platform of games is small but the unique titles an incredible graphics more than make up for it. The Vegas style games offer an impressive selection of Progressive Jackpots with coin values that start at 1c with a max bet of 20c per line. Big Cash Jackpots include Buffalo Run and Wonderland Slot offering stacked wilds. Special features include Wilds, Double Bonus, Free Spins, Multipliers and up to 243 ways to win on selected games.

There are four Video Poker games including Tens or Better, Jackpot Poker, Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker. For Table Game action play Roulette and coming soon Blackjack.


Cleos VIP Room has a fabulous concept that is like no other gaming site with incentives that include not only Free Credits to win cash prizes but VS credits to buy luxury products including jewelry, designer handbags and more. It has fast become a popular site, particularly the US market who is warmly welcomed.

Customer Support

Live Chat

Telephone: 1 - (302) - 351 – 4983


Casino Representative

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Withdrawal Info

Withdrawal limits: No
Minimum Withdrawal: $50
Minimum Deposit: $20

Cashout Times and Limits:

Cashout Times: processing issues and long delays
Cashout Limits: No

- reviewed by Ava Jackuard, last updated 2015-06-26

Please Note: Only the following countries are allowed at this casino: United States.

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Banking at Cleos VIP Room

Cleos VIP Room supports banking methods in their casino for both deposits and withdrawals by PayPal and Pasteandpay and only deposits by Visa, Diners, Discover and MasterCard and only withdrawals by Check (Cheque).

Check (Cheque)DinersDiscoverMasterCardPasteandpayPayPalVisa

Currencies and languages supported:

The currencies that Cleos VIP Room allows to be used in casino accounts are U.S. Dollars The casinos only language that is currently supported is English.

EnglishU.S. Dollars

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Members Comments

  • United Kingdom qris1972


    this is just for US citizen :(

  • NewGaming


    only for us? ;[

  • Serbia Lootva


    As commented, this is a US only site, but having in mind the number of casinos they are not allowed, it is just fair to have a few exclusive ones.
    There's a nice promotion going on at the moment, with a $27 Free No Deposit Bonus that has a 30xb WR and no maximum cash out (slots only), as well as a 400% on your first deposit (minimum $20) up to $100, with the lowest 30xb and deposit WR.
    They are using some providers I have not seen before, so it is a bit hard to compare to more known solutions, but I have found the games really visually impressive, with a 3D interface and modern and clean graphics, but also smooth and running really nice.
    You have to download the software and install it, and that is the only minus for me, as well as the fact there is no mobile site version. I will keep my eyes on this casino, since it really does look and feel different from the majority.

  • CJSOK1


    My experience at this casino was bad enough for me to, for the first time in my life, create a forum account and give a review.

    It is a scam. A total scam. How they have 4 stars is an absolute mystery to me given the complete lack of customer support, rewarding games, or payout. I thought i'd done the impossible, won $250 on $20. THEY WILL NOT let you actually cash out a penny until you've put more than that amount in (IE. Must deposit $500 before they'll even consider honoring a withdraw of $100). The procedure is outrageous on the order of ~10 forms and proofs of ID that will be required of you for the processing department to even consider your request. Once you've done that then waited a month, they will find some bogus reason not even mentioned in the terms and conditions (yes, I read them) to void your winnings and close your account. Don't bother calling the phone number, nobody is there. S C A M

  • United States pokergranni


    I can't get any of the links posted here at LCB to work! Maybe a sign I'm not supposed to play.......

  • imjensmom


    I cashed a $1979. check from Cleo's and it went right thru. They are honest as far as paying if you win. I also know several people who have been paid all checks have cleared. You do get charged as a Sweepstakes win on the check and that cost me $79.00 but I I still got paid. Have fun

  • imjensmom


    I cashed a $1979. check from Cleo's and it went right thru. They are honest as far as paying if you win. I also know several people who have been paid all checks have cleared. You do get charged as a Sweepstakes win on the check and that cost me $79.00 but I I still got paid. Have fun

  • United States Ozzonap


    Cleo's is not a scam. I think what CJSOK1 is talking about is the play thru requirement. All online casino's have that if your using a bonus when depositing or a free chip.

  • United States chillymellow


    I have only good things to say about Cleo's VIP Room. I have been playing here when I can for several months now. I signed up with the facebook free STACK OF GIFTS promotion, and got $20 in my account for free right away just for talking to live chat and asking. After that, I also collected the free $50 for posting and sharing the promotion with friends on facebook! I really enjoyed the games I tried, though for awhile the whole concept of Cleo's way of operating was clear as mud to me. I caught on after awhile and did decide to make a deposit, which paid off with a $200 check.

    Now, with some casinos you really have to have a lot of patience when requesting withdrawals, and with some you may never get your money. I can assure you that yes, you will have to endure about 2 weeks of anticipation and wonder while you wait for your winnings, but the check is good and I had no problems with it and my bank whatsoever! I later cashed in a $700 winning amount but sure would love to hit a much larger amount (wouldn't we all?).

    My favorite games to play are Sasquatch Cash and Living the Dream though most of the games I will play a little to see what happens, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at the large wins for bets as small as 1 or 5 cents. Some of the games also have special jackpots, and I always am happy when that screen comes up and hopeful to win a LOT of cash. I also won a $20 prize in the raffle, though it does seem pretty hard to win most of the time.

    I would suggest to everyone to visit their facebook page for special deposit and free chip promotions. They give out a lot and pretty regularly. That STACK OF CHIPS promo is really good - try it out! I also got an email from them awarding me free chips just because I posted favorable comments about CLEO'S on the internet. They have a few other ways of getting free chips that you will find in the pages on the forum for Cleo's. With so much being offered by this casino, I can't see why anyone in the USA would not give them a try, excepting those who do not gamble. I've never won a sweepstakes and did not know that would carry a surcharge, as posted by imjensmom, but that seems like a small price to pay for such a large payout so it's still all good with me for playing at Cleo's VIP Room! I hope you enjoy playing there as much as I have and good luck to you!

  • United States cheetahwind


    Cleos VIP Room, has unique slot games, unique promotions, and is the first casino that actually allows you unlimited free chips without any restrictions. They offer lots of freebies left and right. They have plenty of good match bonuses.
    They do require that you play your deposit at least 20 times over regardless if you take a bonus or not. Mainly because they claim the money your getting is free money. Your really supposedly buying a voucher. So therefore you can't even just turn your deposit over 1 time.
    They also only allow credit or debit card deposits though. Plus they are a US only site, they won't allow players to buy virtual credits or shopping vouchers from outside of the US.
    The games a unique and can be fun when they work. My main issue with them was the fact that when the software failed to work. Support was totally clueless on how to fix the issue. They kept telling me to install Microsoft Windows 8 to get it to work. Then even went as far as telling me how to pirate a copy of it. The issue was mainly that the software kept telling me that it was being disconnected from the server.
    Then eventually when I got upset and asked for my deposit back, they retracted there statement. Oh you just needed Internet Explorer 8, not Windows 8. Well it was already bad enough that the support representative was already asking me to pirate Windows 8.
    So then I still asked for my deposit back. Which then got me promptly banned for asking for my money back, because I was now deemed a security risk. I guess if they were a true real honest sweepstakes asking for money back because the software isn't working right. Shouldn't deem someone a security risk. Any realistic sweepstakes should be able to defend themselves, and not take the chicken way out of things.
    Also I have been told they ask for full social security numbers, along with your DOB for a cashout. Way too risky if you ask me.
    I would steer clear of this casino, for 2 reasons. Faulty software, and in my opinion asking for too personal of information for a place that seems pretty crooked from the beginning.

  • United States Ozzonap


    Here in the USA we don't have many different choices when it comes to online casinos. And what we do have seems to lack the real feel of the slots you can find in land based casinos. So, when I seen Cleo's VIP Room listed here at LCB, and noticed they used different software than all the other casinos allowing players from the USA, I hoped it would be something more realistic. And that it is.

    While I have not seen any of the slots at Cleo's VIP Room in land based casinos around my part of the country, they do offer slots that are very realistic. The sounds and graphics are comparable to slots you would find in land based casinos, and the payouts can be very good. Many of my favorite slots at Cleo's feature "stacked" wild symbols. Games like "101 Lions", "Spot", "Mermaids Lucky Chest", and "Arctic Wolf" to name a few. I do not see that feature on the slots at most of the other casinos allowing players from the USA.

    Cleo's also has several different slots with mystery progressive jackpots. Several of the games (such as the slot "Buffalo Run") have a mystery jackpot that starts at $10,000 and pays off randomly before it reaches $15,000. Some of those games also feature the stacked wilds, and the minimum bet to play all lines is just .25 cents to .50 cents.

    In addition to those "Big Cash Jackpot Mystery Progressive" games like "Buffalo Run", Cleo's also has the "Won World" progressives (like the game "Baby 5" - one of my favorites). The minimum bet on those games to play all lines is just .25 cents and it features a mystery jackpot that pays off before it reaches $3,000. The "Won World" progressives also have smaller "major" and "minor" random progressives that can give you a nice chunk of change.

    Cleo's also has three slots which feature the "Treasure Chest Progressive". These also feature the "major" and "minor" jackpots as well as the super prize. And much like the "Won World" games, the minimum bet to play all lines is just .25 cents. In addition, all of these progressives (as well as the rest of the slots at Cleo's) feature some great free spin bonuses. While playing the game "Mermaids Lucky Chest" one evening I was down to my last few dollars and betting just .25 cents per spin. I ended up hitting the bonus round, and wound up getting 100 free spins and winning over $150 on those free spins betting just .25 cents. I also enjoy games like "Great Apes" where you can win up to 50 free spins with the prizes multiplied by up to 50. You can get some big payouts even when betting just one cent per line on these kind of slots.

    And if that isn't enough, since I have been playing at Cleo's I have received a 200% bonus with every deposit, and can honestly say that I played for hours upon hours and some times days and days in a row on each and all but maybe ONE deposit I have made. I have also done one cash out that went very well. I could have done a few more cash outs as meeting the wagering requirements has not been a problem for me at Cleo's. But, sometimes I enjoy going after that big payoff more than cashing out a couple hundred dollars. Especially when I enjoy the games so much.

    As for some of these comments about having to give them your social security number and etc, I did not have to give Cleo's any more info than I have had to give any other online casino to do a cash out OTHER than filling out the the W9 tax form - which only contains my name and address, and seems like a good idea since you are required by law to claim any winnings over $1,250 in this state.

    Oh and one more thing about Cleo's - I have received a couple of very nice watches and other items with the VS credits I have purchased, and many free no deposit addition to the 200% bonus with each and every deposit. And when I have contacted live chat, they have been very helpful. My time with Cleo's so far can be summed up in one word - AWESOME.

  • United States givennsz


    I just recently joined Cleo's VIP Room and from what experience I have had it's not that bad. I seen a few people here at LCB talking about the site so thought I would give it a shot. I was taken by the complexity of the platform. If you do not ask live chat and familiarize yourself with the raffle aspect of the site it does confuse any player.
    I do enjoy the games; they are different than other software's and the promotions page looks promising with ongoing offers and huge bonuses for when you are ready to make your first deposit. I might go ahead and break in and deposit one of these days there. I need to keep an eye on LCB's forum for any negativity before I do. I do depend and count on other players comments about sites like these on LCB.
    I claimed LCB's exclusive promotion and played with $35. I tried the Mermaids Treasure Chest and King Cairo at minimum bets. I didn't hit a bonus feature, but the line wins were okay, nothing to rave about. I do like the feature where it displays how many raffles you earned for the day, week and month. This is kind of a cool feature that keeps things a little interesting.
    I did notice that there are a few games that payout progressive jackpots and it seems they payout randomly. I was browsing the site to see what the VS was about it's an online shop where you can exchange your points for gifts. I seen some nice purses or handbags for us ladies, watches, rings, makeup, sunglasses and more. To be honest this is a great way to spin the reels of your favorite game and cashin by getting cold hard cash or purchasing something in the store at a cheaper price than if you would by going to the department store to do so.
    Like I said I will keep my eyes on Cleo's VIP Room to see what others think and if they have any problems with them before I invest my money. Who knows maybe they will be the next online gaming site that players are talking and raving about.

  • United States MaryYoung


    love the site

  • United States p0kahontis


    Cleos vip club has gotten really tight lately with freebies. They used to give you freebies three times a week. Totally 60 dollars. Now it is every blue moon. I have deposited over 450 in the last two weeks, and still no freebie given. They claim it comes from the head office. As far as customer service goes, they are awful. Every single rep. always gives different information. The company doesn't up hold what a rep says. My advice to you is to always email a copy of chat transcript to yourself. I have had a lot of technical problems. Only once did they pay after a game took my money. Sometimes I don't even think their tech dept. looks into problems you report. Once time i got five different answers for the same issue. I told them that i am expected to trust their word after five different answers. This is the only issue they fixed. The tech. dept and/or customer service only gives you an email response to 25% of the issues you report. You have to keep on them or you get lost in the shuffle. Also, I don't know if there is an English Barrier, but the reps always misunderstand issues or put the ticket in wrong. I have had this happen eight out of the ten times i requested something. Their games used to have a high variance. Now they are very tights. Once i deposited over 200 dollars and i didn't hit the trigger feature once in the slots area. They just got blackjack. Chat is available 24/7, but not the phone. My favorite games are blackjack, video poker tens or higher, king of cairo, runnin wild, and 101 lions. All of their games have a v.i.p. room where the wagers minimum and maximum are higher. The games i like the least are el patron, circus carnival, great apes, and jester. You can earn raffle tickets for the daily raffle ($20) weekly ($50) or monthly raffle ($250) for every ten dollars wagered in certain games. Black jack and video poker don't count for raffle tickets. One good thing, is after playthrough is met on freebies, there is no maximum cash out on winnings.

  • United States gwolfman


    I started playing at Cleos about 10 months ago. It was great in the first six month I played I cashed out about $4000. I had only deposited about $1800.Then about 4 months ago I noticed the slots were starting to get tighter and tighter.I thought well they were trying to recoup some of there loses with me. I figured that was going to happen sooner or later.I really didn't mine as long as I still won once in awhile.In the first four months I would get through the playthrough about 50% of the time. I would only cash out if my winnings after the playthrough were over $100. Going into the 7th & 8th month I was spending between $500 and $1000 per month.
    By the end of the 8th month I noticed I was hitting the bonus features much less and the bonus features payouts were only 25-50% of what they used to pay me.
    Going into the 9th month I was no longer ahead in money now I was actually in the red a few hundred dollars.
    Now I was starting to get angry that I was not even getting through the playthrough requirement or winning anything at all.

    Going into the 9th month I said well I will play another month and see if I was just goijg through an unlucky period or did they reset my odds of wininning.
    Well now I am past 10 months of playing and have deposited over two thousand dollars more, Now I am in the red about $2500.
    I have decided to stop playing at Cleos because I feel certain they have adjusted the settings odds on me to the point I cant win anymore.
    In the 1st four months a $25 dollar deposit would last for hours of play time. Now when I deposit $25-60 dollars I am lucky to get an hour of playtime and now I am lucky if I hit 1-2 bonus features.
    I am really sad this has happen because I live in US and I thought finally a casino I can trust and fun to play at.Another reason I am sad about not playing at cleos is because they were great when it came time to get get your winnings . I received 5 checks that totaled my winnings and also received them within 10 business days.

    One other thing I wanted to mention is that cleos post the winners . They show the date and amount they won.I did find it a little strange that a group of 5-10 people seem to win a hell of a lot of money, Three players I want to mention are Sambeau,blonde,avatar all won $25000 or more. The player Sambeu won $4000 four times. Just thought that seemed a bit strange.

    Well good luck to you that are winning. I think everybody should try cleos and maybe your look will trun out better then mine.

  • tklist


    I have played at Cleos for almost a year and deposited several thousand dollars. I have yet to see any cashable win of more than a few hundred dollars.
    The casino seems to think that because they give you a few worthless trinkets that it makes up for not giving wins back to the loyal depositors. I have played a several different sites and understand it is a game of chance however just as no player can win all of the time no player can lose all of the time. The support team where nice enough to provide me with my play history. I would be happy to share it with anyone who wants to see what playing at a site that you cannot win at is like.

  • tklist


    This is another comment to go with my last one. When I contact live chat to see if it is normal for a player to deposit so much and never win. The only response I get back is yes. They say that players win a lot of money all of the time and it is normal for me to deposit so much and not get anything back in return.

  • United States luckyirishgirl424


    In the United States we dont have that many casinos to choose from. We have so many RTGs but they are easy to get sick of. Cleo's is awesome, and I fell in love the very first time that I played. I really enjoy that they have a lot of games that land based casinos also have. I originally signed up with a free chip from latestcasinobonuses, and ended up cashing out 350 dollars. I received my payment in about 2 weeks. If you like them on face book, they have something called "stack of chips". You automatically get a 20 dollar free chip for joining the app. All you have to do is contact live chat and they will verify your email that you have connected to face book, and they will credit your account. Now, once you have done that, its up to your face book friends to help you out. You need 10 points for a 50 dollar free chip. You get 2 pts right off the bat if you share the app on your time line. You need 2 friends to click on the app, each being worth 4 points. Once they accept the invite, you can contact live chat, let them know that you have 10 pts and they will again verify your email and credit you with a 50 dollar free chip. The free chip has a play thru amount of 30 times but there is NO MAX CASHOUT! Now the bonus of playing at Cleos vip room is that as you play you earn what is called VS points. You can redeem these points for prizes from the VS catalog. There is some nice stuff like jewelery that you can redeem your points for. I have received a nice amount of free chips from cleos just from liking their face book page. The best part being that you dont have to deposit in between chips to be eligible for them. But I hear they have been cracking down by locking players accounts for little or no deposits. Cleos is definetly one of the casinos that I frequent!

  • tklist


    Let me again state that Cleos is a fun site as long as you do not deposit real money. My advise is to play in pretend mode only. The games are fun however just do not expect to win any real money this is the tightest site I have ever played at. The site tells me that players do not play at their site to win money it is to spend V.S. credits st the V.S. store and that is ok but it takes a lot of non winning money to get anything worth something at the V.S. store. This is really not a site that you can expect to win any real money and as far as the raffles it is a joke. You can be sure it is next to impossible to win a weekly prize or monthly prize. I have played at this site for several months and know from experience this is not a site to win any real money at.

  • United States wyldheart


    Cleos VIP Room is a relatively new casino, (new to me!). It provides a lot of different and fun games for every players. The slots are really fun, most have extensive bonus rounds that provide a lot of free games or bonuses. They also have many slots that have expanding wilds that will really boost your payroll. A few of the slots have up to 200 lines but you can still play small amounts. Some of the slots have minor and major jackpots to win as well as the big jackpot. I have had the luck to win a few of these on the Liberty slot that has many United States landmarks as icons which can be fun. I have found that if some of the slots are tight its not hard to find one that will be paying quite well. Cleos also offers a different and fun alternative to comp points. You can redeem your points for Virtual Points and get gifts sent to you. They have perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics, and a variety of mens items and household items. I think this is really fun and its nice to have these come in the mail after you have played. I enjoy comp points to play more, but this is a nice twist. They have been very reliable so far and I have not seen many complaints about withdrawls and they have a good processor as I have never had a problem depositing from the United States. Cleos offers Facebook awards where they will post no deposit bonuses and each holiday they offer $10.00 ot $20.00 free chips. You can also usually cash out on these free chips as I have found that Cleos is not tight but seems fair most of the time. They come out with new games quite regularly and offer free chips for these games as well. The software does not use a lot of computer space which can be nice if you have lots of casinos installed. I enjoy Cleos and would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and fun place to play!

  • United States Pico_de_gallo22


    This site offers a very nice welcome offer to brand new players. All you have to do is enter the LCB promo code and you will receive $35 free. The download for the site is absolutely free and can be done fairly quickly which is very convenient. They also have many opportunities in which players can play for free. When it comes to gaming, they have a huge selection to choose from. This includes slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette. I really enjoy playing the slots and video poker at the site. There are some really nice bonus features to look out for, including free spins, scatters and even bonus games. When I have had enough slots for a while, I also like to play the roulette here. I am not a huge fan of roulette elsewhere but I enjoy playing it here. They also have some really nice promotions to look out for!

  • United States coventrygirl


    I just downloaded signed up and spent a half hour dealing with this I was told if your from new york you cant play in their casino why doesnt it state that when i downloaded it. Not fair and they are advertising the super bowl Please

  • United States kristih


    To be completely honest, I have not made a deposit at Cleo's VIP Room, however, I did sign up through LCB and received the LCB35 no deposit bonus. First impression, it was very slow to download, and once completed, it was slow to open/load. I looked around, it has a very nice variety of games that are quite DIFFERENT from what I am used to at RTG's and other casino softwares. I tried different slots, and have to say-the payoffs seemed quite low, and few and far between-the $35 ND was gone in less than 10 minutes.
    I have continued to play their ND bonuses, giving me a chance to get a casino fix inbetween deposits elsewhere. I am hesitant to deposit, as the VS rewards/points, and other reviews of payment issues, is making me not.
    But, with all the ND options they offer-i am getting acquired, and hopefully will one day get the nerve to deposit!

  • Romania musat.andrei.73


    cannot download this friggin casino and at one time I had it on my computer but got tired of seeing all the numerous ones on my desk top so I removed it and wouldn't ya know it? Cannot download it now

  • United States husch


    it's fun but shady

  • New Zealand dan2014


    i agree,fun but shady,wish there were more of this type,i really enjoy the slots and their selection of games is pretty good too,pity they are a bit dodgy.

  • United States baby22555


    OK I love the games at cleos I finally won a bit. I sent all my documents and bought something with my vs points as I had to if I wanted to cash out no problem. my concern now and I don't know if I should cash out they are asking I fill out a w-9 for taxes. I have won thousands and never was asked for my social security number. Isnt gambling not legal in USA so why are they asking for this info. I don't want any problems does anyone else know if im safe to do this?

  • United States rena35


    I was finally able to download this casino and play.I have been using mostly freebie but the slots seem tight. If my game play is anything like what i have seen it will be a while before i deposit.

  • United States lipstick_xoxos


    baby22555 - It is not illegal for US players to gamble online. What is illegal is for banks to allow any transactions to go through to make a deposit. I have never heard of a player that got in hot water for playing online because technically its the financial institution that is prohibited to allow the transactions.

    As for Cleo's VIP they are technically not a Casino nor want to be referred as one. Purchases are made to buy items in their virtual store and free chips are awarded to play games at Cleo's VIP. Therefore since the chips are free you are not making any direct deposit towards the casino rather the virtual store.

    Just be sure to fill out the form for tax purposes as it will be listed as a form of winnings but does not necessarily mean it was winning from an online Casino.

  • United States jodiisgreat


    I really wish that this place would get back to its roots, because I used to love to play here. But everywhere I read there are problems with the withdrawal times, some it look to be taking even up to two or three months! There is no excuse for this. Good games and I will use their free chips, but no more deposits from me.

  • United States Ozzonap


    Regretfully, I have to change my review of Cleo's from 5 stars to one. If your looking for a casino that gives out tons of free chips and match bonuses of 200% or more every time you deposit, and the most realistic slots you can play for money online in the USA, and free gifts for spending your money there, then you might like Cleo's. However, if you are like me and looking for a casino where you can win real money, I would NOT choose Cleo's. And it's not because the games are tight. I hit lots of bonus rounds and decent payouts when I play. HOWEVER, Cleos' is one of those SHADY casinos that wants you to reverse your winnings and lose. Their website says they process cashouts in 5 to 15 business days. Even if that were true, that would be too long. Five business would be acceptable. But 15 business days? That's BS! Regardless, I (and many people I've chatted with and have seen post on Cleo's facebook page) have experience FAR greater delays than that. MANY people are reporting their winnings are still in their account on a "pending" status more than a MONTH after they requested a payout. That's right - more than a MONTH!!! And of course you can not deposit when the payout is "pending". If you want to play again your only choice is to reverse your payout request. And since Cleo's is the only place that offers the quality of games they have to players in the US, they kind of have a monopoly going, and many, many, MANY people are reversing what should be winnings and then losing. And of course if you contact Cleo's and ask what is going on with your payout weeks after you requested it and it's still in your account on a "pending" status, they will only say "it's the processors". Yeah, right. The processors. This is been going on at Cleo's for MONTHS. How it is they can not have the same warning as all the other casinos that offer huge bonuses but then use delay tactics when it comes time to payout winnings is beyond me. One of the things LCB says makes a good online casinos is "PROMPT PAYOUTS". And I can tell you right now Cleo's payout process is the opposite of prompt. I will never play at Cleo's again with my own money unless I hear they have changed their payout process and are no longer using the delay tactics used by untrustworthy casinos!

  • United States loosealot


    I too have changed my opinion of Cleo's. I have deposited there several times in the past. It is impossible to make a deposit and not receive a bonus! Which means, no matter what, you have a roll over requirement! I personally do not like deposit bonuses, because of roll over requirements.

    Even if i wanted to make a deposit, their processor will not allow my card to go thru. Alot of people are having the same problem. For me, that is a good thing. I will play at other casinos.

  • United States send2kiki


    Super awesome that I won from a no deposit chip when I first registered a new account! I had only deposited a few times after that but no further winnings so I moved on. Withdrawal from the cheque received was slightly difficult. Options for withdrawal are limited. I prefer Western Union or Money Gram as withdrawal options. The games are cool looking but took too long to load for my computer to function without me getting irritated.

    Good casino to try your luck.

  • The Netherlands Dedi1981


    I think it's a sister casino of casinoval (is the only other casino who has the same software).
    My account were blocked because of their new law. Fortunately casinoval still allow us to play. the games are good and enjoyable :)
    Also the layout is great and nicely done.

  • United States Mike Ramirez


    I would steer clear of this casino, for 2 reasons. 1st of all is the software, every single time I attempt to play cleos vip room it takes to much of my cpu memory and takes forever to load and play it is simply a nightmare!!! Another reason In my opinion is asking for too much personal information much more than other casinos require which for me personally is a red flag.

  • United States helpmenow0031


    I really like this casino. You get to play and shop with your money, thats awesome. I have won 2 times and got my checks, and they cashed in the bank so i know its real and have ordered a lot of the VS Spree items and loved them all. Thanks Cleos!!

  • United States michelle.pine.758


    I am definately on the fence when it comes to Cleos vip room and here is why, First the good,,I love the slots at this casino, of all the online casinos this one is my all time favorite as far as the quality and variety of slots! Also I was down to my last 70 cents and betting a dime a spin and I won over a $100 on the jester slot machine!!!
    Now the bad,,the bad part was that it took so long for cleos to approve my withdrawal that I ended up reversing the money I won and losing it. The messed up part is that I honestly believe that were stalling purposely in the hopes that I would do just that! It took well over three weeks to get my withdrawal approved and wouldn't you know they approved it right after I lost it all! Also I ordered some lip gloss with my spree points and when I did the math I realized that that little tube of lip gloss was actually costing me THIRTY dollars! What a rip off! Whats really sad is that the lip gloss is really low quality stuff. Its thick and slimy and feels like I rubbed crisco on my lips and it doesn't taste much better. I threw it out! All in all, Cleos is fun and fine if I am playing with free money but I won't deposit real money again

  • United States xscavengerx


    By far the best games I have played since micro gamming had to shut its doors to us players. but I have to agree with all the others, the time for a cash out is way too long and no excuse for it. I also will only play with free money. I will never deposit with them again.

  • United States nmeittunen


    I have made several deposits here and never won. They used to offer cool no deposit bonuses but don't anymore. I have won a few of their freebies on their Facebook site which is pretty cool but see a lot of warnings not to deposit to their site.

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    One excellent casino! Excellent promotions! Excellent games to play. Even won off the free promotions for $20 free chips. 5-star casino!

  • United States CAROLYN DAVIS


    Well I have had my share if wins at Cleos VIP Room. When I first played I never had any luck. And 6 months in I hit... And on and off I would win and sometimes not.

    Now I can't win anything but I know that is how it is. So I can't say it is a bad place because I have won a few times. So that is why I keep playing at Cleos.

    Good games, bit I don't like the new promotions they have. So I do not play in them. Thanks Cleos VIP Room.

  • Serbia zuga


    Cleos VIP Room is now officially removed from the probation list and placed back on the warning list.

    More details :

    We advise players to exercise caution if playing at this casino as you will most certainly experience delays in case of a withdrawal.

    Granted you will probably get paid, but there is no guarantee in terms of time.

    LCB Admin

  • United States trayber


    Not many casinos I can say I deposited $20 and won over $4,000 but that happened my very first time playing at Cleo's VIP Room. The games are really fun there and sometimes pay out really well. My only issue is the delays in processing which is why I cannot give them a higher rating. It took a little over 2 months to receive all the payments. I've read and seen worse at other casinos but its still a bit on the slow side. I will say its nice not having to pay fees to withdrawl the casino generously covers them. They offer a very nice welcome bonus of 400%.

  • United States kylie333


    I love the games at this casino and have deposited here a bunch of times. I can honestly say they are my favorite games BUT live help is not very friendly here or understanding, ive also never been able to cash out at this casino because i cant get any momentum or anything. I hate their new facebook promotions where you have to battle a million people just for a free $25 chip that would probably end up being next to impossible to cash out anyway. I hope everyone has better luck here than ive had.

  • United States mallymoo44


    lamest forkin casino ever. super slow and super stupid with all the buy this catalog shizz. Really silly and shady if you ask me.

  • United States CAROLYN DAVIS


    Well I have to say, Cleos have showed me that they are still the best place to play.. Why? Because you can still get your playthrough fast and they do still pay out.

    What ever you win you can cash it out, no question ask. So please stay, don't leave us, I love the games and I love the things we can buy with our points, so we get two things in one.
    Way to go Cleos VIP Room. Thank You

  • United States Diane Brown


    Hello players, I have been a faithful player for cleos for 2 years and I recently won $13,100.37 and I did receive one check so far from them but I'm here to tell you that it is one huge hassle and battle to receive these checks from them. They take all the time they can to send them and then tell you in chat and support that they are sorry for their delay and they can and dont tell you anything about the status of your check. BEWARE! BEWARE!

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    This was one of my favorite casinos up until the night I won $1,700.00 on a $50 bet. But wouldn't you know that once I actually played through the insane $4,000 wagers and playthroughs and what not I come to find out a day or so later after the fact the live support told me I had nothing to worry about with my winnings and withdrawl then all a sudden I get word they are not going to let my earnings go through which they did take back saying I was hedge betting. It cracks me up that there is a rule to betting here at Cleo's yea a 6% of whatever you deposit is the amount your allowed to bet.

    I have never felt so robbed in my lifetime to be honest, I for one am forced to use some bonus for my deposit there that had an outrageous playthrough requirement which I did get through only to find out in the end I am in the wrong for the amount of money I am placing on a bet on a slot machine.

    If your not allowed to do something then why do you allow it to happen to begin with out a block on it! They did give me all my deposited money back but way to late when I finally saw the email about the whole ordeal. I saw the money I was refunded for my original deposit but here I am thinking I won a daily raffle or something, go figure I blew through that money like water thinking I still had my big winnings on its way to me but once again I was let down.

    Well lets just say that not only did this all get me pretty frustrated I end up putting in about $300 which I didn't win a single thing. I don't see how you can even win at this site. I am done depositing here for good I am let down in every way possible. I am taking the rating I once gave and degrading it down to a 1 star rating!

  • United States teraxyz


    There seems to be alot of positive reviews for this casino considering it's on "the list".I did enjoy the graphics and it seemed to have alot of variety.It's too bad that the withdrawals are long time coming.I like casinos that withdrawal on one day and by that next week you have the check,wire transfer or western union.I personally prefer the actual check.It goes right into my account clears and I'am a spendin". The one thing i hate though is when you create new accounts if you happen to play at other casinos the sign up:)It feels like it takes forever.I like when it's quick and painless.Sorry about some of you not getting your funds:(

  • United States chillymellow


    They no longer take american express

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    Ok I see no one even commented on what I had to say about my big huge win loss takeback. The worst thing about it was the live support actually told me everything would be all good and I would have nothing to worry about rest assured I will get paid for my win, I consistantly was checking the status of my winnings and they told me that my winnings are void and I was reimbursed my original deposit. I just find it unfair that they tell you your a winner but then they strip you from your winnings and get your money back...Pssssssssh I didn't even want my deposit back I wanted my what I thought was finally my luckiest day in my life occurring before my eyes but no I ended up getting robbed out of my winnings.

    Since when do you have any restrictions on how much you are allowed to bet on a slot machine? If you are not allowed to be able to make a bet yet you are able to set the coins and lines and denomination on the slot machines then why should it be the players fault if they spin a $50 max bet $1 per line spin if that was how it was set up to begin with when they got to the machine and didn't realize that it was a higher end bet and to be honest was an accident of even pressing spin without even thinking it was a $50 total bet and before I even had a thought or doubt in my mind I did any wrong I had stuck a nice huge win of $1,700 or something close to that amount and when I asked about it if it was legit and good to go I had to go ahead and still get through the wagering and playthrough requirements and guess what I did get through the ridiculous amount and was up like $1,100 or somewhere in that range and when I asked about this if it was good and clear winnings they told me yes, I even was told that I didn't have to deposit any more money and could use that money along with all the newest promo codes and they allowed every code I used to go through and you would think that if they are letting a player use every code possible that the players winnings should have been a legit win allowing them to withdraw that money but instead It was stripped away and original deposit was given instead yet they didn't take back all the 2000 VS loyalty points that I had accumulated either so why is my winnings not being sent to me yet I have these VS points to spend and why was I lied to and told one thing when something completely different was going on behind my back cause in the end I was lied to and if made me feel like this casino has major flaws to it. I know its legit casino and all cause my friend won money and got it within a months time but when I win some money there I get the shaft..

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    I also wanted to mention another major flaw at this casino and that flaw is no matter how much you spend no matter how many trivia facebook games you win money from you never seem to be a winner or even get through these ridiculous requirements and the fact you deposited money they automatically put a bonus condition on your gameplay, there is nothing fun having to be forced to have to get through these insane requirements and even now that they lowered the down to $100 wagering you still get no where in the end, I was even winning and I still ended up broke in the end and when I asked about being compensated something they tell me oh try back next week and when I did that I got the oh doesn't look like anything free chips are available for your account and how I should deposit more money and will be more likely to get a bonus chip this way because you are spending even more money for a lousy $10 free chip so its not worth the time even trying to win here because it would take 3 months just getting through the horrible rules and conditions they have set in place for this casino. I miss this casino cause it used to be fun but the fun has been taken away for me cause no matter what even when I win here I still lose in the end and its not fair. So I will hold my head up high somewhere else that will appreciate my business and let this casino be a bad memory to try and forget from now on!

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    They could offer a hundred free chips and Id bet Id get real near the wagering requirements and then BAM! they just squash my hopes of actually becoming a winner. By the way those VS Points merchandise is like picking a prize out of a cracker jack box,
    you get all excited to get a prize, its looks nice and shiny but when you play with it or use it, it ends up breaking because it is junk to begin with. Now if they actually gave real merchandise instead of merchandise that does not even have a stamp showing where its made from on it then it might be worth something to me but this stuff is not worth spending a dime on.

  • United States chillymellow


    I am starting to think I should just play the FB Cleo's and Zito Box as I cannot make playthrough no matter how hard I try. I used to be able to cash out and didn't mind waiting. But there is no way to tell if I am even getting close to achieving the required amounts. Or is there...

    The new online version has a bonus meter where you can see when you have reached 10, 20, or 30x as required. I like that. However, if you are playing both versions, it is only showing the money spent online, which is a bit non-productive. I am enjoying the different variety of games on instant play.

  • United States Ozzonap


    I've posted this comment/WARNING in the chat a few times, but it appears to have been ignored as I do not see it mentioned anywhere on the LCB website. If you are, or you plan on playing at Cleo's for some reason, PLEASE NOTE: they now only allow players from a handful of states. If you do not live in one of the states they allow, you can be sure they will let you deposit (I tried $20 just out of curiosity and sure enough it worked). But if you win, you will never get your money. It's no wonder why they apparently are doing a little better paying the few winners they have now. They can use money collected from players who live in states they "no longer allow" to pay winners from the few states they do allow. They ONLY states they now allow are: Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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