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Hi Gang:

Hope this finds you all well. My blog is just a little different this week, as I am discussing a couple things that I find on my mind . With the lack of alot of free chips to play out, I thought I might discuss some different topics.

How is your January coming along as far as deposits and withdrawls? Mine was off to a shaky start, then I had that withdrawl from Platnium play and things were looking up for a bit. I have continued to play, certain casinos, where I have won in the past, and come up empty lately. Not only did the free chips dry up, but I feel the belt has also tightened on the casino games as well. I feel that my win at Platnium Play was a fluke, hard to ever duplicate. Do others feel that the casinos are extremely tight right now?

So now, there is much talk about Rivals and how little play time we have when depositing there. I too have found this to be the case, on occasion. On several deposits of $25 , I think I played a maximum time of 30 minutes, on that $75.(I took no bonuses) and played a $1 bet.

Now in all fairness, I have had play time at Rival just like I have at RTG, and then I have had no playtime at RTG and a long playtime time at Rivals. If I had to choose one over the other I guess I would have to say I have a longer playtime at RTG. I suppose that is different for different people, and in no way am I the only person to have an opinion about this. I am going to make a post about it, and asked the forum who has better playtime in everyones opinion, Rival or RTG. We will see what all of us have to say.

Another thing on my mind this week is I came to the conclusion I personally, am not completely thrilled with ewallet and use my wallet when it comes to getting me my money. After I took the ACH withdrawl from Platnium play and had my money in my bank account in a day and a half I was spoiled for the rest of my life when it came to how to recieve my money. Ewallet and Usemywallet take a minimum of 5-10 business days to get it to your bank account. So after you wait for the casino to finally pay you, you then have to wait to get your money to your bank account too. This frustrates me, and I find myself playing my money again, before I can get it to my bank account. Does anyone else struggle with this? Perhaps it is my own weakness, and others do not have this trouble. Lets not forget the fees involved with these options. Ewallet is 10% , and use my wallet is I believe around $30, but dont quote me on that.

I spoke with casino Titan about this topic as that is where I play alot at, and the best they could do for me was a wire transfer, which could take up to 5 days to process, but I was told it could take much less time as well. Anyone out there have experience in wire transfer times? I mean after all, I dont think I am alone when I say....we won the money, and we want it in the quickest way possible.

The search goes on for free chips huh? Last night I found that even places I deposit at reguarly were not giving free chips. I tried Dendera, turned down, I tried Titan, turned down, and I tried Tropica, turned down, and finally at Vegas Regal I got a chip to spin with. Now being turned down is always a possibility, but in these tight times, I look for a casino who takes care of me, and appreciates my deposits. Vegas Regal Casino is the top on my list as far as giving freebies when asked, followed close by Casino Titan. The rest? They seem to close up and cringe when you ask for a freebie, in my opinion. Wether your a depositor or not, doesnt seem like it matter to them all that much right now. However, I must say, Tropica gives free chips daily to many players, so hats off to them. One of the few places that are giving freebies right now.

Well, I will close this blog, and head back to the LCB chat room where it has been very busy lately with the addition of Tony Trader. The population in the chat room has increased a great deal. Tony is so knowledgable about so many things, that I learn something new each day he is there. If you have not already, stop in and see us in the chat room. Of course, questions are always welcome there, and between Tony , Boo, and myself, we will get an answer for you.

Until next time: May your next spin be a BONUS.......and thanks for reading.....


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