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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: January, 2010

Mr Green Casino Review

Hi Gang:

As you all know I love to play slots. I get alot of people asking me "What is the best slot machine to play?" Or "What is the best time to play?"

I smile when these questions come, like I am some pro or something. LOL I certainly do not make a living out of playing slot machines, and I only know what I have taught myself, by reading, and playing these machines for hours at a time.

To these questions I always answer the same way. I say "Any machine that you like to play." This confuses alot of people as they are looking for a more percise answer. The results of each spin are chosen at random, so there's nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning. There is not a single machine out there that is not run the same way, by the Random Number Generator.

Just play the games that you like to play. Some games give you lots of small payments and some give fewer, larger payouts. If you like to have lots small wins to keep you playing, go for machines that hits frequently. If you don't mind feeding the machine to get you through dry spells, go for the lower hit frequency machines.

I was at the land casino last night and I was at a machine that had a serious dry spell going on, I kept feeding it, and about the time I was ready to leave, it began to pay me, and sure enough, it was a lower hit frequency machine. I ended up staying at that machine till I was $300 ahead. It showed no signs of beginning to not pay, but I did not want to be greedy, so I cashed out.

Also, stretch your bankroll by playing the right number of coins for each type of machine. On the multi-line/multi-coin video slots, I generally suggest playing at least one coin per line.( The payouts on additional coins per line are just straight multiples of the one-coin payout on most of these machines..)

I don't always walk away with more money than when I started so I have to at least have a good time playing, by playing the games I actually want to play vs machines that people claim are paying out better than others. Just my humble opinion.

Till next time....May your next spin be a BONUS......


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Slots Jackpot Review

Hi Gang:

I love playing slots. It is the only game I choose when I go to the land casino. I know the odds are bad, and the house has the edge, but I spin away anyways.

When people learn I am a slots player, and know the in's and out's of the working machine well, they always try to take the fun out of it for me. Folks are constantly telling me that slots carry the worst chances of winning. Also, the house has the biggest edge over me if I am playing slots. They tsk tsk tsk and shake their heads as I sit and spin my brains out and smile. I know the outcome is all RNG based But I still love the experience.

I am a player who has experienced all the highs and lows if slot play. If I am going to lose most of the time I still want to get as much as I can from the expereince and my bankroll.

The things that I do not enjoy are hearing all the myths people carry about slot play. Most slot players don't need to be concerned with the RNG or how slots really work. But when they think that casinos can manipulate the machines, make them tighter or looser based on external conditions or who's playing them; that machines can be due; or that slot-playing systems can make them consistent winners, that's when I think it's necessary to debunk the myths and spread the truth about slots. I Know the ins and outs of this working machine, have educated myself to the fact these are nothing but myths.

A casino cannot maniplulate a machine, making them tighter or looser from external factors. A machine is never "DUE" to pay you. There is no known 'system" to make you a consistant winner with slots. Everything is run by the Random Numer Generator which is changing combinations of numbers and symbols faster than we can ever imagine.

Slots are what they are. Slot machines. We can lose , but we also can win. When there is such a house edge to begin with, why would people want to carry around these extra myths to even further ruin your fun and game time.

When spinning, just dont worry about all the extra things you've heard about slots. Educate yourself on the workings of them, and what they can and cannot do in order to make you win/lose.

Till next time....

May your next spin be a BONUS.....


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Ruby Royal Review

Hi Gang:

Its been another slow week for free chips, and I am trying to bide my time doing this and that but really just wanting to spin. Today as I ran to my computer to check for free chips, I found an email from Ruby Royal Casino. Thank God they miss me. They gave me $25 free chip. 20x playthru, $50 max cash out.

Oh the perfect time to try the new game they just released......

Lets head off to the fights in Heavy Weight Gold.....20 Paylines you can win on. + Five reels of cool symbols. + Chance to win up to 100 free spins. + Fun bonus round. + Win multipliers even in bonus spins. + Impressive video graphics. + Classic boxing theme. + Wilds awarded during game play.

Heavyweight Gold is an exciting video slot with lots of chances to win in different ways. Not only do you have a chance of getting wilds and multipliers during normal game play but you can also get them during free spins as well.

The free spins in this game do not just comes in two’s and three’s but in this game you have a chance of winning up to 100 free spins! Imagine winning that many spins with a three times multiplier. .

The great graphics in this game make it even more fun to play and remind you of those old school boxing movies that we all loved so much. Impressive video graphic symbols in this game include the red boxing gloves, a bucket and towel, a referee, a manager, a boxer, a bell, a first aid kit, a championship belt, a ring girl, and a knock out symbol which leads to a dynamic bonus round in which you will fight fearless opponents to see how much you can win in bonus cash. You will feel like your at the fight with this great new I-Slot.

I have always enjoyed boxing games, and always was crazy about the old Nintendo game where you had to knock out your opponent as quick as possible. This game was very reminisent of that to me.

After a few spins at .60 I got the Knock out Bonus

I was up against a scrawny little guy, and he punched me several times, before I got the hang of what I was supposed to be doing. LOL The manager was over in the corner giving me hints of when to hit him, or when to protect myself which was helpful. I finally got a mean upper cut to his chin and took him down for the count of 10. I ended the bonus with a win of $12 bucks. Good enough for me, considering I had NO idea what I was doing. This is a very interactive bonus, which is typical of rival I-slots.

Another great feature in this game are the Red Glove wilds. Once you see those red gloves start to expand there is no telling what you will win. If you get lucky they will expand through the whole line and award you with a winning combination.

Hey, you never know, and dreaming is what it is all about. I thought my time with Heavy Weight Gold was a great time. I fought my way thru a couple more bonus rounds and did pretty good. I decided to up my bet to $1 per spin but pretty soon I was down on the canvas and the count of ten was on me. I was down for the count.

Regardless of the outcome I am thrilled with this new game. Excellent graphics, sound effects, and really fun bonus rounds.

I hope another Rival Casino misses me too, very soon, so I can play Heavy Weight Gold again.

Until Next time....

May your next spin be a "BONUS"



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Casino Titan Review

Hi Gang:

Gosh, it has been a slow week for free chips. Each morning I wake up and run to the forum in search of that freebie. Most days lately I have been sadly disappointed. Oh well, as the chip searchers that we are, we know there are times like this we must get thru befor once again, the free chips flow like wine.

Today I was given a free chip at Casino Titan as I just have not been there lately like I used to be. It's one of those "Please come back" free chips, or a "We Miss you" free chip. You know the type. Whatever the reason, I'll take it.

I decided it was a great time to try the new game Wok & Roll.

Wok & Roll is a new slot machine with a colorful Chinese food theme. As you play the game, you'll see a chef, Chinese food, a happy customer, and a "Wok & Roll" symbol.

The chef is the wild symbol. He substitutes for all other symbols except the scattered Wok & Roll. If 5 chefs appear on an activated payline, you win 5,000 coins, which equates to $50 if you're playing with the $0.01 coin size or $25,000 if you're playing with the $5 coin size.

The Wok & Roll slot machine has a free spins feature that is triggered when 3 Wok & Roll symbols appear anywhere on your screen. When that happens, you win 8 free spins. Prizes during the free spins are multiplied by a random multiplier ranging from 2X to 10X. Free spins can be retriggered.

The game also has a Chef Feature where you can win 10 free spins when 3 scattered chefs appear on your screen. During these free spins, an "Extra Wild" symbol may appear. When the Extra Wild helps to create a winning combination during the free spins, prizes are doubled. The free spins can be retriggered, but when this happens you win 5 additional spins, not 10.

Another interesting thing about the Wok & Roll online slot is that it has two random progressive jackpots attached. There is a major jackpot and a minor jackpot. The major jackpot starts at $1,000, while the minor jackpot starts at $250.

So I start out with my big $10, and am betting .50 per spin. I dont get a single bonus until I am down to my last spin, no kidding. I get the chef bonus, and I get alot of the Extra Wild Symbols which increase my win, and then I get 5 extra free spins. That was cool. I ended the chef bonus with around $11, which is not to bad for a .50 bet.

I figure I'll stay with the game and see if I can get the Wok & Roll bonus. Again, I am starting with only $11 bucks, so I hope this game stays warm. Spin Spin Spin, I get the chef bonus again.

Another $8 bucks for this bonus brings my total to around $13 bucks. I know I am never going to get rich with this type of bet, but I was having alot of fun.Perhaos I'll even win the Minor Jackpot.

Finally I get the Wok & Roll bonus, and my 8 free spins. This bonus was NOT what I had been waiting for. I netted about 2 bucks, and my mutilier was low, so I ended up with a small win. Pretty soon, yep, you know how it happens, you bottom out. All in all though, for a free chip, I played a long time and got to get to know Wok & Roll pretty well.

I love this new game. The graphics are good, and I love the two different bonuses. The sound effects can get a bit annoying for my taste, but it is a cute game overall. Wok & Roll was launched in January 2010.

Until next time, may your next spin be a "BONUS"


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Rockbet Review

Hi Gang:

Gambling is such a part of my life. I have clothes, lighters, jewelry, and trinkets including keychains that direct someone to the fact I am a gambler.

One question I am asked alot when people find out I am a gambler is "Am I a compulsive gambler?" Has this happened to anyone else? I can't share with you the times people have tried to save me, slipping me the Gamblers Anonymous website address or their 1800 number.

Why is it that regardless of how you gamble it must be a problem? When did this instant stereo-typing take place?

As I have mentioned before, I consider myself a disaplined gambler. Yet, I gave up a long time ago trying to explain this to people. Again, if your a gambler, you must be hopelessly addicited.

I have read all the warning signs and I actually can answer yes to some of them. For example, "Do you think about gambling all the time?" Yes. "Did you ever gamble longer than you planned?" Again, its a Yes. Yet I do not feel I am a hopeless addict out of control for the few hours a day, I enjoy my hobby. As a side note, I have often slept longer than I planned, does this make me a sleep addict?

What is it exactly that makes society look down on us for enjoying gambling? I suppose if we were all constant winners no one would complain. Yet, tell me this, what else in life is a constant win win situation. Everyone comes out a loser in one situation or another.

I guess my point would be you can still answer yes to some of those "questions" and still be a disaplined gambler. I take breaks from my gambling. Usually do my depositing earlier in the month and then just get by on freebies till a new month comes along. I watch what I spend, and keep a tally of wins and losses, and where I go. I don't gamble out of stress or a escape from reality reasoning. I take a step back and check myself often as I want to remain a disaplined gambler and not fall trap to the ill effects gambling can have on some.

I will continue to enjoy gambling.I will not show shame when people discover I am one. By the way, how do I answer people when they ask me if I am a cumpulsive gambler? I say...." nah, I just like the food at the buffet. (wink)

Till next time:


Gambling can be an addiction and if you think you are a compulsive gambler you should seek out professional help.

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Platinum Play Casino Review

Hi Gang:

Hope this finds you all well. My blog is just a little different this week, as I am discussing a couple things that I find on my mind . With the lack of alot of free chips to play out, I thought I might discuss some different topics.

How is your January coming along as far as deposits and withdrawls? Mine was off to a shaky start, then I had that withdrawl from Platnium play and things were looking up for a bit. I have continued to play, certain casinos, where I have won in the past, and come up empty lately. Not only did the free chips dry up, but I feel the belt has also tightened on the casino games as well. I feel that my win at Platnium Play was a fluke, hard to ever duplicate. Do others feel that the casinos are extremely tight right now?

So now, there is much talk about Rivals and how little play time we have when depositing there. I too have found this to be the case, on occasion. On several deposits of $25 , I think I played a maximum time of 30 minutes, on that $75.(I took no bonuses) and played a $1 bet.

Now in all fairness, I have had play time at Rival just like I have at RTG, and then I have had no playtime at RTG and a long playtime time at Rivals. If I had to choose one over the other I guess I would have to say I have a longer playtime at RTG. I suppose that is different for different people, and in no way am I the only person to have an opinion about this. I am going to make a post about it, and asked the forum who has better playtime in everyones opinion, Rival or RTG. We will see what all of us have to say.

Another thing on my mind this week is I came to the conclusion I personally, am not completely thrilled with ewallet and use my wallet when it comes to getting me my money. After I took the ACH withdrawl from Platnium play and had my money in my bank account in a day and a half I was spoiled for the rest of my life when it came to how to recieve my money. Ewallet and Usemywallet take a minimum of 5-10 business days to get it to your bank account. So after you wait for the casino to finally pay you, you then have to wait to get your money to your bank account too. This frustrates me, and I find myself playing my money again, before I can get it to my bank account. Does anyone else struggle with this? Perhaps it is my own weakness, and others do not have this trouble. Lets not forget the fees involved with these options. Ewallet is 10% , and use my wallet is I believe around $30, but dont quote me on that.

I spoke with casino Titan about this topic as that is where I play alot at, and the best they could do for me was a wire transfer, which could take up to 5 days to process, but I was told it could take much less time as well. Anyone out there have experience in wire transfer times? I mean after all, I dont think I am alone when I say....we won the money, and we want it in the quickest way possible.

The search goes on for free chips huh? Last night I found that even places I deposit at reguarly were not giving free chips. I tried Dendera, turned down, I tried Titan, turned down, and I tried Tropica, turned down, and finally at Vegas Regal I got a chip to spin with. Now being turned down is always a possibility, but in these tight times, I look for a casino who takes care of me, and appreciates my deposits. Vegas Regal Casino is the top on my list as far as giving freebies when asked, followed close by Casino Titan. The rest? They seem to close up and cringe when you ask for a freebie, in my opinion. Wether your a depositor or not, doesnt seem like it matter to them all that much right now. However, I must say, Tropica gives free chips daily to many players, so hats off to them. One of the few places that are giving freebies right now.

Well, I will close this blog, and head back to the LCB chat room where it has been very busy lately with the addition of Tony Trader. The population in the chat room has increased a great deal. Tony is so knowledgable about so many things, that I learn something new each day he is there. If you have not already, stop in and see us in the chat room. Of course, questions are always welcome there, and between Tony , Boo, and myself, we will get an answer for you.

Until next time: May your next spin be a BONUS.......and thanks for reading.....


Platinum Play Casino Play Now

Platinum Play Casino Review

Hi Gang:

How is everyones New Year shaping up? Mine was off to a slow start as far as gambling wins was concrned, but after last night I am feeling pretty good about everything once again. Isn't that funny how a good win will do that for you? LOL

Wanted to share with you about my lucky win at Platnium Play casino.

Now, first off, Platnium play casino is the only Microgaming casino I am a member of. I got in under the wire before the laws changed and was able to keep this one account. Regardless of having this account I tell you I deposited so little there that I would hardly be considered a customer. I think my last deposit was sometime in early 2009. That icon for the casino just sat there on my desktop ignored and alone.

The other day, I have no idea why, I decdied to play at Platnium Play Casino. I was looking for some different games. I was bored with RTG and Rival for the moment, and there was Platnium Play , alone, waiting for me to take notice. I logged in, and it had been such a long time since I was there I had to actually go to live help to get my user name and password again. Live help was awesome by the way, but we will talk more about that later.

Once my user name and password are in hand, I head in. I deposited $25 and chose, "Hitman." It was always my favorite, well that and "Break 'da Bank again." I was betting $3 per spin, and got wiped out easily. I deposit another $25 bucks, and I head back to "Hitman." I actually got some playing time this time around, but in the end my bankroll was broke in a short time. Gee, so much for my grand re-entrance to Microgaming casinos. That was it, I was done, and I didn't think anymore about it for a couple of days. Until last night.........

I was looking to spin, as usual, and my bank account said "No, Please No" to me each time I thought about depositing. Next of course is to look for free chips. There wasn't a chip to be found anywhere, that I hadn't already played. As I was about to give up, my thoughts turned back to Platnium Play and the deposits I had recently made there. I thought maybe I could get a free chip out of them. I am so clueless when it comes to Microgaming I have no idea if they even give free chips, but I was gonna try anyways.

Before heading to Live chat, to beg for a chip, I began to look around the site, and decided to check out the promotions. Promotions? Heck, I didn;t even know they had any when I deposited. Way to go Pam. I began to read about a 100% deposit bonus. Wish I would of known about it before I deposited last time. The code was PP100FREE.

This is when it gets fun guys...I said what the hey, and put that code in to the promtions page with my User Name, and hit the button. It went thru a little waiting period, and the next thing I know is I have $49.95 credits. It gave me the promotion of 100% on my deposits I had made two days earlier. I laughed out loud at my luck, and was so excited. No longer in need of a free chip, I headed straight to "HITMAN."

Gang: There are moments in our gambling life that we want the win, see the win, hear the win happening, and still can't believe it.

My first spin....My very first spin. $3 a bet, and I get the big bonus with the three bonus symbols in the last three reels. I was excited , of course, but never dreamed what was about to transpire. I choose my weapon, and I choose my target. Didn't even really contemplate it to hard, just pushed a button and hoped for the best.

The target I choose gave me $300. I was floored. Yet, it wasn't over. The next part of the bonus was to execute the target with your choosen weapon. I did, and the scale on the side begins to go up and down between 2x and 6x. It seemed like it did this forever before it stopped. I had time to say to myself "Even if it stops on 2x, I will still end up with $600 bucks. I was jumping in my seat, but not nearly as much as when it stopped on 5x. YESSSSSS. Do you know for a complete moment in time I couldn't do the math and figure 3 x 15= 15. hahahah I swear. $1500 in one bonus at a small bet.

Now as reality set in, I knew I still had a serious situation with a playthru I had to meet. I didn't even know how much it was. I never bothered to find out, when I recieved the bonus. I'm figuring 25x, but really had no idea.

I jump out of Hitman, and head to Break da Bank again. Now talk about a tight game. I know this to be true, yet I choose it anyways. I never once got the bonus on it, but did manage to get some really nice spins and it kept my bankroll never went below $1000. I felt like a high roller. DO you know I was betting $9.00 a spin? HAHA I knew I had to "Win Big or Go Home." Never has my little saying meant more than last night. Spin , spin , spin, and then check to see if I can withdrawl. $1300, not yet. Spin Spin, Check to see if I can withdrawl, $1150, no not yet.

As you all know by now, I cashed out for $1000. I have $52 left in my account there which is also withdrawlable if I win again on it.

Off to the withdraw screen I go. I choose ACH method and everything is entered and accepted in record time. I was shaking as I entered my details. I was so excited. $1000 bucks is a big deal for a small time gamer like myself.

As I mentioned above, Live chat was awesome. I went there to confirm I had filled out everything right, and that it was indeed accepted. "Clint" congratuated me on my win, and said everything was in order. He offered to "FLUSH" my withdrawl so it could head out for immediate processing. I was alllll for that. Professional, friendly, and fast is how I would describe my Live Chat experience at Platnium Play casino.

Gang? I won for the first time this year. I said in the New Year I wanted to win in the thousands and not always the hundreds, and it happened only 4 days into the New Year.

I am so glad to be able to share this experience with my family here at LCB. I know, you all, better than anyone else, can appreciate the thrill and joy it brings to actually bring some home once in a while. This is my biggest win ever on line, and I appreciate you letting me share it with all of you.

I'll let you all know when I recieve the money!!! Gawd I hope it is soon.

Until next time.....



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Superior Casino Review

Hi Gang:
How is your NewYear coming along?

I have been spinning alot of places and spreading my money around a little bit. At Casino Titan, alot of us seem to be finding, it is rather tight. I found this to be true as well. I tried Ruby Royal again with what was left over from my last deposit, but it too, left my bank roll empty. Then I tried Vegas Regal Casino. I deposited just last night, and took 300% bonus, max cash out $300, but same story different day. I did however enjoy a long playtime there, which if your not going to win, is the second best thing.

Today I decided to go with Superior Casino. They have a rather interesting bonus they are offering for just one day only. It is 20% friendly-Terms booster up to $600. Complete this bonus once, and get a free $50 chip tomorrow. No Max cash out, and playthru is at a very low 5x. I decided that was the bonus for me.

I used to deposit at Superior a long time ago, and I am not sure exactly why I stopped. I think just because I got hooked on RTG casinos after that. I never had any trouble with Superior Casino, and Live chat was always very helpful. Superior is a Rival Based casino. Rival casinos are just as fun to me now as RTG. I am not sure when my opinion changed, but just recently I have been playing Rival as much as RTG.

My bank roll starting out at a small $30 so I was betting low. I choose the game "Rock On." Who can possibly not enjoy this game a little bit if they are a music lover.

The icons used in Rock On slots game are the red guitar jackpot symbol (5 on an active payline win 4000 coins), the expanding wild green guitar, a drum kit, the peace hand sign, the satanic rock-dude hand sign, a groupie, Axle Rose, Ozzy Ozbourne, Sid Vicious, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley. (Applause for the King, hehe)

Scatter Symbol: The drum-set symbol is the scatter symbol and when three or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels the 'Encore' free spin feature is activated.

Bonus Symbols: The Elvis icon is the bonus symbol in this slot. When three or more of these symbols appear anywhere in the reels the bonus round is triggered.

Rock On Slots Free Spins: The free spins feature called the “Encore bonus” triggers when the player gets three or more drum set symbols anywhere on the reels. The player is awarded with 5 free spins at a 5x multiplier. A red meter at the bottom of the screen shows the progress.

I wasnt making any beautiful music as far as my spins were concerned, and my bank roll about had me to the end when I hit a double wild guitar and it kept me in the game. I also recieved the Elvis Bonus a couple times but never did get the Drum bonus. Sigh. On the Elvis bonus you have to catch notes as they fall down the fret board towards your pic. It is a different song each time you get it, and it increases in difficulty as you go. I did pretty well though as I am a gutiar player, but I don't think that had a thing to do with it. LOL

I continued my play and had a decent play time until I was out of the game. No winner rock star pay for me today. Guess I'll have to wait tillI get my free $50 tomorrow to continue my quest for the illusive Drum bonus. I found the game Rock On to be entertaining, but the music score they play after each spin eventually got on my nerves and I had to turn down my volume. haha.

Until Next time....Elvis has left the building......



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Ruby Royal Review

Happy New Years Everyone:

Looks like we are all going to make it thru this dry spell of free chips we were having with the casinos giving away chips on New Years eve for us to play. I didnt know what I was going to do right after Christmas. Those free chips dried up and blew away in the wind. I was feeling desperate for my fix.

As of today I had decided to play a New Casino for me that I have not yet played in celebration of the New Year. I am really looking to be a lucky gambler in 2010, as I know most of us are. My goal is to hit a big win in the thousands. Just once, thats all I am asking oh Gambling Gods.

I have heard some good things about Ruby Royal and decided to go there. Looking over their promotions I decided to go with A welcome bonus of 200%. I feel you really need a bonus at Rivals. I am not one to take a bonus all the time, I like to play straight deposit, but Rivals can be tricky to get anything right away in my opinion. It was a minimum $25 deposit and a playthru of 25x. Not so shabby, and no max cash out.

Been playing this new game "As the reels turn. Episode 1." There are seven scenes in this episode. You start by watching the first scene, which will play automatically, and then you begin playing the slot game. When three or more "Advance to Next Scene" symbols appear on the reels the next scene will begin. After each scene you are brought back to the game to continue your play.

There are four Scatter symbols in As the Reels Turn #1: There's Tommy Wong, Ivan the Fish, Bonus and the Advance to Next Scene. Three or more of these symbols will need to appear anywhere on the five Reels to trigger their Bonus Round game. The symbols do not have to appear on any single payline. The Scatter symbols appear on all Reels. If you have a Scatter win as well as a Regular win, you will be paid out for both wins. As a note this game has more bonuses than the usual one or two that most game have. That is why I mention it. Alot of fun, and alot of chances to increase your bankroll.

So here we go.....I start my bet at 3.75. My bank roll is starting at 75 bucks. Makes me feel good to look at it, and hopefully it will be the lowest I see it. Sure enough it isnt very long I get the Fish Bonus. Oh it's a good one, It nets me 199.00 and some change. I am doing well. I figure if this keeps up I will be on easy street to make my palythru and cash out. Well, dont you know, thats what I get for thinking. The game took a nose dive on me, and I just had to get out of there as I was being eaten alive. **sigh** Wanted to have more to share with you about this game. I can say all the bonuses are fun, but not very interactive like alot of Rival bonuses are. About the best it gets is when you get to choose the counterfiet chips, but if you choose the wrong one the first time, your bonus is done.

I went to live chat and spoke to Nikki. She seemed very unimpressed when I said I was a new player making a first time deposit. Kept asking me if there was anything she could help me with. Not into small talk I guess. She did wish me a Happy New Year and I was pushed out the door so she could get on to the next person. When asked if I could send in my documents, she asked me what for. I guess unless you are emailed about a withdrawl they do not want your documents ahead of time. Okay, fair enough.

Out of all the Rival games I have played , I would say this is one of my favorites. I like the fact there are several bonuses that are possible to get. Not only one bonus and a wild like alot of Rvial games offer. I will play this game again , with my remaining bankroll, but I will give it some time to get it's act together again.

Ruby Royal does show promise as a new and upcoming Rival casino. They have good promotions, and seem to take care of their depositing players well. I won't hold Nikki against them. LOL

Until next time:




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  (18 Ratings)
Whitebet Casino
  (31 Ratings)
Betsafe Casino
  (47 Ratings)
MadAbout Slots
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Sky Vegas
  (18 Ratings)
Ladbrokes Casino
  (54 Ratings)
BETAT Casino
  (53 Ratings)
Luxury Casino
  (21 Ratings)
Liberty Slots Casino
  (39 Ratings)
  (10 Ratings)