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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: September, 2008

Golden Tiger Casino Review

Now the first thing to note about this blog entry is it’s not the normal Casino Whoring posts in the past, this one's got some serious deposits involved.

I had been playing blackjack at Golden Tiger Casino for the last week with fairly largish hands of around $75 each and in total depositing $7,000 and withdrawing $9,063... Not knowing much about the rewards program offered by Golden Tiger I thought that was that until I got an email letting me know I had been granted a "Casino Rewards High Roller Bonus". Now not knowing what this was exactly I logged into the rewards system and pleasantly found I had $780 in bonuses to claim, $380 of which was earned by playing that week and the other $350 as an extra bonus... So I sent $350 into Golden Tiger Casino and went in to see what exactly I had to do to cash out. Now going to the cashier I found that the $350 balance was bonus money and I had to play to cash it out. So I went straight into blackjack and started playing 2x $50 hands and ended up on $700 after playing for 10 minutes. I then proceeded to check the cashier and see if I could withdraw, and noticed that even though only $350 of the $700 was in the cash balance I could not withdraw as I had not met the requirements…Noticing blackjack was not helping any to reduce the bonus balance I tried American Roulette and placed $50 randomly on numbers in $5 lots and then one of my numbers hit! Luck was on my side so I played a little more and went back to look at the bank with $930 in my balance...

The Balance showed still $350 in bonus money and the rest in cash but I was still not able to withdraw… so checking the Golden Tiger Casino Review I noticed that American Roulette was at 1500 time the bonus and the next best game to work off the bonus was Casino War which was only 60 times the bonus, so I went to WAR! Now casino war is fast and I managed to stay on the side of lady luck and hit some very luck hands like this one below. With a high $1350 I took this cashier balance screen shot: (Notice you are able to withdraw at this point even though there is still money in the bonus balance).

I continued to play casino war and completed the wagering and cashed out a further $1,050 giving me a total of $3,113 profit for the week at Golden Tiger Casino :)

Golden Tiger Casino Play Now Review

I made $100 deposit and was instantly granted with $100 bonus. Wagering requirements were 35 times the bonus amount and since blackjack was an excluded game, I decided to give Casino War a try. I started out betting $2 a hand, just to get a feel for the game, and soon switched to $5 a hand. I thought that the Gods of variance weren’t on my side since I started losing hand after hand. Soon I was $100 down, that’s when I decided to risk a bit and started betting $10 hand. After losing seven consecutive hands I was left with only $30 balance, but then things turned and soon enough I recovered. By this time I had cleared 2/3 of the WR, so I started minimizing my bets, and finally grinding $2 a hand. My final balance $300, or $200 profit. casino war screen shot Play Now


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