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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: November, 2009

Tropica Casino Review

Hi gang:

What a busy week I have had. Thanksgiving has came and gone for another year, and now I am dining on turkey this, turkey that, and the ever popular turkey surprise.

What a GREAT week I have had for free chips. Many casinos that I deposit at were kind enough to give free chips this week so I could play. Vegas Regal and Tropica were very generous, and I got a free chip for $7.00 from Casino Titan when I went to live chat on Thanksgiving. Even Thebes casino got into the spirit and gave me $10 free, and I don't remember ever depositing there. Vangaurd casino gave me $10.00 as well. So I have been busy spinning and although I have not been able to make a withdrawl, as always, it has been a fun time.

When I went to Tropica I played "Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist Slot" for the first time ever. It is a older game but quite entertaining. It is an I-slot game and I am really starting to enjoy these types of games as they progress thru the story lines. Some of you might be familar with the game, but as I said, this was a first for me.

This is a iSlot game is based on the story line of a bank robbery. For those of you new to the concept of islots, these are unique type of story based slot where the player advances to the next scene as he plays the game. This is the first part of the reel crime slot series. The game is based on the story line of crime and crooks and how they plan to rob a bank. It has been divided in four stages, i.e., The Plan, In The Bank, On The Run and Dynamite. Three or more Tommy Guns symbols need to appear anywhere in the five reels, to complete the first stage 'The Plan' the player can then advance to the second stage 'In the Bank'. In the second stage if three or more vault symbols appear anywhere in the five reels, then it takes the player closer to the third stage 'Dynamite'. Similarly, in the third round 'Dynamite' the gateways symbol takes the player to the final round 'On The Run'. There are one more leve lto the game which I will allow you to experience for yourself if you play the game.

The game moved fast for me, and I enjoyed a really long playtime with the small bankroll I had. The free spins came easily, and netted me some good bonus rounds. I found myself cheering for the bank robber and actually felt myself become him while playing this game. There is an opportunity to shoot things, outrun the cops in a get away car, and even find the key to the safe. I will most certainly be playing this game again.

Heres to another week of generous casinos and lots of free chips.....

May your next spin be a bonus round: PMM

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Vegas Regal Casino Review

Morning Gang:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! While my turkey is in the oven, I took advantage of the freebie from Vegas Regal for $26 bucks to try my luck at thier new slot A Switch in Time. What a fun game and a nice addition to Rival slots.

A Switch in Time is a new 20-line I-slot with a time-travel theme. Players get to experience different periods in history while spinning these reels. The game has three skins or appearances. As the plot of the game develops and the player advances from one time period to the next, the look of the slot also changes along with its paytable, bonus round and special features. The game also has very well crafted graphics and stupendous sound effects. Player will look forward to not one but 3 bonus rounds. A player can earn up to 78 FREE SPINS with a 9x multiplier! During the Free Spins the player can combine the granted multiplier with the wild’s icon 3x multiplier, creating wins up to 27 times more than the established pay-table.

HERE I GO.... It started out kinda slow, I was down to $11 bucks when I hit my first 12 free spins. This beauty retriggered twice for me and I was back in the game with $52.65 in bonus cash. I couldn't believe how easily I recieved the free spins, and how often. As I spun I recieved a total of 5 more free 12 spins thru the game. Netting me between $10 and 50 bonus rounds. I really thought I had a good chance to make the playthru. Finally , finally, I recieved the "Time Machine" bonus by getting three time machines on the lines. This is when the bonuses get a little more interactive, and I got to push buttons to decide if I was going to head to the past or the future. I headed to the future with $42 bucks in bonus cash.

The trip to the future was not so good for me. I only recieved one more 12 free spins bonus, and it netted me a lousy $4 bucks. The future game had that new skin it talked about and that was neat to see with all its futuristic symbols vs the symbols from the past. I slowly went down down down as we are all so familar with. I didn't get far enough into the game to even come close to getting some of the money this game can offer you. Yet you know what? I can say I had fun. This game is new and exciting. Lots to offer a player.

I couldn't boo hoo about my loses for long as I have a busy Thanksgiving Day ahead of me. Food to eat, friends to visit, and my Nephew Drakes first Thanksgiving.

As I reflect back on what I am thankful for, my mind and heart are full of joy. I have a good life, full of people who care about me, and my LCB family is amongst one of my many things I am thankful for. To be a part of such a fun and caring group of people is truely a blessing I can count today, and tomorrow, I know.

Have fun with this new game, I sure did....and may your next spin be a bonus round!!!

Happy Thanksgiving: PMM

Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

Vegas Regal Casino Review

Hi there gang:

It's a Saturday night. I am home and wishing I was spinning. I've exhausted my free chip supply, and my bank account tells me I shouldn't deposit anywhere until it is looking a little better. What to do, what to do. I think most of us get to this point don't we?

I am about to give up hope of spinning tonight when I recieve an email from VRC that I have recieved a bonus to my account. Yesss. How did they know? Are they psychic? It's a nice one too at $50.

Just want to take a moment and share with you that not long ago I was strictly an RTG casino girl. I never played Rivals, and I never deposited. I just didn't have the right feeling about them. Then VRC came along and really changed my views of Rival casinos. In my opinion they are a great casino. I feel they are generous, consistant, and reputable. I even had a small cashout from them on a free chip and it took just a few days before it was in my Ewallet Express account. Let me not forget to mention Nicolas, their casino Rep we have on board here at LCB. I feel we are very fortunate to have him. He is truely interested in happy customers and from what I have seen , truely takes an interest in players from his casino. Many thanks to him for his continued support to our members.

On to the game...... I did so much yard work today I was in the mood for "Fixer Upper." Thought I might be lucky,if I kept with the days theme. I bet .75 per line and it started out kinda slow.

Here finally comes that girl with the paint on her hat three times. 15 free spins. I sit back and wait to collect my cash. Gee, it doesn't happen as I planned. My bonus did net me around $30, which wasn't to bad. I stay with the game in hopes it will take off any minute. Here comes that girl again three times and I get another 15 free spins. This bonus was less than the first one and I only netted around $12 bucks. The bonuses were consistant but small, and it did not sustain me for long betting .75 per spin. BOOM. Suddenly I realize I am out of cash. It happens to the best of us. I will still live to see another day.

Looks like I am still in my dry spell with some of my friends. Lets always remember to have fun while we play. We all want to win, but realize we can't each and everytime. I try to enjoy myself while I spin with each spin I take. The thrill, the rush,the never knowing what that next spin will bring. It was a free chip, I was out nothing, and I had a fun time for the time it lasted. Even when I deposit, I try to make it a point to enjoy the time it does last. If it isn't fun anymore to me, whats the point of playing.

Happy Spinning: PMM

Vegas Regal Casino Play Now

Club USA Casino Review

Hi Gang:

I headed in to Club USA Casino for a little fun and fun is what I had. Started my bankroll on a fifty dollar deposit. For some reason I had a gut feeling to play "Paydirt." It had been a long time and I always loved that game. My deposit was made, and I was on my way......... SPIN SPIN SPIN..........

I was betting $1.25 per spin, and my bankroll started to go down quickly. I then hit a nice spin with all the dogs and one gold nugget for around 30 bucks. Yes, still in the game. I play on, oh geesh, I am going down again, down, down, down to 10 bucks when I finally hit a BONUS. It was nothing spectacular this time, but it did keep me in the game and I was once again, still in the game with $27.80

Now I know at this point I need another bonus and quickly, or I am gonna be done for the night. Will I get it? Won't I? These things are what we all think of while we are spinning. Only time will tell us if our luck will be good or not so good.

At this time is when the game changed to me, and I began to get spins that kept me very much around $30 for a long time. No big wins, but no losses etheir. FINALLY another bonus.....This one is a good one..including 4 signs to choose from. I chose the strike it lucky feature, and lucky it was. Two wild symbols. 10 spins netted me $85.64. Balance was now up to $103.32 I was in the mood to play, so I pushed on. Spin spin spin..........

Another Bonus, 4 Signs, Gold Fever Feature .....RETRIGGER..... I can't take screen shots fast enough to keep up. $72.60 was my total for that 10 spins and it put me up to a total of $146.27 Still wanted to play, so I pushed on further..........LOL......

HEY??? WHo flipped the switch? My great game has suddenly went bad. I was down to $100 when this devilish grin appeared spread across my face. "WIN BIG OR GO HOME." My own saying echos in my mind. "What the heck" I said, and up'ed my bet to $2 perspin and went for broke. I actually had a few good spins but it did not take me long to lose what I had won. Surprisingly I was not to upset. It felt so good to take that chance, to push luck, to tempt fate, go for broke. Sometimes you just gotta do it. haha I'm a gambler, it seems logical to me. Losing is all part of the game.

So see? I don't always cash out like I should ethier. It was fun to be bad for a change.


Club USA Casino Play Now

Casino Titan Review

Hi Gang:

Headed to Casino Titan to try the new game : "Aztec Treasure Feature Gaurantee." I liked the sounds of that. I walked thru the doors at Casino Titan with a crisp $20 bill that I deposited into the new slot game.

The Aztec Empire is one of the most recognizable and mysterious historical realms in the world. The Aztecs had sacrificial rituals and huge temples that rivalled other ancient civilizations making them a fearful and most intriguing race. Fear not however, because their legacy has left a delightful selection of wonderful prizes and numerous ways to drop them through this fantastic online slot.

The Aztec king is the wild symbol that will substitute himself for other icons. Free spins are triggered by revealing three or more scatter icons (The Aztec Idol) across the reels.

The game works just like before, only difference is if the bonus feature is not activated in 149 spins, on the 150 spin it is automatically activated. You can also activate it manually. Try your luck on the instant feature trigger chance wheel. It will give you a certain percentage rate of chance to give you the free spin feature. The higher you are to 150, the higher your chances are to recieve the free spins.

I found getting the bonus was not difficult, never needing to use the new feature, yet they were incredibly small. When I did use the new feature I was down below $1 and the odds were good I would recieve the bonus, which I did. Again, only five spins, and no wilds to increase my wins. This made my bankroll dwindle quickly.

The longer you play, the higher your percentage goes that you would recieve the free spin feature if you played the new "Instant Feature Trigger chance." I never once got close to the needed 150 spins for the feature to automatically trigger itself. As I said, I got the bonus on my own before that.

If my explanation of the game seems confusing, I apologize. I was oddly confused myself before I understood what was supposed to be happening when I played this game. I played a while, and even went to live chat to understand better. It is rare for me to be confused at the start of a new game but this one did infact puzzle me momentarily.

If you loved Aztec Treasure, you'll simply love this game just as much if not more with the new added feature to it. It is only there in my opinion to enhance the players chances of winning. We have all played plenty of games where we spun 150 times easily with no bonus in sight. Well on this game, thats a thing of the past.

Enjoy the new game.... PMM

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Casino Titan Play Now

Casino Titan Review

Afternoon Gang:

I found myself wanting to spin this afternoon. Don't you find that amazing? Went to Live Chat at Casino Titan and begged for a freebie like the free chip hound I am , and recieved $10. They are pretty good to me there, but over the last 6+ months, I have deposited a great deal into their little establishemnt.

I wanted a different game. Warlock's spell was hanging me out to dry, and Triple Twister usually refuses to give me a bonus unless I push thru $20 or more. What could I possibly play and have a chance to win at? Isn't that the dream? To turn little into a lot? I ended up picking a game called "Red Sands."

Take a walk-about in Reds Sands and discover wild prizes in the Australian Outback. During normal games, Kangaroos substitute for all symbols, except Moonscapes, and can even hop into winning combinations to double the prize. Fix your eyes on multiple Moonscapes and you win a special payout and trigger the Respin Feature. During the Respin Feature, Kangaroos substitute for all symbols, including Moonscapes, and double scatter prizes. Plus, scattered Moonscapes pay no matter where they appear during the feature

I get nervous when my bankroll is so small to start out. Only betting .20 per spin, you know it is easy to empty your bank roll quickly. I needed luck and fast. I started out recieving lots of kangaroos which is the wild symbol, and it kept my original bankroll pretty close to $10 for some time.

Here comes the Moonscapes.........My first Bonus.........It was over quick with only five spins, and it netted me $3.42. I was getting some good spins, and it killed me to stay at .20 so I inched up to .40. Here comes another bonus....YES.... This was a pretty good one netting me $12.80, not bad for a .40 cent bet. I was up to $23.92, and really thought I was on my way.

Gang? What is it with games that start out so strong and then dump you like a stone. After that good second bonus, I couldnt get anything to add up. I rather rapidly lost my $23 and next thing I knew I was out of the game. **sigh** Has this ever happened to anyone else? LOL I know I am in good company.

I did accomplish finding a new game, new to me anyways, that I found very fun, and I will play it again. Not every story can be a winner. Sorry about that....

Can't win them all.. I'll get them next time...


Casino Titan Play Now

Tropica Casino Review

"Lets head to Tropica casino where the palm trees sway and the liv'in is easy. "

I arrive as Bond...James Bond....and I am ready to save the world from potential destruction in "Spy Game." Along the way I wooo the heroine, disable bombs, and wipe out henchmen.

The five reel, 15 payline, 5 coin game has several bonus rounds which you join up to convey the story line behind the whole game. I like the way the story plays out here as you advance thru the game. Each bonus round is triggered by the three scattered guns, then within each bonus game, ceratin symbols must be collected to let you pass on to the next round in the bonus.

I started my adventure, attache in hand, trench coat, and fedora on my head. I was looking for those three guns. I must say, I found it hard to get them, but once you do, it is not difficult to advance thru the levels of bonuses and win some real money. The bonuses are very interactive, and you really feel like you are part of the game when playing. I started with a free chip, and it had a max cash out of $150. I indeed made my playthru requirerments, quite quickly actually, and made a withdrawl request. I had some huge bonus wins. ( A screen shot would be nice right about now, to show you, but my paint program is etheir on the fritz, or I messed it up. Most likely the latter. I promise to get better at it. )

Spy Game really is the James Bond of online slots. With symbols including flashy cars, Martini glasses, a Bond style spy and of course, a femme fatale, this i-Slot is one of the best espionage themed slot machines available. Plus, it doesn’t just rank highly when it comes to looks. Featuring bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers and a top prize of 800x your line bet, it certainly packs a punch when it comes to prizes.

Feeling just like a secret agent....


Tropica Casino Play Now


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