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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: May, 2010

Rich Casino Review

Hi gang:

What a busy, fun week I have had. Turned 42 this week, and the Birthday freebies were plentiful for me.

I recieved $50 from Jackpot capital I recieved $50 from VRC I recieved many $10 freebies from Top game casinos. $20 from Slotastic casino $25 from Cherry Red Casino Titan gave me $15

Sooo many Bingo freebies it would take me alot of time to list them all. I have had a blast playing them, and still have some money left at a few places as I write this.

The one lump of coal I had on my birthday freebies was from Platinum Play casino. I recently turned Gold there, which is no easy feat to acconplish, and was lead to believe I would recieve a Birthday chip. Well on my Birthday I head there, and was told I was not a gold member long enough to recieve one. "The old, "You do not qualify." I was not taking this laying down and wrote the support team about my feelings. Sure enough, I recieved a email back right away and was given 20,000 loyalty points for my birthday, which was redeemed for $20 bucks. Not alot when you look back at my deposit history. Oh well. It is my only Microgaming account, and I cant give it up. LOL

Overall, my Birthday went well as far as freebies go, and I already look forward to my next Birthday. hehe. This morning I was given a free chip at Rich Casino. I logged in to find instead of the $5 as reported in email a balance of $15. Dont you love when that happens? lol

I headed to the game "Forest Treasure" I know I have played this game before, but I am still trying to get thru that dreaded Bonus round where you choose your symbols, and progress thru the levels. First spin? Three Scatter symbols. I was off to a great start. This netted me a $12 bonus. I was betting $1.25 per spin. Now at this point, I ethier needed to get some more great spins, or my time at Forest Treasure was going to be up in a hurry.

Rich Casino is a TopGame platform. I really like the feel of this place, and it doesnt hurt they are generous with the freebies on a monthly basis. Rich casino is safe and secure with encryption technology which is actually a design better than most online casinos use, and is the variety used by financial institutions. Rich Casino is licensed out of Costa Rica, and undergoes regular auditing and testing. The banking section of the site runs well. Should you require any assistance, the full time support staff at Rich Casino may be contacted by means of live chat, email, phone and fax.

As is my practice, I headed to live chat, and was quite impressed with the friendliness of the operators. It is so important to have a nice chat host/hostess to deal with. I have been to some Top Game sites, and their live chat was less than what we should hope for. Not the case with Rich casino. Excellent Live help. Very knowledgable too.

Back to the game.....As is well known among alot of us, I had a good long playtime with this Top Game casino. I played about an hour before the dreaded "bottom" fell out of my bankroll. I did recieve the bonus round. Guess what happened? I didnt make it thru. lol. Has anyone out there made it thru this particualr bonus? I would love to hear about it.

Also important to mention, if you have never been to Rich casino before, LCB has an Exclusive No Deposit Bonus of $10 for new players. Awesome deal. Rich Casino has excellent Live help, easy banking options, and with a Top Game platform which is a favorite to alot of folks, and lets not forget the generous freebies they give, it is a great place to play. When I do choose Top Game to spin with, Rich Casino is always my first choice. It has a great reputation for fun.

Until next time.......May your next spin be a bonus.......



Rich Casino Play Now

Casino Titan Review

Hi Gang:

Happy Sunday. What a dreary Sunday it is. Rainy and dark. What a great time to spin a little. hehe.

Been awhile since I have deposited at a casino. Been even longer since I have deposited at Casino Titan. I quick playing casino Titan as I could not get any playtime there for my money. I headed back there last night, and went to live chat. All the gang still remembered me, and was more than happy to welcome me back. It gives you a great feeling to be remembered by name at a place. I dont have to go into any details about Casino Titan's live chat. Their service is second to none in my opinion.

I was depositing a mere $25 bucks so I took a bonus of 100%. 25x playthru which is their standard playthru. I headed to "Lucky Last" and right away I started having a good time. The spins were decent, and I got several bonuses with this game, which is usually a tuff one to get a bonus on. The last bonus I recieved I retriggered three times and netted me a great bonus amount at about $76 bucks. As much as I hated to leave "Lucky Last", I knew it was time to go as a bonus with three retriggers is usually as good as it gets for me, so I moved on.

Next up was "Tritons Treasure". Another fairly new game by RTG that I totally have a blast playing. Ohhh, when that wild symbol shows up once, your heart stops. When it shows up twice I freeze in my seat, and when it shows up three times I jump up and down. Check out this screen shot. A single spin netted me $250 bucks. Wheeeeee.

Now, the bonus on this game was another matter. I was trying to make the playthru, and that big spin helped, but I know I needed a bonus to keep me alive. That scatter symbol showed up many many times.....twice that is, and we all know three times is the lucky number we need. I up'ed my bet to $6.25 a spin to assure that when I hit that bonus, it would net me all I needed to have to make that playthru, and then all I would have to do was head over to make that cashout. Isn't that a perfect story? Well, as many times before , the story didnt quite work out like that. I could not get the bonus betting $6.25 per spin. I lowered my bet back to $2.00 to see if my luck would improve.

When I am betting high like the $6.25 , and the game refuses to cooperate, I always say the game is "afraid of me. " because I am betting high. hehe I stayed afloat awhile with my $2.00 bet, but I think they game got tired of me, and the closer I got to making the playthru, the worst it got. Toward the end, I couldnt get a bonus of course. Heck, I couldnt get anything. The reels were absolutley stubborn, and Triton refuses to show up at alllll.

I ended my playtime with a exhausted balance, and still $100 bucks to go before I made the playthru. No cash out this time for me. Sighh Yet, all is not lost. I enjoyed my time at Casino Titan again quite a bit, and I finally got the playtime I was after.

As always, Casino Titan live chat gave me a $5 free chip off my deposit, to try my luck again, but I saved it for another time.

Casino Titan is and remains to be one of my all time favorite casinos who I trust. Excellent Live chat, and extremly fast payouts. Now that it seems the playtime has improved I know I'll try my luck again soon.

Until next time....MAY YOUR NEXT SPIN BE A BONUS>>>>>



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