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Lucky Red Casino Review

I was thinking back to some of my most favorite online slot games and for some reason I have always loved RTG’s Golden Lotus. I know several people that think it doesn’t pay but it’s done well for me in the past. It was time to revisit my old friend at Lucky Red Casino!

I logged in and started my wager at $6.25 per spin. I had high hopes and started out high. The payouts were decent and I even managed to trigger the free spins right away. It wasn’t really a great bonus and I was already thinking about the next one.

I hit some wilds and jade lions for $50 so that made up for the horrible bonus. Before I knew it my balance was back up and it was if I had never played but of course I kept playing.

As soon as I decided to keep playing the free spins came again and this time it was well worth it. In the total 7 free spins I hit $276.25 boosting my bankroll up with nearly a $200 profit. Hmm now I was really starting to think that it was a good time to leave well enough alone.

I listened to my instincts and called it quits. I wasn’t in the mood to lose it all. So, if you think Golden Lotus is so great maybe you should consider trying it out again!


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WPT Casino Review

I’ve always wondered why people change their minds. But it seems that the reason lies in the way our minds are build. Contrary to common understanding, people judge based on their preexisting beliefs. For example, if someone believed that you are incompetent then you managed to make an achievement he will quickly assume that you were lucky. In another words, we’d do anything to keep out beliefs intact. It’s the same thing with me and my favorite casinos; I stick to ones I like and only sometimes give a try to different ones.

WPT Casino has slots that I don’t really play very often so it’s quite interesting to try them out. I started playing with €150 and after brief deliberation I decided to play with a €1 bet. I first played the “Bangkok Nights” slot and at the beginning it was really good. Got the Pick and Win feature and I won €4 and that’s when I had made the first mistake. I first picked a lady that brought me €10 but I changed my mind and I chose another. I hated myself at that moment. Luckily, some good spins followed and I got to close to €155. After that everything went downhill, and I got to €75 rather easily and it was time to stop.

I then played another slot that I like and that was “Doctor Love”. I continued playing with a €0.40 bet. Nothing rememberable happened but there weren’t many empty spins, and I had occasional solid wins. That was enough for slow melting of my balance. In both slots I could only get two scatters and that was very annoying, perhaps I should have stopped playing earlier. When I lost all my hopes having €50 I raised my bet to €1 and I continued. Soon after I finally got 10 Free Spins, but the winnings were modest – I got €19.15. I finished playing with just over €50 and I decided to leave that for later. Hopefully, next time will be better.


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Mr Green Casino Review

The weather was starting to warm up and I was in the mood for something wild! NetEnt recently released the Wild Water slot game and I’ve heard quite a few good things about it. Wild Water was just the sort of wild I needed! I scampered off to Mr. Green to take a few spins.

I wagered a little low at $2 per spin. If I could see some decent payouts I would jack up my bet but not until then. I noticed that the customer ratings were a 3 out of 5 which wasn’t bad. I immediately like the tall symbols because I could just see the potential to hit something big.

I was winning something on just about every spin so I decided to up the ante and doubled my bet. I won over $100 in a single spin not long after increasing the wager. Now all I had to do was trigger the feature. I was in the mood to win and quit not win and give it all back and of course losing never even crossed my mind.

I must have been mesmerized by the beachy theme because I should have considered losing. I had lost my winnings and then some. Not one single bonus either.

I still believe that great things may come out of that Wild Water!


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CasinoNoir Review

Well, the name sure is an interesting thing, specially because it’s a French site. I was expecting, and was right, that there’s only French language available in the games and interface. Since I do know the language a little bit, I was OK without going to Google Translate.

I must say I haven’t seen many French sites so far, but if they look and feel like Noir, they obviously know what they’re doing. I must say that I like the layout that is just enough different from a ton of other casinos, and I like the HQ graphics and full-screen interface. They run BetSoft games, and these have easily became one of my all time favorites. It’s really easy to explain it, the games look stunning, and I just love the sharp graphics. Add the fact that it’s a flash based casino, so no downloads and installs (provided that you have a relatively new version of some popular browser and a flash plugin.

Back to the topic, I haven’t seen or played most of these games before, so I was really excited to give them a test run. Getting the starting no deposit bonus was a matter of registering and validating the email address, all done in 2 minutes, and I was soon on with the bonus money and my small deposit, around 25€, up and running

Did a few rounds with Double Sixteen and The True Sheriff, and it was actually going quite nice. I tend to stick with the smallest coin value, and just a few lines, waiting for a nice hit. I played for about an hour, going from plus 15€ to minus 20€, hitting it up to 10€ at one spin. Not that impressive I know, but I did stay in the game.

After a while, I decided to change the game, the pace and strategy, and went to play Robotnik, a cute game that looked fresh and nice. With some 20€ and good mood, I started with some more lines (and they have 40 lines in this game!), but all I could win was a single line and 0.04€! I did hit that for some 4-5 times in just 10-15 spins, but that was simply not enough to keep me above the line, and I was soon left with almost nothing. I was really hoping to nail this one, but I guess I have to find another game to prove me right. I still keep this casino bookmarked and won’t give up that easy.


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Pamper Casino Review

Sometimes no matter what we do or plan, it’s just not always going to go our way. Failure is a temporary condition but only when we give up, it becomes permanent. I do believe so, but sometimes there are exceptions; for example, online casinos. I gave too many chances to certain casinos and my patience is running low.

I think I really need to stop playing at Pamper Casino; it’s been very tight for a very long time now, and whenever I gave a chance I’d lose money easily. Being the same old fool I deposited $30 thinking “This time it must be better”. I thought that my turn to win has to come, but I guess that Murphy’s Law is just too powerful. The proposition that if something can go wrong, it will, is very correct; who am I to defy it, anyway? So this last time I went there I first started by testing the “Lost” slot.

The only good thing was that I managed to get the Click Me feature and I won €6.6. There’s not much more to say; I had a few good wins that brought me back to $25 but even that’s not really worth mentioning. All in all, it was very disappointing.

I had high hopes about the second slot I played; it’s called “True Illusions” and it was mostly good to me, I can’t really complain. This time, unfortunately, it was a bad choice; one empty spin after another. It wasn’t irritating or annoying because I literally didn’t get anything from playing it.

That was how I wasted my $30. It was brief, boring and disappointing.


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