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Warning: Please exercise caution when playing at this casino. Slow and delayed payments combined with enforcing 90 days "security check" rule, which was, as we suspect, enforced to tempt players to reverse their withdrawals. Players are then being told they won't be paid because they haven't played enough recently??!! Reports from members include complaints for inexcusable long withdrawal delays and a customer support team that is not resourceful in solving issues. Withdrawal limits are unreasonable with a $500 max limit for most cases even though the terms stipulate “up to $3,000”. These terms are unclear and allow too much leverage to reduce the limits at any time. We advise members to use discretion when considering this casino until further notice.



Cashout Limits:

$500 Weekly

Cashout Time:

Long delays.

First Impression

Right when gamblers are ready for new online casino, out of the shadows arrive Begado Casino in October, 2012. The site has a cosmopolitan, showy look that goes straight to the heart of the matter; games galore displayed in a spectacular showcase of top favorites. If you are passionate about playing casinos online this is the place you need to be because the crew at Begado is gamblers themselves.


NuWorks software is fairly new in the online casino industry and has accomplished high achievement for quality products. As a division of Real Time Gaming, the platform has some similarities yet is completely unique, offering players a brand new entertainment.

Privacy is strictly enforced and is never disclosed unless required by law. E-mail addresses are used to provide players with information in regards to promotions, banking and casino operations. Licensed in Curacao, customers of Begado Casino are assured of a quality and fair operation of services.


One of the biggest perks to Begado Casino is the promotions, particularly Deposit Bonuses. All promotions and bonuses are accessed by using the code attached to the offer and redeeming at the cashier. What’s better is all offers are instant without any unnecessary delays or waiting 24 hours or longer to get credited to your account.

Signing up has its benefits with an extravagant Bonus on your first three deposits that don’t get much better than this. Daily/Weekly Deposit Bonuses are a constant that players can rely on. Bonuses are determined by the size of your deposit where a percentage of cash is added to your starting bankroll.


There are just over 30 games offered for this young casino software at this time and will no doubt continue to grow. Besides Progressive Jackpots, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpots there is a unique Jackpot players have never experienced before with the Pyramid Jackpot for Slots. This Jackpot is initiated during the Bonus Game with a series of cash pyramid steps and if lucky enough to reach the top a huge cash prize is waiting for you. A neat feature is the side bet that can be placed to enhance your chance of triggering the Bonus Game with the Jackpot Pyramid Bet located in the top left corner of your game.

Coin values range and start at one penny per line with up to 25 paylines. Other games offered are Video Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Tri Poker.


The casino suite is twofold in summarizing the games. The games are refreshingly new from any other and the unique Pyramid Jackpot escalates the thrill of playing. What does lack is a large variety of games offered and this partly due to one of the newest software to hit the online market that has great potential for growth. Players from the US are welcomed with limited state restrictions.

Customer Service

Live Chat

Email: support@begado.eu

Telephone: 1-866-826-3861

Casino Representative

View Direct Casino Support thread for this casino representative.

Withdrawal Info

Minimum Withdrawal: $100
Minimum Deposit: $21

Cashout Times and Limits:

Cashout Times: Long delays.
Cashout Limits: $500 Weekly

- reviewed by Ava Jackuard, last updated 2015-07-23

Please Note: The following countries are restricted at this casino: AP, Azerbaijan, BQ, Costa Rica, CW, EU, Guernsey, Israel, Jersey, Palestinian Territory, Romania, SS, SX, Tonga, Ukraine, Samoa, ZZ. more...

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Banking at Begado Casino - CLOSED 7/2015

Begado Casino - CLOSED 7/2015 supports banking methods in their casino for both deposits and withdrawals by Neteller and only deposits by Visa, American Express and MasterCard and only withdrawals by Wire Transfer.

American ExpressWire TransferMasterCardNetellerVisa

Currencies and languages supported:

The currencies that Begado Casino - CLOSED 7/2015 allows to be used in casino accounts are U.S. Dollars The casinos only language that is currently supported is English.

EnglishU.S. Dollars

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Jackpots at Begado Casino - CLOSED 7/2015:

Name Value Software    
Monster Millions $1,017,717 powered by NuWorks software  
Jackpot Pyramid Grand $94,386 powered by NuWorks software  

3 of the slots at Begado Casino - CLOSED 7/2015

Members Comments

  • Singapore Wish4Wins


    Try this: Download the software, open a new account, go to cashier, redeem coupon BEGADO45 for a free $45 no-deposit bonus!!! Original offer came through email, I tried it, got the free chip...but did not win anything! :(

  • United States freddyvtown


    I made a deposit, with a match coupon, which was somewhere around $135 after the bonus was added to my deposit. I started losing right away, and left the casino. When I logged back in a few days later, I had a balance. I thought it was left over from the deposit, but apparently the casino put in a $10 chip. Thinking it was left over from the last session, I played 1 single hand of table games, then wanted to check my playthrough. It was then that I realized that I had played a restricted game, so I contacted the casino.

    Keep in mind I only played 1 single hand of cards, it was a $1 bet, and I think I just won the bet back. I asked the manager Jerry if he could just remove the winnings from my account, but he said that he could reset my chip to $10. I had just won $77 on a slot game, so my balance was $87.50, which was probably the reason that he wanted to reset my chip, because I had won over $77 in a bonus game. He would not let me keep the winnings, even though I had generated ALL of my money playing slots, not by playing tables.

    The casino would not just remove my original $10, nor could they remove the $1 hand of blackjack, instead they just removed ALL my winnings and gave me another chip. I suspect this happened because they didn't want me to be able to cash-out. By allowing me to keep my winnings, I have a significantly better chance of making the play-through. They are using the fact that I played just 1 single hand of blackjack to reset my entire account.

    I really think this is unfair, like I have said, I just played a single hand of blackjack. I think its rather extreme to have to clear out my entire balance over just 1 hand of blackjack. They are trying to make it difficult for me, even though I have a $45 deposit for my previous transaction. It looks as though they are not willing to cooperate over just $1.

    In my opinion this is really an easy fix. Just remove the $1 that I played, as well as the $1 I was paid for the winnings. There is no need to reset my entire account, especially when I started winning for a change. The casino is making it tougher than it needs to be. Its ntot like I was racking up bankroll playing table games, it was just 1 hand. I can see how it would be different if I had sat there playing hand after hand, but it was just one.

    If someone were to just look at my play history, you could see that it was just a single hand.
    Instead of gaining a new customer, they lost a new customer. I make Money$ of deposits each month, and I can say that I will not be back at Begado. I will just keep making deposits at Slotastic. Slotastic customer support is much more helpful. Don't count on Begado to resolve your issues, they just want to make it more difficult for the player.

  • United States freddyvtown


    Well, I gave it another chance, and I ended up getting some nice strikes just off of min. bets. I also got my issue resolved by the support staff. I will come back and for another deposit. Nice job support staff for getting the job done!

  • Serbia zuga


    Good stuff freddy :)

  • United States baby22555


    I made a few deposits on this casino and was doing well. I cashed out $600.00.

    After I got my check i made maybe 5 deposits and played the same slot game I won on.

    I have never played at a casino where you hit the slot bonus 1 time in 5 deposits. Prior to withdrawing money I would hit the bonus as normal as all other slot games.

    Well I asked customer service if there was a problem with this game. 3 times I asked the same question and never got an answer hmmmmm strange.

    Anyone hit bonus one time on 5 deposits? The game I played had 2 different bonus one you get free spins the other takes to to another screen for bonus game. I hit free spins one time.... I dont trust this casino something fishy......

  • United States baby22555


    Oh I also want to add each deposit I made I am lucky if I did 200.00 towards playthrough.
    At all the other casinos i could play for a couple of hours. I was done with each deposit less than 20-30 minutes thought that strange. This is the worst casino I ever played at.

  • United States baby22555


    I am so sad. my 12 year old wont have a christmas this year. i got a 600.00 check that just bounced all my money is gone im negative in my account im disabled get one check a month and because of this casino i dont know what im going to do. went to buy xmas gift my debit got denied i went to bank and they told me the 600.00 check i deposited in november came back. this happen to anyone how long does it take for them to make good or do they make good? im sick to my stomach shaking and in tears and cant get any info till monday. beware of this casino.

  • Serbia zuga


    Hi baby22555,

    you can contact their representative at this thread : http://www.latestcasinobonuses.com/onlinecasinobonusforum/direct-casino-support/winpalace-mayflower-casinos/


  • United States masskat


    I agree with baby- this casino should be ashamed of themselves sending out a check that bounced..no excuse for this type of player treatment

  • samfri


    I have played this casino for quite awhile. Sent in all of my documents and then some and was depositing at least $25 with and without deposit bonuses and always lost till about a month and half ago. I actually made it through the playthrough and was excited to withdraw the $3000 they allow. They only approved $1000 and told me that I was welcome to withdraw the rest. Well it takes 5-10 business days to approve the withdrawal alone. And their business days are Monday - Thursday. I waited and then they approved it. Took another 5 - 10 business days for a wire transfer. I get the money. Yay.. they closed my account. No reasoning. I have the chat right here..

    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Timotthy '
    Timotthy : Welcome to Begado, this is Timotthy . Can you provide me with your User Name and how may I assist you?
    you: hello it's samfri and I am not allowed to log in???
    Timotthy : Hello John!
    you: hey
    you: so what's going on?
    Timotthy : I am sorry, but your account has been closed due to security reasons
    you: what? I just withdrew money!
    you: what security reasons?
    Timotthy : Please be aware that we do not release internal security data to customers for a variety of reasons, including that providing this information could compromise future security
    you: wonderful, so you close my account and can't tell me why? So what do I do now? Open a new one?
    you: or do I contact finance?
    you: what do I have to do to resolve this?
    Timotthy : Yes, you can create it , but please, be aware of that it is possible to have only one account at our casino
    you: ok but you just closed this one.. wouldn't that make it 1 account if I make a new one?
    info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Manager'.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Manager'
    Manager: Hi John!
    Manager: It is Greg here
    you: hello
    Manager: let me go over the chat please
    Manager: Just a moment please.
    you: ok
    Manager: I am sorry but I cannot give more information than Timotthygave
    you: ok so what do I do to resolve this?
    Manager: I am sorry but you are not allowed to play in our casino
    Manager: please do not open any more account - it would be closed immediately anyways
    you: what?????????? why? I have deposited numerous times and withdrew! And you have every possible
    you: means of id you could need
    you: Is this because I actually won?
    you: hello?
    Manager: Just a moment please.
    Manager: I do not know the reason why
    Manager: So I cannot provide you with that
    you: wow I can't believe I told everyone to gamble with you. I will be telling them not to now
    Manager: All I can tell is that you are not allowed to play here
    Manager: That's your prerogative
    Manager: Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to samfri@netzero.net at the end of your chat.
    you: no
    Manager: Have a nice one !
    Manager: If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help anytime!

    I have also sent an e-mail to finance to see if they can give me a reason.. we shall see what they say but so far there is no reason for them to close my account except that I won.

  • United States Pico_de_gallo22


    This site is a huge disappointment. I played here for a very short amount of time and in that time I quickly learned that they were not worth my time or my money. They have extremely unreasonable withdrawal limits. I have never come across a site with such bad methods. Another thing that im sure everyone has dealt with one time or another are the slow payments. I have never waited so long for a payment in the entire time i have been playing at gaming sites. I have waited over a month here to receive a payment and believe me, that was the first and last time I waited around for that. I will never be playing here again and I certainly would not suggest it to anyone else. Defintely stay away from here or you will certainly be sorry.

  • India Livebig


    I still do not know what was going in my mind that i thought of joining this casino room even after knowing about it fro my friends that this is a case fraud casino room and i was wasting my money by registering with them as i would never get to cash out my winnings. I guess i was attracted to the welcome package they for its new users and that is why i did not listen to any of my friends and registered with them and trust me when i say this that i still regret the day when i had joined this casino room because i wasted my 100$ for absolutely nothing and as warned they turned out to be frauds. Can not say that i did not know about this but i ot emotional while joining this casino room and made a bad decision. They were very fast and impressive in the registration and all things and even the games were nice but somehow it seemed like it was rigged and i was not winning a single money at all. And i even spoke to the support team regarding this and they said that this is how the games roll and may be i was playing bad that is why it happened. But i never had to experience something like this ever before and was really confused. Eventually as my friends had told me earlier that i would never be able to win a single cent and that is what happened and i was not shocked because somewhere in my mind i knew that i might get scammed by them as they ha a image for doing things like this to their users. This unfair practice is not gonna go for long and someday they will be brought down. And i am waiting for that day to happen. Do not even think of registering with this casino guys. This is a scam

  • UNKNOWN clara.hans


    Hi, please feel free to contact me in order to solve your issues on this casino.

  • United States bittyone50


    I have not had any problems with this casino at all since I started playing , I cashed out 500 , just cashed out over 700, so I don't understand why everyone is having problems, I will continue to play here as I love the nuworks games

  • Ukraine Ivan4eg88


    Good casino, i played there with no deposit and withdrawed money without problems. Unfortunately now they don't accept players from Ukraine :(

  • Lithuania iDark


    I would call this one "clownado". Nothing to say more about this one. Just watch out and try to stay away of this one. Just play for fun, like topgame :D

  • United Kingdom pasty


    Love the games but i have to stay away. If so many people complain about a casino, there must be a reason, as there is a reason why LCB has flagged them with the warning sign. The people that had no issues, well, you may be the lucky ones out there and congrats on your winnings but i doubt that things are working smoothly over at Begado. Trust the warning sign.

  • Poland luminairee


    I have not had problems with this casino, games offered here are nu works and they are very similiar to rtg games. They offer two no deposit sign up bonuses and you can pay out from them, tried both never won more than $80 but couldnt finish rollover.

  • Romania musat.andrei.73


    bad experience with this casino
    i used a free cip for 25 dollars and i played about 2 hours,finaly i had 298 dollars after relesing the bonus
    i request a cash out and they close my account instantly because they say that romania is not allowed
    dont recomand this casino

  • Romania play3r211


    I opened an account here after I got an email with the promo first time when this casino was released.
    I played and made like 700$ after the wagering was completed.
    When I asked the support how much can I use from the no deposit they told me that I can withdraw the that 700$ plus my deposit but that I need to send documents.
    I waited 2 weeks for them to verify my documents and because they didn't managed to do that I made some small bets lost the money and uninstaled the casino.

  • Poland yellonek


    Begado is very good casino to me, they use to offer free chips from time to time and have great slots with nice features, I never cashed out from them but had a great time , its possible to win nice at this place

  • Poland Sommi


    yellonek - you think that it's a very good casino because you never managed to meet wagering req. and cash-out, you probably would change your mind then. I guess most of their customers never saw money won with no deposit promotion and I was not the only one.

  • Thailand kenghiong


    PLayed the 25 ndb, but as low as 0.50 cent per game, i am unable to get any feature.

  • Macedonia seculla


    I love this NuWorks casino. I've played so many times, and when I've won, I never had problems with cashing out. I also played more no deposit bonuses, and actualy won from some of them. I recommend to everyone to try this casino.

  • Latvia ArmiS112


    Heh, saw the bonus , and than saw text : Withdrawal limits are unreasonable with a $500 max limit for most cases even though the terms stipulate 'up to $3,000'

    Okey no more questions about this casino. But i dont know why this casino still in LCB forum list. I rate this casini with 1 star.

  • Canada Solar77


    I have started enjoying the games,nice to play on different rtg games, and they do payout pretty well, seems like a good casino so far, if you don't read the terms and conditions in life, you are going to be disappointed and have trouble, just take a second and read the fine print, don't expect something for nothing.

  • United States michelle.pine.758


    I like the games here okay. When it came time to withdraw my winnings I felt the casino reps slow played me.They would not except the document that I had for my address verification. The same document I have used at every other casino with no problem. Besides that my address is on my drivers license which they had a copy of. So they would not authorize my withdrawal, as a result I ended up losing back all my winnings while waiting for approval. I would never deposit here again.They suck!

  • Canada Gloriabe


    I tried a free chip here a few times, and have been considering depositing, I am reading through all the comments to see what to do, if I will, they do give out free chips and that is nice, I like this,


  • Canada Solar77


    Hi, I really enjoy the games, and the bonuses here,not sure if a long waiting time for account approval is a complete reason to basically blacklist an average casino,they do pay, they are just super cautious in paying out, you don't get something for nothing easily, I like this casino, not great, not a scam casino in my opinion,cheers

  • Poland smiechowy


    recently codes coming up from begado they are no working codes anymore i am not sure if they havent changed it to depositors only , games are enjoyable and recently updated but codes dont come working anymore thats big -

  • France, French Republic franee


    average experience with this site the site is giving lots of chips but is lack on payout and customer service, firist look might you have feeling it is the same what other rtgs but it isnt, its independent site which has its own terms, i would advise to play here only for fun and free chips nothign else

  • United States CASINOMANIAC101


    I don't much like this casino to be honest, they never work with ya on your no deposit bonuses and that's all I can say because I haven't been able to really play here much so well id rather rate them poorly for not giving me a better chance at having some fun playing at this casino. I give this casino a 1/2 star rating, Do not like this casino at all!

  • Canada leannep


    Hahaha...I went on the forlorn, forbidden Begado....and played a free chip. It was excellent! I was surprised. The customer service was excellent - very friendly. Because I was sneaking around (lol) I had a free chip from...(dun dun dun..) another site. It was only $10 (I should never have strayed from LCB!)...and the chat operator doubled it. For no reason except to be nice. I enjoyed the game selection and I did feel like it is possible to win. I will be back to add a comment if I ever deposit and cash out there, because I get the feeling that I wouldn't be disappointed. Four stars, surprisingly.

  • United Kingdom beck841


    I joined this casino two years ago as i was offered the NDB. I played through the bonus and i was left with £190 available to withdrawn. I was asked for my documents in order to cash out, so i sent them and they was approved as i received the money in 10 days. I made another deposit and lost and i choose not to play there again as it took 10 days until i got my cash. Thats too long for my liking.

    This casino was not on the avoid list then, so i am glad i chose not to play here anymore. Two stars from me...

  • United States trayber


    Didn't have a good experience here a few months ago on a NDB when one of the slot bonuses disconnected and wouldn't come back up. Support told me they would have a tech look into it and to expect a email within 24-48 hours. Yeah that never came and I haven't been back there since.

  • United States 73kdub


    I like playing here sometimes because they are one of few casino's available to U.S. players that offers the NUWORKS gaming software. I have deposited here a couple times but haven't been lucky enough to cash out yet. They offer several attractive deposit bonuses and their customer service is pretty good.

  • barebones


    I played ther some time ago but I still remember how unpleasant my experience was. Downloaded the software, played with a free chip but of course failed with wagering. Then I just couldn't close the app, my computer lagged because of it and I couldn't even properly uninstall it. When I did I knew I won't ever play there again and I'm super happy I didn't spent a dime there.

  • Slovenia Krissssss001


    It's not a good casino as it is expected, since it is on a warning list like many others where i get no deposit bonus and acctuly won something . but they refuse to pay me altrought i met all the requirments for the withdraw i also deposit but it didnt help everyday their support came up with the different stories and puting responsibility on others .. it took them more then 2months until they finally pay me .. but it was pure drama all the way with it .. i would really not recommend anyone to even try the casino ..

  • United States send2kiki


    It was not easy to claim my no deposit bonus for new players. When I tried to redeem code in coupon window, I was always responded with no blah blah blah at this time. After all different attempts, I clicked on live chat. They are extremely pushy in getting me to claim a deposit bonus. I explained that the reason why I registered a new player account was to play with the no deposit bonus and to try my luck. I am not interested in depositing just yet. I hope that you understand. I already dislike this place. Time to play elsewhere.

  • Canada leannep


    That is A TON of online casinos that went out of business this year. This one, I thought would keep going, despite the bad reviews. But there it is...CLOSED. LCB will have to re-count their list...t has drastically changed. I'm glad I didn't spend more than $10 here.

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