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Casino blog - Since I started playing at online casinos and finding a way to take advantage of casino bonuses I decided to blog my progress, I hope you enjoy.

Online Casino Blog: March, 2007

Europa Casino Review

Europa Casino has a sign up and monthly bonus of 100% up to $100 non cashable making it a possible $2400 worth of bonus over a 12 month period. Normally is only 8 times the bonus and deposit before you can withdraw but if blackjack is played its 24 times. On my deposit of $100 I had to make $4800 worth of wagers. My greed got the better of me on this one as my plan was to grind and reduce my betting once I hit $400 but I didn’t after hitting a high of $425 hoping to win more. So after $3900 worth of wagering I busted out. Great Playtech software and a good bonus which ill have a go at again next month.

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50 Stars Casino Review

This casino offered another non cashable blackjack but you can deposit and match up to $200. I decided to use my tired and true $100 deposit but there is no reason you couldn’t deposit $200 and just double all your bets. Started playing one $10 and had poor luck to start and was down to $120, then pushed the bet to $25 and managed to claw my way back to $260 only to lose it just as fast, busting out after only $920 worth of wagering.

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Casino King Review

Another great run at yet another non cashable blackjack bonus, depositing $100 and coming out with $352. I did manage to make it to $550 playing just one $10 hand and then switched to 3x$5 to try and remain steady but that’s when my luck changed and I dropped to $400 so I then changed back to one $10 hand and managed to complete the very small wagering requirements of $2400 and clear a profit of $252.

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Enter Casino Review

Enter Casino offer a non cashable blackjack bonus of 100% up to $100 and the low play through requirement of 12 time bonus and deposit being $2400 for a $100 bonus. I managed to complete the wagering requirements here but did not make it very far over the starting $200. So with I then decided to bet large to try and double my balance or bust, being either a $200 profit or a $100 lose. Unfortunately for me I had no luck and the dealer even pulled a blackjack on my $100 bet.

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Casino Las Vegas Review

Another non cashable blackjack bonus, I really enjoy these as they are a lot faster than the cashable blackjack bonus due to the different strategy involved and the betting is more exciting due to it being larger. Casino Las Vegas offer 100% up to $100 with a very low wagering requirement of 12 time bonus and deposit working out to be $2400. I started out this one the same as Kiwi Casino with 2 time $10 blackjack bets and had a bad turn to start, going down to $120. This is where my bad luck ends and even before the $1000 wagering had passed I was on $350 and this is when I decided to decrease my betting so I could ensure a win. After 2 x $5 betting for the remainder of the wagering requirements I managed to be ahead $205 at $405 total. :)

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Kiwi Casino Review

These guys offer a pretty easy non cashable bonus at 100% up to $100, so being non cashable my plan was fairly aggressive blackjack betting to try and get a good $100 or more up but not too aggressive that I would get there too fast without making a good dent in the wagering requirements of $3,000. So I decided on 2 x $10 bets and stayed pretty close to the mark after $1,500 wagers, then I ran into some great doubles opportunities and hit 70% of them ending up with $350 after $3110 wagers.

Kiwi Casino - Casino Closed


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