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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: February, 2010

Platinum Play Casino Review

Hi Gang:

You know, I always have prided myself in being a disaplined gambler. Well last week that went out the window.

I played alot. Online and in the land casino. I had some really great wins, and I played on and lost it all. I am not sure what got into me. I just was searching for that bigger win. I should be happy to cash out in the hundreds but I wanted it to be the thousands again, and so I pushed Lady luck, and she pushed back really hard.

At the Soaring Eagle casino close to my house I won a small progressive jackpot playing a penny slot game for $1100 bucks. You have to play max in order to collect the 13 monkey symbols. When you reach 13 of them, the machine decides what amount to give you as a progressive payout. Darned if I didn't win the biggest one. It was exciting and I felt great. I know enough to know that wont happen again, so I leave the machine but thruout the rest of the night I played alot of different games, max credits, to try to increase/repeat the win. No luck. I left to go home, and was pretty angry at myself. I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to gambling. I dont put myself thru the regret process, or guilt machine. I lost, and I move on. I don't have time to go thru everything I should of done dfferent. It happens to all of us, and I was doing it in pursuit of a bigger win.

A few days later I deposited at Platnium PLay casino, a mere $40 bucks, and was betting $2.10 per spin on "Alaskan Fishing." Oh I love this game. I was about down to an empty bankroll and "Oh my gosh," I had wild symbols all over the place, matching with all the best symbols. It netted me a $1000 in one spin. I was estatic. (There is no playthru at this casino, as they rarely have promotions going on as deposit bonuses.) I knew right then I should cash out, but again, I was searching for the bigger win. I hear of people all the time cashing out for many thousands, and wanted to taste that victory just once.

I left Alaskan Fishing and headed over to Hitman, which is always good to me. I did okay there, and stayed right around $1000 bucks in my bankroll, but couldn't increase my balance. I then went to Gladiator. I was playing $3.00 a spin trying for the 3 scatter symbols which gives you 100 free spins. It cost me $500 bucks to get it, and only netted me about $150 in the whole bonus. Then I did what I never do. What a gambler should never do. A bad idea from beginning to end.***** I chased my losses. ***** I played a long time, in a lot of other games, but was never able to get another big win. I knew when I was at about $300 bucks that I had made a error in judgement, and again, I lost it all trying for that bigger win. It felt so easy to get that $1000 spin, yet I know it isn't. All I can say is after a ruff week of loses, I took a step back to regain my right frame of mind when it comes to my gambling.

It is now a new week, and I have been kinda laying low this week. Just playing free chips as they come. After betting max so often on games, it is hard to play for .20 or .40 cents a spin. LOL

I guess I just wanted to share my experience and say again how important it is to never chase your losses. Even I , who considered herself above that silly rule, has been humbled by my own actions. The gambling/win bug got the best of me, and I lost my good judgement for a short period of time. I want us all to be winners, and not get eaten alive by that regret/ guilt machine. I had some terrific wins, and had I cashed out, that money would be sitting in my bank account right about now, instead of the low balance I have at the present time. LOL

Good Luck in your gaming, always use your head, and may your next spin be a BONUS.


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Vegas Regal Casino Review

Hi gang:

I have spun alot this week, at many different places. I've had tons of fun!!!

I've had free chips from VRC from the contest we had. Then the never ending free chip from Tropica that just kept re-appearing no matter how many times you redeemed it, LOL, and also free chips from 21Dukes, and even a $10 freebie from Platnium Play.

Just to recap last weeks adventures I was spinning at 21Dukes quite a bit. I reported that they were not giving out free chips. Well to my pleasant surprise, they have started to give them when I ask for them. The bad news is that the standard playthru for any free chips they give is a whopping 99x. Also, they still have no promotions going on, and that makes it tuff when you deposit if you want a little extra in your bankroll.

I made a small deposit a few days ago of $25 to Platnium Play casino using my new Netspend VISA card, and it worked perfectly. Whats even better is I played on that $25 for hours. I eventually lost, but I had no complaints as I couldn't of asked for a better time than I had without winning. Any time you can play with a small deposit, without a bonus, for hours is a fine investment to me.

This morning I played the new LV casino. I used the LCB exclusive and recieved my free $35. Playthru here was a bit on the wild side as well in my opinion, and although I had a great start at it, I did not make the playthru. Can you believe I am still playing that game Red Sands? I am still trying to get a double bonus. The moonscape icons in the beginning as well as the end reels. All of you will be the first ones to know when I get it. Live chat seemed incredibly helpful and friendly, and I hope anyone else that has tried LV casinos live help has gotten the same response as I did.

I've decided I'll make this short this time as I have really rattled on the past two blogs. LOL.

May your next spin be a BONUS.....



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21Dukes Review

Hi Gang:

It's been an okay week for free chips out there in my opinion. Thanks to the Valentines Day holiday alot of players have been enjoying freebies from Rival casinos. I feel so bad that not everyone can get the freebies when they are out there due to where they live. Canada can't play Rivals, USA cant play microgaming unless you had an account before the ban, etc etc. I wish all casinos were open to everyone.

As I mentioned before, the Mastercard ban really put a crimp in my playtime as I have two Mastercards in my possesion that I always used to play with before. Every casino I went to, I was turned down starting about two weeks ago. Just another blow to USA and online gaming. I know alot of us are thinking it just takes time for the casinos to find a way around this latest issue.

Yesterday I wanted to spin, and although I had been turned down by 21Dukes in the past using my Mastercard, it WENT THRU yesterday. I went to Live Chat and they informed me that their Mastercard depsoits were no longer experiencing any trouble. I was very happy with this news. I have played at 21Dukes before, and even had a $700 cashout from them when they were very new. Took about 14 days to recieve my winnings that first time, but I was told it would never take as long the second time I went to withdrawl. Also, our very own Imagin.ation had a successful cashout from 21Dukes in the last week and all went well with her withdrawl. That is good news for anyone that enjoys TOP GAME casinos. Successful payouts.

With this said, I must also report the downside of 21Dukes, in my opinion. 21Dukes offers no deposit bonuses and I have not recieved any type of bonus from them since I was a new player. It is just a straight deposit, and nothing to go with it. They also do not offer any free chips. I have deposited many times since my first withdrawl there and when I go to Live Chat to ask for a free chip I am always turned down. They simply tell me they do not offer free chips at this time. (regardless of how many deposits you have made) Also, when I ask about promotions, they keep saying that they are working on them for existing players, but the day never comes when they are actually there. It's been a long time since they first told me that, and nothing ever comes of it. Just how long does it actually take to make up a deposit bonus?

I played my straight deposit yesterday and although in the past I have had very good playtime at 21Dukes, yesterday I did not. I played Diablo 13. One of my favorite games there, and with a $50 deposit, betting .65 I think I played about 20-25 minutes. There was no cash out this time.

I will say Live Chat is wonderful. They were great to me when I went thru my first withdrawl process, and they still remember me now when I go to Live chat to say hello and ask about bonuses. (which are non existant as I mentioned.)

To me, it is really a 50/50 thing if I want to deposit to 21Dukes much. With no bonuses or free chips it makes a player not feel appreciated or wanted. Yet, I know they pay, and it is a site from Top Game that can be trusted. The software never gives me any trouble and I like the selection of games. On the other side of the coin, playtime there has not been very long lately and you don't get alot of entertainment value for your deposit.

Each one of us will have to decide themselves if this is a Casino wirth playing at. They are taking Mastercard deposits and that helps, but it is no reason simply choose this casino because of that. There are other ways to play at your favorite casinos even though Mastercard is no longer accepted.

I hope this helps anyone out there who might be considering a TopGame casino to play at, who can be trusted, yet, isn't into retaining their customer base very well.

I know 21Dukes is new. They understand how to attract new customers, and treat them good in the beginning, yet they lack the longt erm idea of how to keep a existing customer happy.

Until next time: May your next spin be a BONUS!!!!


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Spintime Review

Hi gang:

Wecome to another episode in the life and times of PMM and her gaming experiences......

I have been busy spinning at a few different places. Vegas Regal Casino, Casino Titan, Spin Time, Lucky Creek, and Wizbet.

I made my first deposit at the new Rival Casino SPIN TIME. Were they not the ones that offered the free 15 minutes of playtime and a free $543. I have never seen a promotion like that from a Rival Casino. One where they give you a certain time limit. It was alot of fun, but I didn't bet high enough, to burn thru the playthru, so at the end of my 15 minutes my balance was reduced to ZERO. However I enjoyed my time there and am always interested in new casinos, so I deposited $25. I took a bonus, but again, bottomed out. Typical quick playtime from a Rival Casino, however they did flip me a free $5 the next day in my promotions for using eWallet Express for my deposit method. LOL.

I found live chat to be helpful with my questions, and friendly in a "live chat" sort of way. Never over the top like you find at Titan, or a few other Microgaming casinos, but cooperative none the less.

Next I moved on to Lucky Creek. I had the free $100 N/D bonus and believe it or not, after I registered, I was not put into "review" status, and was allowed to play. The other casinos in this group have all put me under review, and so this time I used a different email address when I registered, and by golly, it went thru.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like these casinos as far as game choice and graphics. I had hours of fun on that free chip, and almost made the playthru, before I bottomed out. I'm not sure if many of us have cashed out from this group, and I am curious for feedback from you if you have successfully.

So after my really fun time and great experience with Lucky Creek, I am serious about making a deposit, just waiting for the funds to do so, when I find a post about Wizbet casino, and a free $50 chip there. I quickly downloaded this just last night, and registered. Again, I was allowed to play, with no review hanging over my head, so I collect my free $50, and hit the games.

Gang? I couldn't of had a worse time. All the games were hanging up, sticking where the reels continue to spin and never stop, and when they did spin it was slow and choppy. Talk about frustrating when your trying to get a game rhythm going. The free $50 didn't last me but a few minutes, even at a very low bet, and I changed games often. Gosh, I don't know how I feel about this group of casinos now. Was it just a fluke with this one casino or will this be an ongoing thing with all casinos in this group? As for now, I will not be depositing till I learn more about it.

As far as my time at Casino Titan and Vegas Regal go? Had alot of fun, but short playtimes for my money and no cashouts. There are not two casinos that I trust more than these two, yet I simply have come to the realization it is almost impossible to get a cashout for me.

Regardless of my losing week, I did manage a trip to the land casino and came home with every cent and took, and a little extra. Thats the only winning I can speak of on my end this week. Yet, don't you just know I'll keep trying.....

Until next time....May your next spin be a BONUS...


Spintime Play Now

iNetBet Review

Hi Gang:

Been quite a week here at LCB with the new MC restrictions moving into place. I for one have two MC and it has seriously hampered my online playing. As it is now, I am only able to move money from my bank account to eWallet Express, and am playing only where eWallet is accepted. I was playing at Platnium Play casino on a regular basis, and now that is impossible for me without purchasing a Visa gift card. Even my quicktender account will not let me use a MC to fund my account. Will Visa follow suit? Where will that leave us then? I get a hard lump in the pit of my stomach when I think about it. As the days pass, hopefully we will learn ways around this latest blow to USA and online gaming.

So....There is a new Rival casino out there called SpinTime. I know many of you have already played there but I am waiting for the exclusive from LCB. I look forward to learning if this is going to be a good casino for Rival or not. I know so many of us play at VRC and it will be tuff to follow in their footsteps as VRC is top Notch in my opinion.

I have been spending my time at INET BET this weekend. I had a small payout from another casino and I dumped it into my Inet Bet account to see what I could get going.

I've been playing a game called "RED SANDS."

Red Sands is a 5-reel, 20-line real-series video slot machine game.

The kangaroo symbol is the wild symbol. The kangaroo wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the moonscape scatter symbol. The prize is doubled when one or more Kangaroo wild symbols appear in a winning combination.The Moonscape symbol is the scatter symbol.

Last but not least, is the free spin feature.

A Re-Spin Feature is triggered when 2 or more Moonscape scatter symbols appear left to right or right to left. (thats the tuff part) The triggering Moonscape scatter symbols are held while the remaining reels Re-Spin up to 10 times. Only scatter pays are awarded during the Re-Spin Feature. During the Re-Spin Feature, scatters pay any and Kangaroo wild symbols substitute for Moonscape scatter symbols. The Kangaroo wild symbol doubles the scatter prize if appearing. If 5 Moonscape scatter symbols trigger the Re-Spin Feature, all five reels are held and the scatter prize is repeated up to 10 times.

This is yet another one of those games I have a love/hate relationship with. I play this game as I always seem to have a good long playtime for my deposit, yet it is from decent spins, and not the bonus rounds. I dont think I have ever played a game where the bonus is so difficult to get. It comes so close so often, only to fall one below the line. Yet, I keep playing it. I am trying to get the two moonscapes in the left to reels, and the right two reels at the same time. Now THAT would be a bonus round. Or why not all five moonscapes all the way across the board. Now that would be awesome.

Anyone out there have any experience in this game? I would sure like to know about it. As for now, I am off to fund my ewallet account so I can play RED SANDS.... May your next spin be a BONUS......


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DaVinci's Gold Casino Review

Hi Gang:

I havent been posting much in the last couple of days as I have been spinning again. So far my luck has been pretty good. At the Land casino last night I came home with $200 and some change, after only depositing about $20. Then this morning I recieved a free chip from PLatnium Play Casino and I turned it into a $350 withdrawl. Thats what I call luck.

I felt my luck starting to change, and it started with DaVinci's Gold free $18 chip. I played Wacky Wedding like alot of us are doing right now as it is new from Rival.

The Wacky Wedding slot has a fun wedding theme with characters such as the beautiful bride, a nervous groom, a mother in law, jealous bridemaids and many more. This new 5-reel, 20-payline slot game will be available from 0.01 to 0.10 bet and includes features where you can win up to 75 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

I start spinning, and immediatley I like this game. My favorite feature is the wild wedding cake that shoots up in the middle across all lines. Then, grab some champagne bottles to trigger sets of free spins with a 3x multiplier. With three champagne bottles in one spin you receive 10 free spins, with 4 bottles 20 free spins and with all 5 bottles you get 75 Free Spins. I love the sounds of that.

I didn't get anyhwere near 75 free spins, but I did get the champange bottle bonus, and then a retrigger in the very beginning of the game. The wedding cake feature was in alot of my spins, and I soon had my balance up to $180. Then I moved on to yet again another type of bonus. Get at least three bouquet symbols in one spin to enter the bonus round. This mini-game is quite fun and very easy to play. There will be an arrow at the bottom of your screen moving left and right, pointing at all the bachelorettes (and one old bachelor too!) that are eager to catch the bouquet. Click the “Toss” button when the arrow is pointing to your preferred guest and receive instant coin prizes! Lots and lots of fun.

So I am thinking I am gonna have a cash out when ever so slowly my bankroll starts to go down. No more where the bonuses coming in quick succession. I too, to add to this delemia, had increased my bet to over a $1 per spin. Wasn't long and all my money was gone. Yet, I have to tell you, this was a fun game. I got the bonuses easily, and quite often till right at the end. As we all know, a good game never lasts long. I should of gotten out. Would of, could of, should of!!!! LOL....

I went to DaVincis Gold live chat to say thank you for the free chip as I have never been a depositor to this particular casino. I found them to be the usual "How can I help you today?" type of live chat, but I didn't feel the rush to get me out of chat like I do at alot of other casinos live chat. They seemed nice, and was glad I enjoyed the free chip.

Well gang, keep spinning, and may your next spin be a BONUS round.....



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