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Online Casino Blog: November, 2010

GoWild Casino Review

I got hooked to Microgaming recently. I usually opt for RTGs or Rivals, because I like their graphics, especially slots, but as of recent, Microgaming has absolutely enchanted me. Today was another day that I simply couldn’t resist, so I took 30 bucks of my gambling money and went for some high-quality entertainment.

Go Wild has been in the news lately for its unfortunate venture in Serbia, but as we’ve all heard, they’ve recovered well from the affair. I’ve always heard good opinions about them, so they were my today’s choice. I went straight for their slot section and “Lord of the Rings” which has been spending my money for a while now. After another unsuccessful attempt at this great slot with cinematic background, I moved on to a slot with a rather unusual name: “You Lucky Barstard!” It’s interesting and bright, with all the nudge options and hold feature, but I found it extremely hard to get to the bonus round, and I found myself at barely $5 when I was done with this one.

Then I found the real thing – a Christmas-themed slot which proved to be more than generous to me in normal games. There were more than one bigger wins I saw in this game, and those came especially with a great number of smiling Santa symbols in a combination with the wild symbol which has a 2x multiplier.

This game recovered my balance, and lifted my Christmas mood, also allowing me to go home with a smiling face and sweet anticipation of the coming holidays. Go Wild, see you soon!



GoWild Casino Play Now

Vegas Regal Casino Review

Made a $50 deposit to Vegas Regal casino with 300% bonus on Monday night, 11/29/10. I played the new game Crop on $2 per spin, I couldnt get even one bonus round and my balance was gone in 5 minutes. Then, I made $30 deposit with $60 bonus with max cash out $300 with Tropica.

I played spy game on 75 cents per spin, had two rounds of 10 free spins and had the bonus in one of these rounds which won me $125. I played some other low variance games and won it up to $300, but then kept on losing at the end and eventually lost it all back. Then I claimed free $5 for spotted playing in the casino, I played scary rich with 20 cents per spin, won $30 on 10 free spins which was a big hit for 20 cents bet. I tried to clear wagering requirement by playing bank heist 1 and finally cashed out max $25.

It's funny when I tried to clear the WR on the $30 deposit and I couldnt get the free spins on scary rich, but after I claimed the free $5 and spin it at 20 cents on scary rich, I got the free spins just several spins into the game. I'm gonna reverse this $25 and see if I have better luck. Will update it later.


Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

Dendera Casino Review

I’ve been jealous of Thanksgiving for a long time. No such holidays in my country, no such wonderful preparation for Christmas. And I’ve been looking forward to Christmas for a while now, ever since I started feeling winter in my nostrils. So I figured it’s high time to try out some winter slots.

However, my casino choice didn’t really match my mood, but I didn’t mind it at all. Dendera Casino was a place I didn’t hear much about, so I hesitated about giving it a shot. It’s an Egyptian themed casino, with a very interesting, golden lobby, which simply invites you to come in and start playing. I placed some $50 and started playing “Winter Wonders,” which caught my attention as soon as I saw it. It’s a wonderful Christmas-themed slot, which can be very tricky as it makes you forget how much you’re spending. Just as I noticed my balance going desperately low after merely 10 minutes of play, and thought that this is the fastest lost $50 ever, there they were: five silver bells on a payline, jingling to my happiness.

After winning a couple more silver bells prizes, which were not as high as this one, but they still boosted my balance to about $70, I moved to a slot whose positivity has always managed to cheer me up. “Candy Cottage” has proved to be a rewarding slot on a couple of occasions, and it hasn’t failed me this time, either. After only a couple of spins, I got a feature round of 10 free games, which practically doubled my initial balance and allowed me to take home a nice couple of bucks for Christmas present. Oh, what a Christmas this will be!



Dendera Casino Play Now

Tropica Casino Review

Great days have come for me after a period of struggle. Everything seems better these days, and I have this familiar feeling that nothing can stop me. Except some poor online casino T&Cs. Namely, as I found a Playtech casino Class 1 (I don’t play in Playtechs often, don’t know why really) which looked like something that could interest me, I decided to try out some of their games, slots in particular, so I went for a free chip.

However, in Class 1 Casino, there is no promotions page. Nowhere to claim the bonus, nada. I contacted the casino support, but I was very kindly told that there’s a simple procedure in order to get the freebie, which included sending an identification document with picture and address to their support, which will later add the promo. This was a bit of a shock, as it sounded too rigid for a bonus granting procedure, so I gave up on the casino, a bit sad because I liked what I saw.

To recover from this disappointing experience, I went for something I like: Rival slots in Tropica Casino. Something new and cheerful was what I wanted, so I chose “Bowled Over,” a brand new i-slot, which has expanding wild symbols, and free spins (which weren’t very generous). After dropping from the starting $45 to some $40, which took much more time than you’d expect, I tried out the latest addition to the Rival’s games suite – “Cream of the Crop,” a great-looking, veggie-growing slot, which is both interesting and rewarding. With a couple of very generous bonus rounds, I was back on the track, and could go home happy. Happy and with a $100 more than I planned. So it’s been a great day, after all.



Tropica Casino Play Now

Cocoa Casino Review

Not much casino activity for me this week. I made $10 deposit to inetbet with 100% bonus, played new game Lucky Tiger and it lasted me for 5 minutes. I had free $25 thanks giving chip from Aladins Gold, Clubworld and Allstars Slots casino, I spin at 50 cents per spin, but also lost quickly.

I made $100 deposit to Cocoa to cover the charge back I had with them last week and found out later, my winning was still voided, I'll wait till their contest is over and will close my account with them. I also made $40 deposit to Wizbet, won it up to $300, but couldnt clear the wagering requirement and eventually lost everything.


Cocoa Casino Play Now

Silver Oak Casino Review

To me, today was one of those days I’d rather forget. Rainy, messy, traffic jams, lots of work, tiresome phone calls, severe headaches… You name it, I had it. After it all passed, I only felt it in my gut that Lady Luck may have turned her back on me. And then I decided to prove my gut feeling wrong.

Silver Oak is a casino I downloaded by mistake. I clicked on it by chance one day, when I was browsing through some casinos, and decided to leave it in my computer, where it has laid idle for quite a while. Until today, when I found it again and thought it may help my fight against the gut feeling. As I entered its lobby, it didn’t seem like something much – a simple RTG casino, with an unimpressive, but still tidy and appealing lobby.

The selection of games I went for today included a slot and a game of war. The slot was one of those I don’t usually play – Year of Fortune seemed like a good choice to bring Lady Luck back to my side. And guess what? Just when I started to despair as I was finishing my poor $50, being left with only about $1 in the account, I hit the free spins, which brought me back to almost where I started.

With elevated spirits, I went for something I’ve been practicing these days. War is something that always brings back good memories. This time it didn’t only bring good memories, but some $20 as well. And then I realized I have accomplished my goal for today. Everything seemed back in place, and I could retire peacefully. A great ending to a bad day, all thanks to unfairly forgotten Silver Oak Casino.



Silver Oak Casino Play Now

Planet 7 Casino Review

I’ve been feeling lucky these days. You know when your spirits seem elevated, everything seems to be going well, and you can’t wait to sit down and start playing, because you simply know everything will turn out fine for you? This was simply my day.

I’ve been looking for a good new casino for a while. It’s a difficult search, I have to admit, but since this was my lucky day my first pick proved to be ideal for my current mod. Planet 7 Casino is one of those RTG casinos which appears to have nothing special to it until you start playing. However, its generosity to me exceeded my wildest expectations.

Starting with $55 and a magnificent slot which should by no means be neglected, I built up my balance to $190 in no time. Apart from its entertaining character and the top level graphics, this slot offers some of the most rewarding features I’ve ever encountered. After spending quite a lot of time earning some easy money there, I decided it’s time to move on and try to meet some wagering requirements.

Believe it or not, I’ve never played on line bingo. Well, at least not for real money. But the brightness and simplicity of this game have always appealed to me. I started playing it, but I didn’t seem to go anywhere, to be quite frank. A few bucks up and down, that’s all. Well, I thought bingo just may not be the right game for me at the moment; let’s move on.

Finally, I noticed Red Dog, which I got hooked on recently. But the system simply wasn’t on my side here. From the initial $175 I got to $120 in only a couple of hands as the minimum bet was $5. This was enough for me to realize that with the little good fortune and reason I’ve got left, I should withdraw instantly. And upon doing this, I felt like Lady Luck looked at me today and warned me right on time. I was smiling, I managed to double my investment into this venture, and above all, I found a good place to play at. What more can you ask of a day?



Planet 7 Casino Play Now

iNetBet Review

What can $10 do for you?

I had $10 sitting in my usemywallet account and wondered what the $10 can do for me as most casinos accept minimum deposit of at least $20. Then I received an email from inetbet that they had 75% bonus on tuesday, deposit from $10-$50 to qualify, so I took this promotion with $10 deposit.

I played 50 cents per spin most of the games and I had several rounds of bonus on Mayan Queen slot which won me about $60. Then I played Mystic Dragon, hit couple big plays and brought my balance to $100. I made the playthru at this point, but I did not want to cash out, I then played Santa Strike back and Lucky Last, my balance dropped to $50, so I decided to cash out with $40 profit.

Today, I was shocked to find out that my withdrawal was approved and I checked my usemywallet account, the $50 was in there. Inetbet pays very fast, thanks inetbet.


iNetBet Play Now

Vegas Regal Casino Review

Monday, 11/15/10. Instead of paying to my Echeck account, Vegas Regal casino reversed my $320 withdrawal because I had a charge back with Tropica casino, they will process my payout again until I settle the charge back with Tropica.

I used $60 from that $320 to deposit with 300% bonus, then $25 with 70% bonus, both reversed deposits were gone quickly. Then I reversed $35 with 200% bonus, max cashout is $280. I played the spy islot game for about 30 minutes, no major hits, about just broke even with this game. Then, I hit a big one on Moonlight Mystery with 75 cents per spin (see screen shot).

I tried to beat the playthru, but unfortunately I kept on losing, my balance went from $500 to $120 until I hit another big one on Scary Rich with $1 per spin. I still havent met the wagering requirement yet, so I kept playing some other low variance games like Reel Party, 5 reels circus, winter wonder, bank heist 1, ..... Finally I beat the playthru and cashed out $305. So, I spent $120 with VRC and won back $305, I'm glad to make small profit here. Thanks VRC.



Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

High Noon Casino Review

Don’t you just love themed casinos? In this whole wide sea of casinos with similar lobbies and ordinary gambling themes, it’s quite refreshing to find a casino which has a little something that distinguishes it from others in the industry.

As a loyal player at Club World, which has proved to be a very respectable house on more than one occasion, I was very glad to see them release a new sister casino – High Noon. Upon downloading it, I was swept off my feet by its great lobby – I even needed a couple of seconds to figure out where the games tabs were!

Don’t worry, not all the games are Wild West-themed games. They are classic RTG games, actually, which can be enjoyed in a new environment. For start, I played a game of Red Dog, which is one of my favorite table games, probably due to its simplicity and the thrill of forecasting. Besides, It made my starting $60 higher by another $20, so I could leave the game with a smiling face.

Then, as a true shopaholic, I tried to get somewhere with a progressive “Shopping Spree.” This is a sly one, and all ladies should beware it! All that make up, jewelry, money, and flowers may make you a bit too happy-go-lucky, and drive you to forget all about real state of matter. And the real state of matter for me when I finished with this one was pathetic $7. No smiling this time.

But then I returned to that lobby and it just made me cheerful again! And that’s the power of themed casinos: even if you lose, in the end of the day, you can still end up feeling better about things just because you played somewhere special. And that’s a true art to achieve these days.



High Noon Casino Play Now

Crazy Slots 8/11 Review

Today is friday 11/12/10. I have not deposited with Crazy Slots or its sister casinos for awhile, I found that they were too tight compared to English Harbour group. I received free $17 for pick the door bonus from Crazy slots and I spin on Jurasic slot at 25 cents per spin for about half an hour, my account was up to $25, then I switched to Green Meanie slot, also spin it at 25 cents per spin and hit the big one (see screen shot).

I continued to spin at 25 cents per spin with some other slots because I know if I increase my bet to $1.25, I might lose all of the winning I had earlier, it happened to me in the past that I did not get free spins when I spin at $1.25 and when I switched to 25 cents per spin, the free spins came right away, lol. Eventually, I cashed out $150 with Crazy Slots, 1.5% fee will be added for wire transfer, my bank might charge $10, so I might end up with $125 in my account in couple days, not bad from free money, I'd like to have it any day, lol.



Crazy Slots - Casino Closed 8/11

Vegas Regal Casino Review

I tried to encourage myself not to take rival casinos bonuses with high wagering requirement anymore, I took 600% bonus with 65x WR at Vegas Regal casino 3 times three days ago, I had many good hits, my balance went up to $750 at one point and dropped to under $100 and went up to $700 again, but I couldnt clear the wagering requirement and eventually lost it all. I had this one hit of $600 on game "BOWL OVER" (see screenn shot).

I love paradise8 casino, but they dont give me the regular bonuses, 200% bonus with 67x WR, 5x max cashout of the bonus applies and no comp pt is the one they give me.

I took this promotion, but made only $30 deposit. Their slots were loose, I won big, but max cashout was only $300. I cashed it out when my account was at $1650, I couldnt build up comp pt neither because the promotion didnt give me comp points, but it's cool, as long as I'm winning, I'll be happy.



Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

AC Casino Review

Personally, I’m quite lazy, and I like to have all work done for me. This includes online casinos. So, I prefer those that have games designed for Flash mode, because I often get annoyed by slow downloads. That’s why today I picked a flash casino operating on Amigotech’s software – Always Cool aka AC Casino.

The casino seems quite nice and simple at first sight, which shouldn’t been taken wrong. Nice and simple is a rare occurrence these days, so it should be largely appreciated. Its suite of games encompasses all the classics – slots, table games, video poker, as well as some specialty games. As I’m always on the look for new slots and interesting graphics, the slots tab was the first place I went to.

Now, beware the loud banker’s voice at the beginning of each slot! It freaked me out, as I didn’t see it coming, and he only asked me to place my bet! Anyway, the first slot I tried was “Knights and Dragons,” a beautifully ornamented game which takes you straight to the Middle Ages. What’s so great about it is that it offers three jackpots of different sizes – Mini, Super, and Mega Jackpot. Unfortunately, none of those came to me, so I had to move on.

“Venice Carnival,” on the other hand, was quite generous. Even though I didn’t win any bonus rounds in those two slots, the second one proved to be more rewarding in normal rounds. Besides, its carnival atmosphere is so appealing and catching, that I found it hard to separate from this slot.

But alas, the phone always rings when you least want it. And so I went through a speedy transfer from enchanting Venice under masks to the daily routine of my own home. Just like that, in a blink! But I’ll be back soon enough, to give another shot to this casino with interesting, amusing and unusual games.



AC Casino Play Now

Cocoa Casino Review

I tried to limit myself to not deposit over $100 with microgaming each week and I made $40 deposit with Rich Reels so far this week, I played mostly Alaskan Fishing with 60 cents per spin, I won about $100, but then I lost everything back when I changed to play other games, I might want to make anohter deposit with Rich Reels soon.

Jason, the rep for cocoa casino gave me $50 free chip, I played 75 cents per spin and hit a good one with winter wonder , unfortunately I couldnt beat the playthru and lost it all.

I was pissed and made a $50 deposit with 300% bonus, this deposit was gone like in 5-10 minutes of playing. Really, I was shocked, ususally other players will try to stay away if they are in this situation, but not me, I made another $50 deposit with 400% bonus, max cashout is $600. I had 30 free spins of Cosmic Espisode 1 which won me big, and Scary Rich 2 won me over $300 later on the 10 free spins, pigskin payout also won me over $300 (see screen shot).

I had my balance up to $1300, I thought I'll beat the playthru this time, Yes, I did, but it's not that easy as I thought, my balance was dropped to $500 at one point, luckily I brought it back up until I made the playthru and cashed out the max amount of $600 plus the deposit money $50, so I cashed out $650 from cocoa this week, whooo hoo, I am glad to find winning mode again.



Cocoa Casino Play Now

Slotland Review

In the online gaming industry, everyone's striving for something new. Casinos introduce attractive novelties, players are always in search of a new, different casino, and softwares always compete with each other in revolutionary developments which will attract more customers.

I am no exception to this rule, so this time I went for something I heard was rather different: Slotland. I heard that they don’t pursue any of the well-known softwares, and that they have a great selection of custom games, so I figured it can’t get any better than that. Indeed, although the casino lobby seems a bit robotic at first sight, I got used to it very quickly, since the choice of games I’ve never seen before got my attention soon enough.

The first one I tried was Witch’s Brew, a great game with one payline, in which you brew the symbols in separate cauldrons until they boil and turn into wild symbols. The prizes can be quite rewarding, so I managed to benefit some $20 from this slot. What really impressed me was a great help section, which uses a cursor that literally guides you through the game.

The next thing was quite surprising: browsing through the games, I picked a slot called “Silver Kiss,” not being aware of its contents. It’s actually an adult slot, featuring some nude characters, which first startled me, and then made me laugh because I’ve never seen a slot with adult content before. But, I wanted something new, and there I got it!

I did only a couple of spins on this one and then moved to some table games, which were a bit dull for my taste, even though some of them introduced certain interesting turns in terms of graphics. Then I decided to call it a day. After all, this whole Slotland experience left quite an interesting impression, and I’m definitely going back there. Not because of the “Silver Kiss,” of course, but because I have a feeling that it’s the right place when you want to see something you’ve never seen before.


Slotland Play Now

Vegas Regal Casino Review

Finally, I decided I'm done with Tropica. Noone wants to be defeated, including me, but my pocket would not allow me to fight on anymore. I can't beleive it thou, 15 x 500% bonus, but I couldnt cash out for just one.

I recently joined Spartan Slots casino, I like this casino because they have new slots like Spartan Warrior, Diamond Down Under,..., that other rival casinos dont have them yet. I made 3 deposits with them, but couldnt win and I found out the next day that my account was blocked, I'm trying to find out why, but I guess they are tied with Box24 group and this group will block your account if they do not want to give you promotion.

I played mostly with Cocoa and Vegas Regal casino. I won $200 from a free chip at cocoa, but then I did several reverses and eventually I had only $90 in my usemywallet account. I made 5 deposits with vegas regal in one day, I didnt plan to that, but as I started out by small $25 deposit, kept losing, then two more $25 deposits, still lost, $50 deposits and finally $60 deposit. The last deposit won me back $320. So, I made small profit at Vegas Regal casino yesterday.



Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

Simon Says Casino Review

A new month – a new casino, I thought today. Never before have I played in Simon Says, and I heard a lot about it. Besides, I’m a big fan of Rival’s graphics, that’s no secret, so I was looking forward to facing them again. And the first step toward them looked quite promising: Simon’s landing page, which guided me to the casino, was both tempting and mysterious, like a tunnel at whose end you could see a ray of distant light.

I couldn’t wait to sign up and start playing, which made the installation process look somewhat longer. But after I was done, I entered the lobby, which isn’t as great as the landing page promised. The pictures above the games tabs were a bit blurry if watched in screen size (but this is easily solved if you minimize the window), and the background could do some redesigning. But never judge a casino by its lobby. Simon does have some great games and offers a variety of those – table games, slots, Rival’s famous i-slots, specialty games.

First, I went for a game of Five-Card Poker, with the $60 I had previously deposited. This one’s quite interesting, and makes you switch your little brain cells on, which I didn’t really do, so I ended up with about $20 less. After I figured out that I need something that doesn’t require too much thinking, I paid a visit to a cool-looking i-slot “Spy Games.” But, this one held something against me – the payouts were ridiculously low, and upon receiving only $0.48 in 10 free spins, I decided to give it up.

Finally, some easy-going keno fun did the trick, and even though I didn’t win much, I finally stopped feeling like bad luck was on my tail. Maybe Simon’s smiling face brought Fortuna back to my little venture. Whatever it is, this period of great time further improved the overall impression I had about Simon’s Casino. Regardless of some losses, which are inevitable in gambling anyway, I felt at home here. And this just confirms the theory: never judge a casino by its lobby!



Simon Says Casino Play Now


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