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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: October, 2010

Tropica Casino Review

It’s been very cold where I live these days. Cold and wet. And to escape this gloominess, I often set my mind free and daydream about another place – a warm, tropical island, where light breeze cools my sun-touched skin after a nice swim with exotic fishes. That’s when I thought that I could actually move to such a place, at least for as long as my balance serves me – Tropica Casino is its name, and it turned out to be a little, exotic sanctuary for me on days like these.

After depositing $50, I browsed through Topica’s offer – it’s quite varied, full of interesting and colorful games. It was hard to pick, but I was up for something bright and cheerful, so I tried out a couple of new slot editions. “Doo Wop Daddy-o” was one of them – a wonderful, vintage-themed slot, which makes you feel hungry after the first spin. I won a couple of cool bonus rounds here, in which you are supposed to prepare and serve a customer’s order, and those brought me a small sum, just enough to keep me happy.

Then I went for another fun new game, “Roll out the Barrels,” which took me to OctoberFest in Germany – pretzels, sausages, beer, merry German people, all those things brightened up my spirit and made me even hungrier. Fortunately, even though I lost some money, I got some of it back in a free spins feature, so I was able to withdraw from this game with dignity.

And then, I realized: even though those two superb slots boosted my mood and allowed me to leave the casino with what I initially brought in, they also left me with craving for food bigger than I could imagine. I don’t know whether casinos have a secret deal with restaurants, but I definitely know that restaurants in my neighborhood profit every time I pay a visit to casino to play slots. Strange coincidence, huh?



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Tropica Casino Review

What a week for me with Rivals, especially with Tropica casino. I lost 8 deposits from $50-$60 on 500% bonus. Imagine how much I would have lost if I played without the bonus, lol. I know Tropica been teasing me, I either lost within 5-10 min or won at the beginning and lost at everything back when I was about to make the playthru.

There was one time, I was up to $1400, then I let it spin automaticly on Bank Heist 2 with $7.50 per spin, I went for dinner in about 20 minutes, and I saw my balance at $800, I stopped, but it's too late, I couldnt get it back up and eventually lost everything. I was up to $1000 and $1100 on the other two deposits, but the results were the same, lost everything back at the end. I also had 3 deposits with Cocoa with high % bonus and high WR, but no winning for me, but I had a $28 deposit with 55% bonus and $20 free chip after completion. I didnt win with the deposit, but won with the free chip and cashed out $200. I also had $60 deposit with 300% bonus at Vegas Regal casino. Well, I made the playthru and could cash out $260, but I was greed and tried to win some more, I spin just several spins on Moonlight Mystery game (see screen shot) and cashed out $460 at the end. I was very happy with this win though because I've been having a long losing streak before this one. Thanks VRC.

Tropica has helped me to develop an idea that I actually can deposit money into one certain game and take it out when it's necessary and I've done that test successfully with Cocoa casino. It's like you deposit it into your saving account with no long term commitment, lol. If you like to know, pm me or I might try to post it under the casino section, but I'm not sure cuz I'm afraid Rivals might ban me promotion for disccussing about this strategy.



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Rushmore CasinoBlacklisted Review

I lost $200 with Rich Reels last week. Started to deposit with them on Thursday, $30-$50 each time, and stopped depositing on Saturday. I could have cashed out $150 on my first deposit, but I wanted some more (like always), which eventually lost back everything, then I started chasing my loses by depositing more. Thanks god, I stopped when it was at $200.

RTG, I lost a $30 deposit with Rushmore, five $25 deposits with Clubworld and five $30-50 with High Noon. I tried to at least pick one of 100 free spins from clubworld casino game, but I failed to do that with that many deposits, even though I bet 50 cents per spin most of the time. I think that game learns the way of your picking when you start spinning with it.

I kept picking either 5 or 7 free spins everytime, and there was one time, it let me have two pickings out of 3 picks, but I still came up short, picked the ones that not 100 free spins. Clubworld gave me free $50 for the five deposits I took with them, I won it up to $120, but eventually lost everything back as well. The screen shot was one of the good hit from this free $50 promotion. I had 10X multiplier on Santa Strikes back game with 50 cents per spin.

Rivals, coming up.


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Pamper Casino Review

You know how on some days you just need to be spoiled? That’s when you feel a bit gloomy and down, and not even the weather seems to be going your way. That’s the time when you need some extras to bring your mood back: extra attention, extra topping over your ice cream, extra shopping ventures…

My day was just like that – I simply needed some pampering. Going though LCB’s list of casinos, I stopped upon seeing just what I liked: Pamper Casino. I went there straight away, not even caring to read any reviews, recommendations, anything. The name itself was enough.

As I signed in, I instantly got a gift - $100 free chip is something you can keep using to pamper yourself for quite a while, even though it is limiting you to non-progressive slots and keno. And only then did I notice something out of the ordinary. Wait, this isn’t one of the usual software casinos! Yeah, I know, it took me a while, but the wonder of discovering the new games kept me amazed for long. After checking out everything they had to offer, I opted for a few slots; a hilarious Dog Father, which cost me about $20 but provided some great, fun time with its Godfather themed dog characters. Imagine a gangster bulldog or a poker pro chiuaua! The other game was Scuba View, which has delightful sounds. The graphics in general are unusual, but rather appealing, and you begin indulging them very quickly. Anyway, this one was more generous to me, but I was a bit disappointed with its bonus round, which gave me nothing and left me with a feeling that I didn’t get enough instruction as per how to play it (or at least I didn’t get it well enough).

Now, since I was eager to get some more pampering, I went on to keno, as I really like guessing the odds in this numeric game. After spending an enjoyable half an hour and $15 there, I was satisfied enough to retire. There’s still some money in my account, and I left the casino in a much better mood, without investing a dine. What’s more, I felt so full of energy that I decided to go for a workout. See what just a bit of pampering can do for you?


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Cocoa Casino Review

I found it extremely difficult to win in the past few weeks. To be quite frank, I haven’t been losing much, either. Whatever I lose, I tend to consider like some sort of a fee for the good time the casino provided me with. But even though this unsuccessful period didn’t get to me much, I started feeling like it’s high time for me to go back on the winning track.

Since I recently played in This is Vegas, and they left quite a decent impression on me, I looked up a couple of their sister-casinos, and decided to go to Cocoa. As soon as I entered their lobby, I felt swept off my feet – it looks like one of the most luxurious and posh Vegas land casinos, and its flashiness just screams “money!” The variety of games is exquisite, which makes it difficult to pick what to play – slots, table games, specialty games, etc.

Of all these, I opted for Blackjack. Even though I’m very new to this one, I like the fact that it involves brain skills, not only luck. I still haven’t developed any particular strategy, I just stick to the recommended basic tactics and my own intuition. And I usually win, or at least don’t lose much, since the game allows you to recover your credit pretty fast. Starting with $50, and playing with $1 chips, I practiced my blackjack skills for a little while, remaining at pretty much the same balance level.

Getting tired from cards, I went for something more colorful and tried “Rock Oni-slot. Now, this one’s a real treat! You can hear some great riffs as the reels are spinning, and even join the band as a lead guitar in the bonus round. Rock On is a game that will draw you right in, and turn you into a real rock star within minutes.

Oh, right! You probably wonder whether I won something. Nope, not this time. I guess I still need to wait for a little while longer to get back in my winning saddle.



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Cherry Red CasinoBlacklisted Review

I love October, I call it Octoberfest because I receive many many free chips each year. My birthday was on friday last week and here is the list of casinos I received birthday free chips from, VIP Plan (EH group) 75000 pts = $75

Tropica $50 lost; Slots of Fortune $35 lost; Irish Luck $10 lost; casino vegas $10 (not intend to use); oddmaker $20 (not intend to claim, need to have in acct $20 to claim); Vegas Regal $50 lost; inetbet $10 Rich Reels 7500 loyalty points; Tropica 500% match promotion (played and lost); casino share 30% birthday bonus; Cocoa $20; Big Dollar $20 lost; Cherry Red/Rushmore/Slots Oasis $20 each;

I did not cash out from any of the chips above, I understand that free chips are for me to enjoy it, if I can cash out, that's great. If not, I had nothing to lose. My VIP status was upgraded to Platinum for VIPPLAN of English Habour group and I got 75000 points (50000 pts last year). Most rival casinos had the free chips available in my cashier without asking them. My tier with microgaming is basic level, that's why I didnt get any free chip from them, Rich Reels casino was the exception, they gave me 7500 loyalty point. I had a chance to cash out $120 with Cherry Red casino, but I was greed, I tried to win it up to $150 to cash out, but I lost all eventually, lol. Why I did not stop when my balance kept going down from $150 to $120 to $60? there was a thought on my mind that day that I would hit something big on my next and next spin, haha, and that thought ended when my balance hit zero. I was disappointed with clubworld group though, they did not give me anything for my BD, I uninstalled all of them, but I might redownload them soon, lol.



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Tropica Casino Review

I continued on losing this past week. The only winning was $200 from Casino Share, but that was almost the same amount I deposited with them. I lost $150 with Rich Reels, $60 with Vegas Regal, many deposits with Tropica (around $500), several deposits with Betonsoft casinos. I lost over $3K the last two weeks combined and I finally come to realize that I need to stop or limit my deposits or decrease my gambling activities now, otherwise, all my money will be gone, even if I have a mountain of cash, lol.

My last two deposits of 500% bonus to Tropica, I played mostly Scary Rich and Scary Rich 2, my balances were gone quickly both times. I was so pissed and claimed the free $20 from Tropica with max cashout is $30. I had free spins on my first spin on Scary Rich 2 which won me over $800. I was stunned, how come I did not get it when I spin on my deposits? Max cashout is $30, I supposed to be happy when I win, but this one made me mad more, but I couldnt do nothing, but just to build up comp pts from that amount. I ended up cashing out $30 and built up $50 worth in comp pts at Tropica. I reversed $30 cashout with 500% bonus, 50x playthru later on that day and I hit $300 spin of Scary Rich 2 and $225 of Dog Pound (see screen shot).

I had my balance up to $1400 at one time, with max cashout from this bonus is only $450. Unfortunately, I couldnt beat the playthru and lost everything eventually. I think I need to have a break with Rivals, I think the system caught up with me or something, some of the Rivals starting to ban me in bonus and couple other rival casinos started giving me just limited bonuses. I would like to thank Tropica thou, they always stood by me, gave me many promotions to choose from. I won with them and also lost and of course, I gave them back more money compared to other rival casinos during my losing streak.



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Thisisvegas Casino Review

After having some trouble signing up a few days ago (the system reported a registration error), today I was allowed to log into my This is Vegas account without any issues. Although, the system did prompt me to sign up again, and I avoided making a double account only because I decided to try and log in with the username I previously wanted to sign up with.

Overcoming this first impression, which kinda made me feel like I was actually encouraged to make a double account, I went to the flashy casino lobby where I found a variety of bonuses provided to us by the courtesy of LCB. Upon picking a $100 free chip, which practically limited my play to slots, I went for some of my favorites – Shamrock Isle, Scary Rich, Dog Pound and a few others. As usual, Shamrock Isle did the trick and offered me a modest reward for my loyalty.

So, with some $120, I wanted to try out something else. And that’s when I noticed my doom of the day – a brand new slot, called “For Love and Money.” Its graphics are just beautiful, and the colors are so bright and appealing that you keep forgetting to take a look at your balance from time to time. And that’s the whole point – because I lost about $70 before I could blink.

At that point, I decided I should call it a day. After a minor success and a significantly bigger loss, I figured it’s high time to go back to some serious work, which will cover for my little adventure today. And that’s when I realized something: it takes much longer to earn than to spend.



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Club USA Casino Review

I have to say this day hasn't started off really well. I tried to sign up to 7red casino first, as I was really interested in playing Betsoft’s slots for real money. However, I had some trouble depositing there (my CC failed me), so I went for another casino I heard was good – This is Vegas. Again, no luck there either, I registered and it reported a serious “registration error.” I felt like perhaps fate is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t gamble today.

But, there’s one habit I developed in time – I often leave a casino with some money still in my balance. So, after these two unfortunate attempts at visiting a new casino, I decided to go for an old one. Club USA is one of my favorites, and I still had around $25 there. Well, I thought, if nothing else, at least I can try and have some fun.

Even though I’m not very good at it, I still like to play Jacks or Better. I always play on three hands, minimum bet (somehow it seems like an optimal choice for not losing much), and after a while, I found my balance practically at the same level as when I started. Then I moved on to some classic slots, that I don’t play very often, as video slots are more of my cup of tea. Now I know it’s not only the graphics of video slots that I prefer, it’s also the fact that it seems easier to lose money on classic slots, as they don’t offer any additional features. “Pharaoh’s Gold” was quite detrimental for me and I found my balance emptied within minutes.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – I should’ve listened to my intuition, and I shouldn’t have played. But, even though it seems like a desperate move of a person hooked on gambling, I did enjoy the play. Besides, I learned my lesson. And I didn’t have to pay for it dearly.


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Rushmore CasinoBlacklisted Review

I had a four days losing streak starting from thursday, 10/07, to sunday 10/10. Ouch, lost back about $2k, yup, I couldnt beleive it, but it happened. I was dued for a loss after a good run last couple weeks ago. Starting with Clubworld group, I lost 4-5 deposits there, then lost 5 deposits with Rushmore group. It's ok, I won with them before, so it was a payback time, lol, I can't win forever.

I lost the most to Microgaming casinos because their bonuses are small and I lost quickly when I did not get bonus rounds. I lost 4 deposits with Vilento, 4-5 deposits with Rich Reels, 2 deposits with casino share, 5 deposits with Fortune Lounge group. I played the same games I won with Rich Reels previous week, but they just did not hit this time.

Rivals, they started to do bonus banned me because I guess I claimed too many free chips and big % bonus and their system picked up on me I think because the games I used to play, just didnot hit no more, sometimes I lost within 5 min from a $375 starting balance. t Maybe I will have another 3 month break with Rivals, lol. Tropica was there for me all the time, so I gave back my money to them the most. I've never won on deposits with Betofsoft, but I kept on depositing with them, lost about 6 deposits with them. Yup, I've been toasted last couple days and I hope I will bounce back soon.


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Slots of Fortune Review

I played in Slots of Fortune before. That’s a casino where I claimed a $50 chip and just couldn’t lose, no matter how much I tried. Finally, when I met the playthrough reqs and remained at $3000, but could withdraw only $100, I decided I should just spend it big. This time, I went to see if my luck will be the same as the last time I played.

I wanted to start from the same point as the last time, just for statistical purposes. So I deposited $50, and started playing slots. Also, I decided to play only slots, as the chip last time limited me only to them.

I went for “Hobo’s Hoard” first, and even though it’s a pretty unappealing (at least to me) slot, it proved to be more than generous in bonus rounds and free spins (especially if you strike a bonus round during the free spins). It boosted my balance to $150 within minutes, and I continued playing it for a while. After a while, I got bored and went for some more advanced graphics. An i-slot “Rock on” sounded like something I could win on. After placing a maximum bet and playing guitar in a couple of Elvis bonus rounds, this slot and its rock characters brought me another $70. Once again, losing seemed impossible.

I guess this casino is just made for me. After trying another couple of video slots I’ve never played before, and remaining pretty much at the same sum as when I started, I went to make a withdrawal, unlike I did last time. Total: $250. Maybe it’s not as good as the last time, but it’s still just fine. Bottom-line, it somehow proves the rule that slots are more generous when your withdrawal is limited with a free chip.


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Vegas Regal Casino Review

After hearing a lot about Vegas Regal Casino, today I finally headed over there to see what’s special about it. At the first sight, the casino looks very glamorous, and it gives away the feeling that you’re playing in a posh land casino. And wait ‘till you see the games – a wide range of slots, i-slots, video poker, table games and specialties like keno, scratchcards, Sudoku.

In order to try out as many games as possible, without any limitations, I deposited $50 and started with slots, as I usually do to warm up. It was difficult to choose, but I finally opted for “Fantasy Fortune” as its theme sounded promising. At first I thought I made a wrong choice, as the graphics didn’t really appeal to me. But soon I grew to like the slot’s special features (even though they weren’t always generous to me). However, this slot session was interrupted by a system error, so when I reloaded the casino, I decided to move on with the $75 that I earned there. I recently read a lot about keno on our forum, so I thought I should give it a try and play on $2 bets. I almost forgot how much fun it can be, and it made me forget all about time and money. Yet, when I woke up from this number frenzy, I noticed that my balance looked quite pathetic. So I boosted it with another $25 deposit and went on to try out my luck with video poker – Jacks or Better.

I have to admit, I’m not very good at this game, and even though I played on a reasonable bet of $1.25, it didn’t take too much time to reduce my balance to next to nothing. But, this was actually only a way to something better. As I never played scratchcards, I thought I should spend the little I got left on something as silly as that. And just when I started –bam! First, I got a 10x multiplier, then a 2x multiplier, then again a 5x one. Not bad for the first time, huh? This got me back in the game and allowed me to play some i-slots for a while longer (this time I placed only minimum bets).

To be quite frank, I never measure a casino by what I earn there, but by the amount of good time I had and the service they provide. The service in Vegas Regal was prompt (when I had the system issue), and the money I deposited there bought me a lot of good time with a number of games. In the light of this, I think I can freely say that Vegas Regal lived up to its reputation.



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Irish Luck Casino Review

Let me give a summary list of rival casinos I played last week.

Always Vegas: $60 deposit on 9/21 with 200% bonus, cashed out $360; Vegas Regal: $75 deposit on 9/21 with 300% bonus, lost; Slots of Fortune: $60 deposit on 9/22 with 200% bonus, cashed out $1300; Tropica: $50 deposit on 9/23 with 300% bonus, cashed out $660; Irish Luck: $50 deposit on 9/24 with 600% bonus, cashed out $900; Simon Says: two deposits on 9/27 with 500%, lost; Slots of Jackpot: $100 deposit with 700% bonus, lost: $50 deposit with 200% bonus, lost

I think I found a way to beat Rival high % bonus with high wagering requirement. You can see all of my deposits avbove with at least 200% or more. Even though, the ratio of win/lose is 4/5, but one cashout from one of the above winning will cover up for all 5 losses. Or maybe I was just lucky?

Rivals did bonus banned me before, but recently I found out some casinos gave me back the promotion which lead me to deposit with Irish Luck, Simon says and slots jackpot. I didn't pay attention to one of the promotion at Irish Luck that I have to win at least 3 time the amount of the bonus before cashout is allowed. I tried to cash it out when my balance was at $1100, but the system wouldnt let me. I need to have in my balance at least $1200, then the system will let me make a cashout. I played for awhile and my balance dropped to $500. I was shocked and thought that I let this one slip away.

I started to play Scary Rich, knowing that this game either win me big money or kill my balance fast, good thing happenned, I had two big hits with scary rich which brought my balance back to $900, then I played 5 reel circus and eventually I brought my account up to $1200, just enough for me to make a cashout and I did, woohoo. Irish Luck give out comp pts really fast too, I had compt pts worth $83 when I finish playing with them.

Rivals are famous for banning bonus or ban players from playing their cirtain games, so the only thing that worry me now is that I'm afraid they will do bonus banned me again, that's why I do not dare to claim any comp pts right now, just wait for the coming week, after all the cashouts are paid to see if they bonus banned me or not.


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Slots Jackpot Review

Today I realized why I simply adore online casinos: they definitely come in handy when the weather’s gloomy, your mood is down, your budget is low, and you need a big fun booster. You probably already guessed, this was my situation today, when I had no other idea what to do but pay a visit to a casino I’ve never been to before.

Slots Jackpot Casino pretty much lives up to its name – it’s slot oriented, but today wasn’t my slots day. After depositing the minimum $25, I tried a couple of slots. I stayed longer only on Cleopatra’s Coins, but I was irritated by its stingy bonus rounds (I won as little as $3.6 on one of them, and I didn’t place minimum bets), so I decided to move on to something completely different. I browsed through the games in the casino’s cheerful lobby and ran into something I used to play with my big sister when I was a child – War. Never before have I played War in a casino, and it seemed just as different as I wanted at the moment. So I opted for War and got my $20 halved. In order to overcome this War disappointment, I just moved on… to roulette! That’s something else, right? And finally, it turned out to be a fine choice – a little win, and a little loss here and there, which makes perfect sense, as I played it pretty aimlessly, scattering bets all over the table.

Still, this pastime helped a lot, I felt my mood coming back (although not in an entirely positive way, but I got it back at least), and even though the $25 are gone, I think it’s not much for quite a while of play and a grumpy mood. Sounds like a decent bargain, huh?



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Rich Reels Review

Thu 9/30, I made a $50 deposit with Rich Reels with 35% bonus. Usually I spin on my favorite slot, Cashapillar, first, but this time I spin on Pure Platinum instead, started out with 80 cents per spin, it was up and down, then I had some good hits and increased my bet to $1.20 per spin. I had couple bonus rounds with this game, I wished I would choose 10 free spins with 5X multiplier for the bonus round, instead of 25 free spins with 2x multiplier (check screen shots).

After I built up my bankroll a little bit, then I decided to spin on Cashapillar game, but I did not have any luck with this game this time, I kept on losing until I said, it was enough. I moved on and played Silver Fang, started out with $1 per spin, I had two round of bonuses in a short time, then I increased my bet to $1.50 per spin, amazingly I kept having bonus rounds and the last bonus round won me the most and this was my first big win with Microgaming casino (above $500). I won it up to $1200, but I did not want to make a withdrawal yet, I wanted more, lol. I went back to play Pure Platinum, Cashapillar, Bearly Fishing, Sterling Silver,...

I couldn't bring my balance back to $1200, it was at $950, and I decided to make a cashout and tried those games at other microgaming casinos. I made two deposits with Casino Share, $25 and $35 with 20% bonus to spin only on Silver Fang game, but I had no luck there, no free spins whatoever, so I stopped playing with microgaming at least for this week and will try again with Rich Reels on next thursday.



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Spintime Review

I’m well aware of the fact that Rival casinos have a reputation for being sometimes slow and often too restrictive when it comes to bonus and payout terms and conditions. But, somehow they just suit me. Is it because my biggest winnings happened precisely in some of them, or because I appreciate their graphics, I’m still not sure. But I also have a thing for their i-slots. I haven’t played them for a while, you know, and today I really felt up for a little adventure. So I tried a new casino and a new slot. Both turned out to be just fine.

How about a journey through time? Spin Time Casino and their “A Switch in Time” bring about quite a unique time-travelling experience. As a real slot lover, I always look forward to new games and features. And “A Switch in Time” offers plenty of those. Their bonus rounds are like a little, additional game on its own, leading you through time and space. Thereby, you can end up in the far away future, or in the past, earning money at the same time. I also won quite a lot of free spins – 45 of them on one occasion, and I even retriggered them to add another 12 spins. And the prizes I won then were quite generous; just take a look at the picture below.

Of course, not all the money has been spent only on this one slot. After spending a considerable amount of time on time-hopping, I decided to opt for something more down-to-earth. So I went to the good ol’ blackjack room to spend some of my winnings there. And I managed to do that, as well. I guess Spin Time is more of a slots casino, after all (at least in my case). But, all things considered, regardless of my winning-losing streak, I think we can call this a rather successful gambling venture.



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Simon Says Casino Review

Made two deposits with Pantasia, $50 with 600% bonus and $55 with 777% bonus, made another $50 with 777% bonus at Rocketbet. I need to win at least 3 times the bonus applies before cashout will be allowed, so I had to spin at $4-$5 per spin with hope that I hit something big at the beginning and it will be easier for me to grind it out at the end. Unfortunately I lost on these 3 deposits. New game bowled over came out this week from Rivals and some casinos gave out free chips to try their new game.

I claimed $30 free chip at Vanguard casino, but I did not play bowled over game, instead of low variance games like ocean treasure, 5 reels circus, winter wonder,.... and I ended up cashing out max $150 at Vanguard.

I also claimed $15 free chip at Simon Says and cashed out max $150. I saw Simon Says had 150% cashable bonus promotion, so I made $60 deposit with them couple days later, had it up to $250, then lost it all back on one game "flying color". I made the same amount of deposit with that 150% bonus promotion right after, I won it up to $700 this time, but then I kept losing at the end until I made the playthrough, I could only cash out $210. lost on 4 deposits, won with 2 free chips and 1 deposit, i still came out on top, $510 total won - $215 total lost = $295 profit.


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English Harbour 8/11 Review

I know games that can win me decent money if they hit, like Vampire Vixen, Dynasty, Green Meanie from Vegas Tech casino and I just found out from playing freeroll tournament this week with English Habour group that the game "Movie Magic" can win me many many free spins, so I planned to deposit with English Habour group because they have good promotion of 150% bonus running from Sept 15th-20th. I deposited $40 to English Habour, $60 to Vip Slots on Sept 15th, unfortunately I lost on both deposits. The next day I tried my luck with $60 deposit to Slots Galore casino, woww, their slots were loose, I had several bonus rounds with Vampire Vixen, Dynasty and 60 free spins with Movie Magic. I ended up cashing out $630 from Slots Galore.

On sept 17th, I deposited $60 to Caribbean Gold casino, playing the same games like I play at Slots Galore, and I also had many bonus rounds from most of the games I played, 90 free spins from Movie Magic, one good hit from Dynasty (see screen shots) which I eventually cashed out $750 from Caribbean Gold. I continued my quest with $60 deposit with Millionare casino the next day and bang, I had it up to $800 at one point, I thought money's in the bag already, but no. I kept on constantly losing at the very end, I tried to cash out $500, but the system said I have not met wagering requirement yet, I need to wager another $778 more. By the time I completed wagering requirement I had only $250 left in the account. I said to myself, lets bring it up to $300 and cash it out. The next thing I know, my balance hit a big fat zero. I was so pissed that I let this one slip away, I guess it's another lesson for me to learn and move on. Hopefully I have the same luck again with Slots Galore and Caribbean Gold, I deposited another $60 to Super Slots casino, amazingly I won again from playing the same games, cashed out $500 from Super Slots at the end. I tried one last casino in the group, Silver Dollar, $50 deposit was made, but had no luck on this one. Lost on three small deposits, but won big on another 3 deposits with 3 casinos, I love to have it at anytime, lol.



English Harbour - Casino Closed 8/11

Rushmore CasinoBlacklisted Review

I've been having a good run with Rushmore group the past few weeks and I only deposit with them over the weekend to have 175%-200% bonus. I started out with $50 deposit to Rushmore on 9/18. I played new game Goblin treasure, won several bonus rounds, but no major win yet, and played my other favorite games such as rushmore riches, loose caboose, wok&roll, golden lotus,....I hit a big one with wok&roll and loose caboose (see screen shots), I ended up cashing out $1000 from Rushmore. Had a good run with Rushmore in the morning, so I tried my quest with its sister casino, Cherry Red and Slots Oasis later on, but no success. I won at cherry red up to $400, but there was not much left after I fullfilled wagering requirement. Lost quickly with slots oasis, no free spins or bonus rounds with $50 deposit.

Monday, sept 20th, I spent $150 on 3 deposits with clubworld casino, playing mostly the game called "clubworld casino". Then, I saw screen shots from a friend, lipstickxoxo, winning from Lucky Red, so I made a small $30 deposit there because Lucky Red also has the game clubworld casino. I had the bonus round after first several spins of clubworld casino game, only won 7 free spins thou, with less than $10 winning from this round. I had another bonus round upon several spins after that. There were three choices, 25 free spins, 5 free spins or 100 free spins of this bonus round and I was given two choices to make. I wanted to pick 100 free spins so bad for the first time, no I chose the wrong ones again, ended up with 30 free spins in total. I started whining, lol, but then another bonus round of several spins after that and this time I chose the right one, ended up with 107 free spins in total and won over $200 (see screen shot). I went on to play wok&roll and also it gave me big hit (see screen shot). I had a chance to cash out $1050, but I kept on playing to see if I could win some more and eventually I cashed out only $832 from Lucky Red



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BetPhoenix Casino Blacklisted Review

Today I decided to give my luck a shot with BetPhoenix. After studying the review and some user impressions here on the forum, my choice fell on a $275 free chip (provided to us by LCB), which was instantly granted to my account. The first impression the casino gives away is rather simple, since the casino lobby doesn’t have anything special to it (as there is no particular theme in the casino), but once you throw your eye at the games, you figure that it’s really hard to decide what to play. Of course, the games it provides are, as is usually the case in RTG casinos, superb. Another thing worth noticing is that they load pretty fast, which sometimes appears to be an issue with some other casinos. However, even if you do have a trouble picking what you’re going to play, the free chip will narrow the choice for you to slots only. But even so, I was still left to play some of my favorite games.

And guess what? The first five spins I played on ‘Prince of Sherwood’ were the best ones I had in days! Apart from being a great game as it is, with RTG’s excellent graphics and authentic accompanying sounds, “Prince of Sherwood” is also very generous in bonus rounds. How do they work? Well, when you get three arrow aims, you need to pick a player (it’s either Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham), then they compete by taking turns to shoot arrows at the aim, and if your player wins, their shots award multipliers and free spins for you. I won as much as $70 in those five spins they won for me, and a lot more in a number of other bonus rounds I struck in this game (in a very short time), which left me with quite enough of money to keep playing for a while. Unfortunately, the free chip also has extremely high wagering requirements attached to it, so it’s virtually impossible to cashout on it. Next time, I’ll make sure I’m playing with my own money, it’s a pity I couldn’t try out some other games with as much money as I had in my account.


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Rushmore CasinoBlacklisted Review

Like I said before I deposit to Rushmore group in only weekend because I can get 175% to 200% bonus, weekday is just 75%. I've been having an amazing run with this group of casinos the last 5-6 weeks, starting with $1700 cashout from Cherry Red, $600 from Rushmore a week after, then $2700 from Rushmore, $1000 from Rushmore and $800 also from Rushmore, also $620 with slots oasis last weekend. I do not have any secret about how I keep on winning, I just play the same games I've been playing with them, but games I played the most are golden lotus, wok&roll. I hit a big one with Paydirt at Rushmore last week thou (see attachment) and that helped me cashing out $800 with them at the end.

I made another deposit with cherry red after I finished with Rushmore, but no luck there and then I made a deposit with Slots oasis which is the casino I havent won with about 3 months or more. I played a little bit each day, starting from sat 9/25, it was up and down, but I had only $20 left on monday night and I started to play triple twisters, I had free spins after free spins and one single hit of one regular spin (see screen shot) which brought my balance up to $300 from $20. I went back to my favorite games. wok&roll and golden lotus. Again, I had two bonus rounds with wok&roll and 4 bonus rounds with golden lotus. I ended up cashing out $620 from Slots Oasis. Slots were getting loose with slots oasis when I spin it at very early in the morning thou, I noticed, so I'll spin with them next time maybe at the same time as I did last early tues morning.



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